Living in a modern style - it is convenient, beautiful and incredibly functional room. The advantage of the modern style that without strict canons and representing a mix of different stylistic concepts of interior design, it is able to satisfy the imagination and understanding of aesthetics comfortable hosts with any size purse and lounge configuration. Find a "middle ground" in the design of the dwelling will each owner of an apartment or private house. The main thing - to develop a detailed plan for the creation of the design of the room, and this should be clear about what kind of room for the whole family and take the guests you want to get a result.

Living in a modern style

Signs of modern style in the design of the living room

Modern style is multifaceted and malleable - the strict rules in the design of the premises does not exist, there are only recommendations and advice on drawing up a harmonious and functional interior. The modern style of the absorbed motifs such areas as high-tech, avant-garde, minimalist, modern, loft and eclectic. In varying degrees, the concept of space design styles have an impact on the formation of modern design.

The emphasis on soft furnishings

Freshness and space in the design of the living room

How is your living room should be minimalist, eclectic, or Industrial &# 8212; to you, but there are few signs of modern style in the design of living spaces:

  • light and space - the main "actors" in the formation of modern design (large windows, wide doorways, the use of an open plan and a minimum clearance of window openings in textiles - all for the unimpeded spread of natural light);
  • All of the furnishings are functional, easy operation and maintenance;
  • pieces of furniture most often performed in a concise, user-friendly and even a few straightforward manner - simple and clear shapes, clean lines;
  • as the colors most often chosen neutral colors and shades, the bright spots are used as accents;
  • used for finishing high-tech materials, which reduce process care of them to a minimum;
  • combination of building materials and methods of surface design leads to the creation of a unique design with even the most neutral color and texture solutions;
  • modern technology easily combined with traditional furniture solutions and fits well into the overall picture of the room;
  • Minimal decor assigned role and yet modern style can be attributed to a supporter of pure minimalism - pictures and photo as wall decor, indoor plants, decorative cushions on upholstered furniture, used as a functional decor.

Bright space with panoramic windows

Laconic, but nice interior

The color palette for modern living

For seemingly simple, uncluttered modern design lies hard work, careful selection of each component. And the first item on the drawing pattern design living room - the choice of color palette. The room in which the whole family will gather for evening get-togethers will be taken away and throwing a party should be comfortable in terms of visual perception of space. Artsy print, bright colors, colorful pattern - not everyone will like such decisions to the overall design of the room. But this does not mean that only pastel, neutral tones suitable for the formation of a living room design. Bright accents needed any room, and contrasting combinations are made interiors for decades.

Colorful decoration living room

To choose a color palette for your living room will be influenced by the following factors:

  • location of the room in relation to the cardinal points (room, located on the north side of the building is better to issue in warm beige tones, for emphasis use orange, terracotta, chocolate tones, you can use "cool" colors for the south of the room - gray, bluish shades);
  • the size and shape of the room, as well as the number and scope of window openings - the bright and spacious rooms, the more dark and bright colors can be used for its design;
  • the presence of other functional segments in the room - a living room often divides the space with kitchen and dining room, sometimes - with an office or workshop.

Living in pastel colors

The bright image of the living room

Light shades are always relevant

White "king" may be considered by the right in the design of modern facilities and living room was no exception. Too many benefits from the use of white colors as decoration basics - a visual extension of the space, the perfect backdrop for any furniture and wall decor, easy to combine with other color of the interior.

Disposition of modern living room

Living in bright colors

Snow-white living room

Bright living room with large windows

All shades of gray are relevant for modern style living room decoration. For a modest area of ​​premises greatest success are light gray and silver tones. They combine perfectly with dark spots art, white ceiling surfaces (and sometimes walls) and flooring "wood" light breeds.

light shades

All shades of gray

monumental design

Contrasting combinations for the formation of the modern interior

Using contrasting combinations to create a dynamic and original interior is as old as the world. Modern design easy to take over a long tradition, the basis of which the best option combinatorics - a combination of shades of white and black. Especially that the intermediate gray tone is incredibly popular in design projects of our day.

Black and white interior

contrasting combinations

game of contrasts Contrast accent wall

Modern contrast design

Light and dark shades

Living room with dark walls

Not at effektnosti possible to achieve with a combination of warm color palette - dark chocolate shades with a light beige. For rooms, located on the north side of the building such colors could be the best option design and create a warm, cozy atmosphere of the living room.

