Nowadays there are so many different ideas for the decoration of the bedroom (and any other) that takes your breath away. And so you need to think through every action, to take into account every detail and go step by step, stage by stage. All this is necessary in order not to stray from the intended path, namely: to create from his bedroom the same piece of paradise that will delight you, and bring peace and relaxation, so we need in today's fast paced rhythm of life.


The beginning of time…

In the first place, as has been said above, we must all be carefully considered. And the starting point is the size of the room itself. If the room is small, the color scheme should be in bright colors, which visually increase the space. Bright accents can be used, but in moderation. Next, a small room can not overload the furniture, there should be only the most necessary. And you can also use functional furniture to add to some things and not to clutter the room with unnecessary cupboards and shelves.

Small bedroom

Use the large windows, mirrors - this will help increase the visual space and the expansion of the boundaries. The more air and natural light will penetrate, the easier it will be and the air atmosphere.

Large windows and mirrors in the bedroom

And if a large area of ​​the room, you should not think that there are easier task. Many people think that because a lot of places, you can put a bunch of furniture, decoration and so on. Thus, again, will a glut of rooms. Here it is necessary to build on the bed, because it is possible to put in the center, which is very comfortable and beautiful, and can not afford, if a small room. Therefore, you can safely start by finding a suitable place for a bed, this where the sun will not beat the morning in the eye and interfere with sleep or, conversely, will. Some, for example, specifically put the bed so as to wake up to the gentle first rays of the sun. By the way, in which case you can put the blinds and close the window on the weekends when you do not have to get up early.

In addition, it is necessary to choose the right place for a bed, a large room, as well as a small, need to draw properly. Do not think that if you can not make out a small room in dark colors, so it is visually not diminished, the most you can. Of course, if you wish, you can, but with dark colors should always be neat, though they are dark and if you select them, then consider all the subtleties and nuances of color combinations, or risk getting gloomy interior. Most interestingly, the large rooms can be made bright, but again, do not forget about the rules of color combinations.

Bright colors in the bedroom bright bedroom

And if you want to make the room light, even snow-white, in a large room it can turn into the atmosphere of the ice castle. Of course, if that was the idea, it would be nice, but experienced designers are advised to adjust this interior upholstery, for example. That is, instead of ice will be refreshing coolness, and cozy and soft. By the way, soft padding contributes to soundproofing.

Comfort in the big bedroom

Construction Materials

When selecting building materials it is important to bear in mind that they are able to directly influence the mood of a room, for example, to make it strong and romantic. Strict and solid space makes metal, masonry, wooden bars on the ceiling, laminate flooring and so on.

solid interior

In rooms with a romantic mood is dominated by soft surfaces.

romantic interior

Increasingly, in the bedrooms using sound-absorbing materials, that is, all kinds of silencers and seals. These materials absorb sounds and noises due to the fact that they repeatedly and synchronously pass through several layers - the air - material - air. You can also make a textured wall, it too will contribute to the noise absorption.

Bedroom with noise absorbing materials

And in order to make the atmosphere soy bedroom light and airy use more glass and wooden surfaces. By the way, the tree has always been highly valued due to its close connection with nature. It makes the room a cozy, lively and more secure, because the wood is an environmentally friendly product, it breathes and has a natural with nothing comparable to the natural aroma.

The tree in the interior of a bedroom Glass surfaces for ease sensations

So, we found that building materials can create a certain mood in the room. That is, we gradually come to the fact that the chambers can be different atmospheres. And in order to fully express a particular mood, we use a specific design style. And they are known to many, and each brings its influence and reflects the character of the owners, and so on.

We list the main style in the interior

  1. Classical
  2. Minimalism
  3. High tech
  4. modern
  5. East - Japanese, Chinese
  6. Historical - Baroque, Empire, Victorian, Rococo
  7. Rural (rural) - provence, country

Classic style bedroom

Interior in classical style always looks noble and luxurious, combining beauty and functionality. This style inherent in all kinds of decorative finishes paintings, expensive and only natural materials - including valuable species of wood - decorative parquet and so on. Most often, a bed in a classical style has a wooden back, perhaps even with a threaded or shaped carved legs. And of course the presence of bedside tables, chest of drawers, solid cabinets, and all this must have impressive size. As a rule, the room should be spacious enough to have a high ceiling. Lighting is a little muted. The color scheme is expressed in rich, often dark colors. The presence of decoration is mandatory, and in large quantities. These interiors are suitable for solid and respectable people who appreciate the firmness of tradition.

Classic bedroom interior Bedroom with classical notes

I would like to add a few subtleties that will help create an amazing classic interior in almost every bedroom, namely small. After all, as has been said above, classic style includes a spacious room and high ceilings, but what if the room does not have the required dimensions, and to issue it would be desirable in the classical style? Output is always there - just all the main attributes can be done in a smaller version. That is, instead of a large massive wardrobe closet can be made smaller. He and the rest of the furniture can also be made from expensive and precious wood, a more modest size. Curtains that are so characteristic of the classics, can be, as they should, from expensive natural fabrics, but easier. Instead of moldings, for example, make a painting.

