Before homeowners who have decided to freshen up the interior of your living room or to repair from the ground up, faces a difficult task of choosing a suitable wallpaper for common room. The complexity of the dilemma is that you must take into account the considerable number of factors that influence the final result, the final image of the living room. When choosing a wallpaper, we keep in mind a few basic questions - how they will be combined with furniture, textiles and decor will look like in daylight and artificial light like if all members of the household of its colors and texture.

Wallpaper for the living room

Currently commercially available unimaginable number of different types of wallpaper production in terms of technology, the entire spectrum of color palette of various textures and sizes. The more difficult to make the right choice, because the wallpaper - it's not the decor or textiles, which we can easily change in the case of an unsuccessful purchase. Typically, homeowners do not have to experiment with different colors and textures within their own homes. And the wallpaper purchased la living room - this is the finish of the walls, which will be watched by all family members for several years.

In shades of gray

We hope that our collection of interior room of different stylistic directions, sizes, shapes and content, will help you determine the choice of wall decoration for your family room. Having considered the possible combinations of colors and prints wallpaper with textiles, furniture, carpet and all kinds of decorations, it will be easier to submit your own design family room.

The neutral palette of colors for wallpaper - the best background for decoration

For small rooms with low ceilings and light, neutral shades of wallpaper fit perfectly. Also choose from a palette of pastel colors for the print wallpaper will be advantageous to submit an image of the room if the furniture, textile or living room décor has quite an active coloring, rich flavor.

light palette

Light background

Small living room looks fresh and relaxed, thanks to the bright wallpaper and a few bright spots in its surroundings. Minimal decor and simple furnishings in shape allowed to leave the space in the room, giving it a sense of freedom, even of modest size.

cool palette

This small-sized living room with an abundance of decorative elements needed to be unobtrusive wallpaper with cool prints, as well as the whole room palette. Against the background of neutral color wallpaper, artwork in monochrome variant looks the most advantageous.

Background for mirrors

Another example of the modest size of the room, which was able to expand the space visually, thanks to the bright walls, mirror and glass surfaces, and almost white upholstery.

The pastel colors

bright living room

This spacious living room is literally flooded with natural light coming through the large glass doors and windows. Light wallpaper supported overall pastel palette of the room.

warm shades

neutral design

To create a contrasting interior light tone wallpaper suitable as a backdrop for the dark elements of the decor, picture frames, lamps and appliances.

Wallpaper and chair in harmony

Light wallpaper with understated but interesting pattern occurred at an opportune moment in the warm living room in yellowish colors, upholstered chairs, ideally suited to the design of the walls and windows.

With wooden beams

Wallpaper light wood tones perfectly with wood-beamed ceilings and wide frames for mirrors, echoing the coffee table of light wood.

Background for panels

Wallpaper without highly visible pattern steel excellent background for panels, assembled from parts of the map.

The Art Nouveau

Wallpapers with animalic print on a light background is a worthy complement to the interior in modern style, smoothing out some bright and contrasting elements.

neutral interior

Living in a light mint tones

Wallpaper without pattern

Mural - the revival of the former trend

A couple of decades ago in our country was very popular decoration of one of the walls of the room with the help of photo wallpapers. Currently, to meet the design of modern living room with a picture of a waterfall and pine forest on one of the surfaces will hardly be possible. But this does not mean that the wallpapers have sunk into oblivion and are no longer used as a wall decoration premises. Here are some options for modern design projects living rooms with the original use of almost forgotten now the trend the end of the last millennium.

Mural on the wall

For such a dark wallpaper with the image of bookshelves, definitely needed a spacious room. In this room there is enough space, also has several large doorways with glass inserts, allowing the room seem even larger.

& Quot; Books & quot; wallpaper

Another example of a "book" wallpaper, but in a bright living room and an accent wall can be a great option for owners of spacious rooms with high ceilings.

Wallpapers for a luxury room

Mural for a luxurious living room with a bohemian atmosphere were continued in textiles for upholstery and windows of comfortable seating in the Rococo style. All together it possible to create an atmosphere of comfort and regal luxury living.

