For anyone who is concerned about the upcoming renovation or reconstruction of the dressing-room, we offer a selection of 60 interesting design projects, we collected for homeowners with different taste and stylistic preferences in a large range of colors and for different levels of financial budget.

toilet interior

Getting planning toilet repair, it is important to remember that in addition to the aesthetic appeal, all the materials used to build the room, must be resistant to the ingress of moisture, is easily and quickly cleaned, carry the impact of chemicals for cleaning.

dressing room

Currently, the market of finishing materials for the bathrooms offers a wide range of various products that meet all the requirements in the presence of a small but important segment of functional homes. Starting with the ceramic tiles and finishing with water-resistant wallpaper, laminated panels, glass and plastic - all works on the creation of a unique, practical and rational design of utilitarian buildings.

Ceramic tile

Let us consider the design projects washrooms with different types of finishes, colors and stylistic directions.

white interiors

A white trim - purity and freshness for small rooms

Toilet - room, which is like no other utilitarian space in the house or apartment needs to create a fresh, almost sterile atmosphere. Of course, the bright color palette to finish the toilet room will be a guide to getting the feeling of cleanliness and comfort. Given the small size of the room, the white color in the design will also aide in the visual expansion space.

bright interior

Pastel shades

white surface

In order not teach toilet situation, similar to the sterile operating room, add accents to couple other colors white interiors optionally very bright or contrasting sufficiently small section of wall, trimmed using a material different from the core.

bright finish

pastel shades

The emphasis on a light background

An alternative to the snow-white shade may be the color of the pastel group, light and subtle shades will look advantageously with white fixtures and warm COLOR decorative elements.

White and silver design

The combination of white ceramic tiles and light-colored wallpaper with discreet pattern can be an excellent option for the design of a small area of ​​space.

When creating a modern interior of toilet room, many designers try to cover the largest possible number of communications and engineering systems for trim panels, or use the built-in options for plumbing. But some professionals gravitate toward retro-style, prefer the deliberate flaunting of all communication systems, presenting them as part of the decor, not just functional segment.

marble tiles

marble bathroom

Using marble tiles bright colors brings a touch of luxury to the interior. Applying an artificial analogue would be the best way at least from the standpoint of finish appearance, modern technologies allow to achieve absolute identity. The differences are only in the material properties such as strength, wear resistance and processability.

The oriental style

When making a toilet room can do without the use of a stone or ceramic tile, and this little oriental design example. The contrasting colors of dark wood rocks and snow-white walls and ceiling create rooms full of light, clarity and spaciousness that are only capable of utilitarian room.

large mirror

minimalist furnishings

white palette

Contrasting element of decor

The dark palette of colors for the original design of the toilet

Against the backdrop of snow-white sanitary ware dark finish looks more clean and sparkling. For those homeowners whose toilet dimensions allow the use of dark colors for the decoration of surfaces, we suggest a few unusual options of interior room with toilet.

dark interior

A dark color palette

Dark wall decoration

Contrast that manages to achieve integration with the snow-white sanitary ware in a dark room frame, creates a really interesting design.

White on dark

Dark, deep shades in the wall decoration combine perfectly with light flooring. To visually expand the space, you can use a mirror, glass and high-gloss surfaces.

Dark gray walls

Dark gray walls of steel bathrooms contrasting addition to the white floor and ceiling, original decoration and lighting complement a minimalist atmosphere.

The unusual design of the dark

Almost black finish premises became the backdrop for the toilet with unusual shapes and beautiful decor items, which is the focal point of this small, but interesting, in terms of design, space.

The Asian style

This dressing room - an example of how you can successfully combine with darker shades of warm natural palette under the registration of all room surfaces. Interior with a bit of an Asian slant gives the impression of luxury and wealth.