Also inherent in the classical style of the column, but in a small room, they just take the whole place. To avoid this, place them along the wall or in a doorway.

Instead of the traditional chandelier volume can be used spotlights, but arrange them in a circle - geometric characteristic of the classics. And if you cover the range of the peak, the lights will diffuse and slightly muted - the most it.

Classics in the interior of a bedroom Bedroom in classic style

Minimalism is always in trend

Bedroom design in the style of minimalism implies the absence of spare parts, that is, in the room there is only something without which one can not do. Of course, there may be a decoration, but a minimum amount. Furniture is usually simple in form and often multi-functional, ie it has the additional drawers or compartments for things that can save space.

Minimalism in the bedroom The bedroom in the style of minimalism

To accentuate the minimalist mood in the room and decorate it in cool colors: white, gray, light blue, and so on.

Gray tones and minimalist interior bedroom White bedroom in the style of minimalism

The interiors in the style of minimalism often chooses young people, which is more committed to the space and also have not had time to acquire all kinds of odds and ends. By the way, Minimalism is very convenient in the sense that it is suitable for small interiors, where fantasy nowhere to roam. In this case, it looks comfortable, ergonomically designed and tasteful. A spacious room Minimalism makes respectable and refined. It is also noteworthy that the interior in this style can easily be transformed, changing only, for example, textiles (blankets, pillows or curtains), and the room immediately begin to play in a new way.

Another subtlety: choosing the decor and accessory items in a minimalist interior, especially the bedroom, consider your choice carefully. Indeed, in a room where everything is at a minimum every subject especially attracts attention and how to characterize their owners.

Minimalism in the bedroom

We turn to the high-tech style

High-tech style - it's interior design with the latest technology. For the bedroom, in addition to plasma panels and other audio and video equipment, you can think of, for example, the blinds on the remote control, modern air conditioning, soundproofing to the street sounds do not interfere with or distract. All sorts of mechanisms and so on. In the matter of decoration of the room with the latest technology, there are many options: liquid wallpaper, 3D floors, multi-level ceilings with different lighting options and the like. It also appreciated the simplicity and conciseness. Superfluous elements the room is better not to upload, except, of course, the flowers, they are relevant everywhere. Although the high-tech style, there should not be much.

Style Hi-Tech in the bedroom Bedroom in the high-tech style Bedroom interior in the style of high-tech Interior design in the style of high-tech

Bedroom in modern style - Modern

To make your bedroom a modern "masterpiece", you need to use strict and simple forms for furniture with smooth coatings, do not overcrowd the room superfluous decor. Use of new materials. And, most importantly, to approach the matter rationally and practically.

There have traced two main aspects: fresh design ideas and home atmosphere.

Bedroom in modern style

Create all this is not so difficult, because the main advantage of this style is that you can choose almost any color combination (usually choose warm or neutral colors: brown, yellow, red, gray, white, beige, and so on), as well as advanced materials (natural and synthetic). You can combine traditional and modern elements of the interior. And also to use any technological advances. So much for fresh design ideas. But to achieve a home-like atmosphere, you need to choose comfortable furniture. comfort often contribute to soft carpets, fireplaces, ventilation and so on.

Making a bedroom in modern style Modern design bedroom Comfort of a modern bedroom Bedroom interior in modern style

The advantage of this style is that it is suitable for people of any age and financial situation, because in modern design, you can build a nice interior and design based on their desires and capabilities.

Making bedroom in oriental style

For interior design in oriental style it should be clearly understood that the East involves many countries, starting with Morocco and ending with Japan (China, India, Indonesia and many others). For a start, you need to decide the culture, which country do you want to display in its interior. Or maybe you just take each of speck.

Oriental bedroom interior Oriental notes in the design of the bedroom

So, from the eastern style, you can take a "complete set" or only general ideas. By "complete set" refers to all the eastern interior attributes: the contrasts of bright and pastel colors, natural materials for finishing (metal, bamboo, wood), large four-poster bed Indian orientation or Japanese mattress - futon that has a low podium. Also for the eastern style is characterized by low sofas with lots of cushions, carved chests with ornaments and carvings and cabinet - busabak that has lots of drawers for small items. If you draw a bedroom completely oriental, there is, of course, there is a lot of ornaments characteristic of this area: fan, painted ceramic plates and vases, trees, toy breeds, abstraction of bamboo branches. One interesting option is to use more pillows, and they perform the function of decoration and additional seats. You can also decorate the walls of the single bright accents such as colorful kimono colors, painted folding screen, lacquered. You can decorate the Tibetan carpet with an embroidered dragon or lotus. Add to all this oriental textiles, such as: silk, velvet, organza, moire, brocade. And, of course, gold ornaments, fringes, rhinestones, beads and so on.