The warm shades of chocolate

Living room with fireplace

Spacious living room with warm colors

Original colors

Add brightness in modern living room

Not everyone likes bright rooms, the exclusive use of pastel shades to create a decoration and choice living room furniture. This is especially true owner of an apartment located in the industrial part of the city. Greyness surrounding landscape depressing, in my home I want to see bright, colorful solutions. But in this case it is important not to overdo it, to not get the opposite effect &# 8212; overdose variegated surfaces or too active use of color that can disturb the relaxing atmosphere of the room, his harmonious way.

Bright blotches in the bright image of the room

color dosed application

Bright color spot in the modern living room, decorated in neutral colors, can be any piece of furniture. For example, colorful upholstery sofa or a couple of chairs bring not only a variety of colors in the image space, but also create much needed focus our eyes, around which you can build the rest of the interior painting.

Bright sofa - the emphasis in design

Emphasis on the sofa upholstery

The original colors for the living room

Colorful accent in the bright living room can become a textile - drape the windows (if any), covers cushions. Not less effect can be achieved when using the carpet bright hue. But against the background of bright trim and furniture, performed in neutral colors, not even the brightest shades look impressive, contrastly.

Emphasis on carpeting

Colorful carpet design for the living room

Decorating the living room, decorated in a modern style


Any of the traditional methods of ceiling decoration suitable for modern style. Perhaps only pasting wallpaper ceiling surfaces gradually fades into the background. Staining perfectly flat plane in the snow-white tone is always true, the use of suspended structures, including those with built-in lights (and sometimes ventilation system), suspended ceilings and the use of ceiling tiles - all these methods have a chance to finish for consideration in modern design. The choice of finishing materials to a greater extent depend on the state of the ceiling (if the alignment and bringing to the surface must be perfectly smooth state) and your financial capabilities.

The snow-white ceiling

Multi-level suspension design with integrated lighting does not lose its popularity. Their design is simpler, more concise, but the basic concept has not changed - the creation of not only practical, but also beautiful ceiling with functional illumination becomes a priority of a modern interior.

Suspended ceiling with integrated lighting

Afford the ceiling finish is not any room can use the wooden panels. The room must be sufficiently spacious, well lit and, of course, have adequate ceiling height to create a "wooden" finish visually pressed on in the room. For similar finish can hide not only uneven surfaces and differences in the level, but also to conduct a lighting system and possibly ventilation.

Finishing the ceiling with wooden panels

Not at the height of the ceiling is required and to decorate the surface of the wood-beamed ceilings. Very often, these elements of the interior are the only part of the way of living, not only made of a natural material, but even in a rustic style - beams look as if almost not subjected to treatment. Such natural warmth of wood ceiling elements of decor brings diversity in the interior, and the urban image of the room gets a little closer to nature.



Wall in a modern living room, as a rule, are bright, neutral surface. They can be used and textured materials, but only in spacious rooms. Wallpaper with prints are not used, in rare cases, as a finishing accent wall. In most vertical surfaces are painting, finishing by means of plaster or wallpaper liquid. Not less popular wall panels that can simulate various types of materials. Textured or 3D panels are most often dispensed as a trim accent surfaces, to highlight a particular functional segment within the living room.

Decorating the walls in the living room

Walls in light beige

Wall tiles imitating stone or brickwork, often used in modern Disa-living projects for the creation of not only color, but also textured accent. On the background light other clearance surfaces such finishing method looks effectively acts as a contrast even when using pale, neutral tones. A similar decoration material can be used to design the space around the fireplace.

The original focus on video zone

Artificial stone for the fireplace

Wall plates, imitating stone

Imitation masonry in gray tones

No less popular is the wall panels made of wood or a spectacular simulation. Natural wood pattern brings warmth and coziness to the atmosphere of the room. Such a finish is useful for masking the built-in storage in the form of large monolithic cabinets located from floor to ceiling - only the owners know where it ends and begins the finishing wardrobe.

Wall Panel & quot; wood & quot;

Tree in modern living room

Harmonious living surface finish

Accent wall with wood trim


The optimal variant of floor covering for a modern living room - flooring or material that looks effectively mimic the natural material. Simple and sleek design in a contemporary style needs notes of warmth of natural wood pattern. And the easiest way to provide space heating of the color temperature by means of a parquet or laminate (even at the expense of environmental material).

Flooring - light wood

combined finishing

Choosing practical and beautiful furniture for modern living

soft furnishings

The basic principle of selection of furniture for modern living - functionality. You will not find in the actual design projects of common rooms interior objects in the room to create a specific interior character. If the living room is a chair, then it will sit, if there is a large corner sofa, it will be used not only as a place for sitting households, but the bed was late for guests.