A beautiful chandelier in the toilet

Despite the use of quite a dark color palette for finishing the interior, it does not look bleak. Combining different materials and colors helped create an interesting design, full of glamor and glitter. Not the least role in creating an interesting interior decor items and played the unusual design of large chandeliers.

dark tiles

wood shades

textured wall

Bright interior of the toilet room - especially finishing

For anyone who is not willing to put up with snow-white surfaces sterile bathrooms and prefers to refrain from the use of dark tones in the interior of any room - our next block of toilets design projects.

bright design

Why not use for surface finishing bathrooms are bright, saturated colors of tiles or wallpaper? If the room size allows, and your taste preferences lean toward a bright spectrum of color - you need to act according to their own preferences, not looking at trends and current developments in the field of interior design.

combining bright

By combining a white ceramic tile "Metro" and active wallpaper with bright prints, it is possible to create a festive, but it is a practical decoration of walls. White-black flooring and similar variant clearance edge tiles become harmonious completion toilet image.

bright interior

Another example of using the combinatorics of white and colored surfaces in the toilet. Due to unusual decorative elements, it was possible to create a really non-trivial design of the room.

mosaic tiles

mosaic niche

With the help of mosaic tiles, which is produced in small glued blocks for ease of lining, you can create interesting and insert panels on the background of bright finish toilet walls. Mosaic tiles are also convenient because it allows you to coat uneven surfaces, fillets and arched niches, ledges.

mirrors everywhere

Due to the abundance of mirror surfaces, lighting system and unusual decorative elements, it was able to create a truly interesting design washroom interior.

Combinatorics in surface finishes

Combining in decorating the walls of wallpaper with a colorful pattern and mosaic tiles, it allows you to create interesting and nontrivial background for sanitary ware in white.

Scarlet wall

Bright accent wall scarlet became the center of attention focus, because relatively large items of decoration have been placed on its background. Bit decadent atmosphere complemented mirror in carved frame.

Wood and glass

With the help of wooden paneling and paintings on glass partition, failed to provide an interesting, unusual design of the toilet room.

Luster and shine

Called the interior of the toilet room can not be bright, rather it - Brilliant, brilliant. Corrugated mirror surface became a way presentations accent wall.

bright picture

Alternative wall claddings toilet using ceramic or stone tiles can be a pasting textile wallpaper that tolerate moisture and easy to clean. In addition, the surface subjected to the greatest penetration of water - the sink, lined with natural stone. Bright artwork has been successful in completing the chord extraordinary design bathrooms.

Gray and white drawing

Only three neutral colors used in the design of the toilet made it possible to create an interesting design of a small room.

Unusual interior toilet

Toilets unusual form as a way to diversify the design of bathrooms

Here are some images of toilets that do not furnish the room was the center of attention focus, and the main subject for any plumbing toilets - toilet. Square or rectangular, oval and egg-shaped, and built-in suspension, or vice versa miniature scale models of plumbing steel raisins in creating interiors for home utilitarian premises.

square bowl

unusual toilet


hanging toilet

The original plumbing

Minimalism as an alternative arrangement of a small room

No other style of interior design is not suitable for modest size rooms as much as minimalism. Modesty and severity of the situation is preferable to the closed spaces of small size, and in the framework of city apartments the toilets are just these small rooms. Also, monitor the cleanliness of the room in which there is no excessive decoration, but because of the whole situation - only plumbing, much easier and more efficient.

wood trim

Wood and stone

Wood and stone are always perfectly match in interior decoration, even utilitarian. Natural materials with opposite - cool and warm energy, bring to any interior calming atmosphere.

rack finishing

Only variety in the finishing room and the contrasting colors attract our attention in the dressing room. No unnecessary items decor or sanitary accessories, colors or shelves. Only the combination of smooth surfaces with white wooden lath wall decoration technique.


minimalist design

minimalist interior

Conciseness and rationalism


And finally, two images toilets, designed specifically for book lovers, for whom a toilet as an office. For some homeowners toilet - the only place on the walls or shelves where you can place your collectibles or souvenirs brought back from various trips.

Book shelves in the closet

Mini library in the bathroom