The map on the wall

An interesting addition to this small urban living became a wall, decorated with photo wallpapers in the idea of ​​a city map. Unobtrusive, but the original emphasis made the interior more personalized.

trunks of trees

A non-trivial design of modernist living room complemented the wallpaper with the image of tree trunks on a dark background. Bright spots textile, carpet saturated shades of the furniture looks incredibly festive background on this graphically.

disguised door

This small living room does not deny the originality and all thanks to the unusual prints wallpaper used for decoration of one of the walls and doors. Disguised so the door, hides the entrance to the dressing room.

forest motive

Accent wall in the living room - choose the appropriate wallpaper

With the design method, which consists in the design of one of the room's walls a contrasting color or print with respect to other surfaces, familiar to many homeowners and able to carry out without the help of professionals like design solutions in your own living room. Consider a few examples of interesting applications accents with traditional wallpaper for common family room.

Emphasis on fire

bright accent

For almost snow-white living room walls, accent the surface has become a bridge linking the finishing room with furniture and decor items. On one wall requires a small amount of wallpaper, so you can not skimp, and to emphasize a truly luxurious in material cost.

part of the wall

As an accent can not place the entire wall, but only part of it. For example, the space next to the fireplace or a portion of the wall behind the sofa. Thus, not only is zoned space, but also highlighted the focus of attention Center, a subject that can be proud of the tenants.

bright print

Poppies on the wall

Another example of the design space near the fireplace with the help of bright prints accent wallpaper. In this case, the fireplace as a focal point highlighted another and constructively.

light design

Accent wall can not be too bright and differ from the common wall finishing only the presence of the print. But even the absence of bright spots do not interfere with this part of the living room draws the eye.

The emphasis on the sofa

An interesting variant of allocation is not the entire wall, but only part of the sofa. As the main piece of furniture in the living room.

Dark decor on a neutral background

For the interiors, which use active, saturated colors in the objects of decoration and furnishing. It would be better to use wallpaper accent neutral tones, without clear-cut patterns. Then the household and guests will be visually easier to appreciate the whole room environment.

Under the furniture color

floral print

This wallpaper for accent surfaces were chosen because of the "natural" picture. Floral ornament best for decor and furniture made of natural wood.

variegated pattern

For a minimalist living room environment with a pair of bright accents suitable wallpaper for one wall to the active print, monochrome or multi-color.

bright colors

Accent wall may look like one huge bright picture, if all the other surfaces are finished in neutral and very light colors.

calm palette

Close-print wallpaper

Textile wall - a luxury material in a traditional setting

Textile wallpaper embossed or not, have a number of advantages over their counterparts made from synthetic material. They are non-toxic, safe for people and the environment, easy to install and maintenance, not to mention the chic appearance. Among the disadvantages of this type of material can be called a furnish relatively high cost.

textile wallpaper

Textile wallpaper are able to add a little luxury to any interior room. And if they are thus also perfectly in tune with carpeting, textiles for windows and soft zones, the situation room will royally comfortable.

Wallpaper embossed

Interesting ornamental textile wallpaper has become a key point in creating a living design concept and it was the brightest part.


Luxury living room in bright colors requires a corresponding design of the walls. This wallpaper with embossed stripes visually pull the room height and expand the space through light pastel background.


Another example of chic and luxury within the living room, whose walls are decorated with wallpaper with gold leaf, which is reflected in the design elements of the decor.

Winsor pattern

neutral print

Making part of the wall

Bright print wallpaper - interesting interior living room

Some family rooms with traditional furnishings, the bright colors of furniture and decor just needs an invigorating factor. And so the mood can become a catalyst for the wallpaper with active eye-catching pattern.

saturated image

Purple wallpapers

Bright print wallpaper

Riot of colors

Dark wallpaper for aesthetic interior diversity

Many homeowners are not afraid to use dark colors in the color palette for wallpaper design one or even a few living room walls. But designers and offer options for wallpaper with dark pattern or background to accent features underscore the overall design of the room.

dark Background

Dark accent wall

Accent wall using wallpaper dark tones creates stunning effect, such interior memorable, is nontrivial and has individuality sought by many homeowners.

With animal painting pattern

Dark wallpaper with animalistic pattern just created for this eclectic living room with lots of interesting items of decoration of unusual shapes and colors.

Dark gray wallpaper

All shades of gray

unusual interior

Dark tint wallpaper

black background