Large corner sofa

Roomy soft sector

You can safely use the upholstered furniture from various collections within the living room, decorated in a contemporary style. For example, it is possible to install two sofas parallel to each other, instead of a standard pair of seats. In this case, sofas can be upholstered in fabric in different colors and even texture, but both need to be fulfilled even laconic and simple.

The original selection of furniture

Furniture for living room

The advantage of modern style in the design of plasticity and the possibility of combining not only a variety of forms, but also the materials interior execution. For example, chairs with wicker backs, more like garden furniture can fit harmoniously into the ensemble of upholstered furniture with a linen or cotton upholstery.

Unusual decision on selection of furniture

combining furniture

storage systems

The so-called "wall", bulky and solid, long gone. They are replaced by light Suspended cabinets and open shelves. Modular storage systems comes to the fore, coupled with the practicality, convenience and ease of use.

Small storage

Compact cabinets and open shelves

Easy to storage systems

Rack with open shelves for books - a great opportunity to combine living space with a home library and the creation of a specific color variety in the interior premises. Bright roots books themselves are a decorative element in the overall design of the room. Racks usually carried out in white to give the rather cumbersome construction (and the shelves are usually extend from floor to ceiling) in the visual perception of ease and does not burden the whole image of the room.

Bookcase in the living room

Living Library

Rack with stairs to the living room

Modest furnishings of modern living room

Additional furniture

Rare living can do without coffee or coffee table, located in the recreation area with upholstered furniture. In some cases, the stand functions and, at the same time, locations for guests, serves ottoman. Spacious pouf upholstered becomes a kind of multifunctional island in the modern living room.

Coffee table as an island

The use of glass and mirror surfaces to perform coffee tables allows you to create pieces of furniture that not only properly carry out its core functions, but also help to visually expand the space and create a light, modern image of the room.

The mirror surface of the table

The unusual design of the coffee table

In addition to the constant coffee table, living room hone rest can be added in small table-stand, located in a sofa or armchairs. As an additional (and sometimes the only) storage systems can be used high chests, rests against the free walls.

Additional furniture


Elegant table-stand

Decorating the living room, is made in a modern style

Despite the tendency of modern style of simplicity and even a certain minimalism, not to say that home decoration is not given attention. But most often used as decorative elements completely functional furnishings - lighting, clocks, mirrors, cushions, sometimes houseplants. The only exception is the wall decor - paintings, murals and pictures in frames. But even these objects of decoration is most often presented in a minimum amount and simple colors.

Wall decor in the living room

decorating the living room

The unusual choice of wall decor

The lighting system for the modern living room - is not only a chandelier hanging in the center of the room. Zoning by means of lighting takes place not only in the living room with kitchen and dining room, where each functional segment is highlighted individually. In a typical living room, using a floor or table lamp can be designated reading area, while the main space is illuminated by built-in ceiling fixtures or chandeliers for any other version of finishing of the surface.

The lighting system for modern living

Lighting and lamps for the living room

To decorate the windows are used most often light, translucent fabric, practically preventing the spread of sunlight. Often in modern living room you can find all the window openings and without drapery - all to create the maximum ambient light. But if your room is located on the south side, to ensure the possibility of placing the protection from sunlight is necessary. The most commonly used monochrome blackout curtains made from natural (or semi-natural) materials.

Light curtains for the living room interior

Textiles in modern living room

Blackout curtains to block the sun

Whether to use the carpet as a functional decor in modern living room - a matter of personal preference. In contrast to the minimalist, modern style is easy to accept these elements of the interior, designed to create a comfortable and convenient environment for the owners premises. For Russian apartments deprived in the off-season heating capacity, carpet with a long nap can become an indispensable tool in creating a warm and cozy atmosphere of the living room. In rooms with open-plan with the help of the carpet can produce zoning the living room from the rest of the segment of functional space zone.

Carpet with long pile

Carpet as a way of zoning

Unusual solution for carpet

Fireplace has long ceased to be purely functional piece of furniture (with as long as there was central heating) and became its decoration. The majority of foreign design projects of modern living room fireplace are an integral part of the interior. Using focus as a way to increase the room temperature, and its decoration has become popular in our country. Fireplace can be artificial, operated from the mains or even be a fake fireplace, but have an active influence on the formation of the image of the room for the whole family.

Fireplace in modern living room

Fireplace in the living room

Unusual fireplace with woodpile

The space above the fireplace is ideal for television. Thus, both the coordinating focus of the interior center will be located in the same area. Will only have to pay them a soft furniture - sofas and armchairs to create a recreation area with a view of the flames of fire or the TV image.

Fireplace and TV in the same zone

Video area above the fireplace

Harmonious union of the fireplace and a video zone