The main eastern style attributes

Well, if you are more satisfied with the general idea, you can, for example, choose a low bed on a podium or a wide four-poster, put a few accessories eastern themes, as well as use in textiles, typical of the East. Most importantly, in the eastern interior is nothing superfluous, he, incidentally, somewhat like the style of minimalism (everything in its place, everything is just the most necessary minimum of decoration). Also in the interior should be enough space and air, this again does not overload the space with unnecessary items, keep all in place, you can use the large windows and glass surfaces, the latter will add lightness. Yet there should be small forms - tea tables, small stools and the like. Instead of walls, for example, use a mobile screen, replace the seat cushions. With the help of these simple subtleties of even a small room will look spacious and comfortable.

General ideas for the east bedroom Eastern direction for interior bedroom Notes East Bedroom Notes East Bedroom

The bedroom in the historic performance

To design a bedroom in the historic-style (Baroque, Victorian, Empire, Rococo) requires that the room was spacious. After all, the main attribute here is massive furniture with carved legs or painted, draped curtains, a large chandelier, carving and so on. This situation must envelop the owners wealth and luxury.

The bedroom in the historic design Historical styles in the bedroom

Colors is better to choose soft colors, often used gold, filling the entire space, and natural materials, especially wood, here suited only valuable wood. As decorations used candles in candlesticks, paintings and mirrors in high-end framework, pelmets on the curtains, crystal figurines, soft carpet with a long nap, flower vases, black-and-white portraits. Excellent fit into such an interior forged tiered chandelier, it is possible, too, in the form of candles and candleholders. Textiles often come with pictures: flowers and ornaments. And this is particularly appreciated in the interior of a large fireplace in the chic design.

Notes of historicism in the bedroom The interior of the bedroom in the historic performance

Rustic Provence and Country

First, let's clarify the difference between the styles of Provence and the Country. Not everyone can be distinguished from one another. It will be useful to bring a little clarity.

So, country style originated in the early XX century in England, but in spite of it does not "nationality", it is a collective image of the provincial house and displays the rural flavor of the country in which it is located.

But Provence "nationality" the Frenchman, and in principle is the same as the Country, but displays the countryside French provinces only. We can say that Provence is the same Country or its variants.

And in order to arrange her bedroom rustic (rural) style is necessary to clearly define what you want to see in the end - Provence or Country. Why is it so categorically? Because they have a subtle color the line dictated by the climatic location. That is, making out a room in a country style, you need to choose warm colors, because the village houses are filled with warmth, comfort, aroma of homemade food, crackling wood in the fireplace or stove. Sometimes it can be seen in the interior of the Country or sage color cornflower. White color is not used.

Country Style Bedroom Bedroom country-style

And for the style of Provence is characterized by cold colors, which are dictated by the very nature of Provence. In the French countryside is always hot and sunny here vineyards, lavender fields, sea and spices. Hence, such a color palette. A white color in the interior is quite common.

Bedroom rustic version

The bedroom in the style of Provence

It is also important that for the country style is characterized by masonry, stone, beams on the ceiling, wooden floors, paper wallpaper with flowers or stripes, and all kinds of textiles, starting with calico curtains and patchwork finishing the mat. But the main thing here - an abundance of wood, and natural and not painted and stained. You can give a special kind of wood furniture aged, cracked, rough or planed podedennoy bugs.

A Provencal character brickwork, cracked plaster, floor tiles or stone, beams on the ceiling, mosaic and terracotta surface, a plurality of forged decoration items and also the abundance of textiles. With respect to the tree preferred dyeing (ivory or white) as well as signs of aging.

Provence style Masonry Provence Bedroom furniture in the style of Provence Bedroom interior Provence Provence in the bedroom

But the interior of any style you can think of something such that will provide your room with a twist.

Interesting ideas for bedroom

  1. Lighting

If all the rooms just enough overhead lighting, it is necessary for the bedroom and the upper, and local. First we take when we come into the room in the dark, and the second is usually at bedtime. Designers offer to do the lighting in the bedroom a soft and diffused - yet it is an intimate room. Recent advances will help to create the illusion of light coming out of nowhere - it is unusual and interesting. For this purpose, can serve as a hidden light bulbs, which are embedded in the baseboards, moldings, it is possible even in the headboard. ceiling fixtures also perfectly suitable, in the shape of hemispheres and spheres, with a lamp shade of frosted glass, and so forth. And all kinds of lamps and table lamps have already come into use.

Wardrobes with clothing, especially women's, dressing table, dressing table, too, can be equipped with additional illumination. By the way, if there are open shelves, they can be issued neon - elegantly and unobtrusively.

Options for lighting in the bedroom & Quot; invisible & quot; fixtures Lighting in the bedroom Nightlights in the bedroom Floor lamps in the bedroom unusual lamps interesting lighting

  1. decoration

Great idea for the unusual and interesting decoration bedroom is drywall. And it does not require a lot of money and time. Where you can realize any imagination: different designs on the walls or ceiling, niches, and can be in the form of bedside cabinets and so on.

Drywall in the bedroom Decorating bedrooms plasterboard Drywall in the interior of the bedroom

So, to create a cozy and interesting bedroom there are a lot of subtleties, but, more importantly, we must remember that it's your room and you live in it, it is necessary to draw the only way to make you comfortable.

A kind of bedroom interior Warmth and comfort Easy setting bedrooms The ease and grace Modern bedroom interior Making a bedroom with a twist