When it comes to renovation or kitchen remodeling, many homeowners are clutching at his heart, the other - for the purse. And those and others can understand, because the arrangement of kitchen space - it is not only costly in financial terms, but also with the psychological energiko. A very large functional load has kitchen area, so when its design has to face a number of challenges, to make decisions on many issues. And not the least of them is to choose wallpaper for the kitchen walls.

Light wallpaper for the kitchen

Thanks to modern technology of production of finishing materials, almost any type of wallpaper can be used for decoration of the walls in the kitchen, they are easy to clean and able to withstand a certain moisture content. In addition, in the kitchen are still areas that are traditionally faced with ceramic or stone tiles, glass mosaics or plastic - it apron space near work zones.

Accent wall

Among the many options for colors and prints in wallpaper stores you can get lost, because is difficult to imagine how it will look a finishing material is in your kitchen, how it will be combined with furniture and textiles, with kitchen accessories and decoration of the ceiling and floor.

White and green print

We offer a collection of kitchen design projects for all tastes. All interiors for decoration of walls have been used various kinds of wallpaper the entire spectrum of color palette of various colors and textures. You can see the combinatorics of finishing materials and furniture, the impact of natural and artificial light on the appearance of wallpaper on the walls of the room.

The neutral color palette for the walls of kitchen design

More than half of homeowners prefer to stick with the classic style in the interior of their kitchens, allowing the integration of elements from other stylistic directions, but dispensed and selectively. For a traditional situation that does not allow outrageous, suitable wallpaper in neutral colors, natural shades and discreet colors.

neutral Background

Neutral light colors used in the decoration of the kitchen, and were continued in the colors of the wallpaper for the dining area, is against this background look great works of art.

Wallpaper embossed

Luxury textile wall embossed steel coupling with one contrasting dark wood kitchen furniture. tone finish in perfect harmony with the chrome surfaces of household appliances.

Cool palette of shades

A small kitchen space would not stand bright wallpaper with a colorful pattern. Version of the wall design wallpaper with stamping on the variation pattern winsor proved advantageous.

The silvery tones

Silvery hues in home appliance surfaces are reflected in the mosaic tiles, which are decorated workspace wallpaper were selected respectively for the harmonious and pleasant sight alliance.

A spacious kitchen-dining room

Light shades of wallpaper

Bright, pastel wallpaper used for the walls in these kitchens created a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere for family dinners and lunches.

Neutral wall decoration

Floral print wallpaper - lift kitchen interior mood

One of the most common patterns of wallpaper for the kitchen space - flower or floral pattern. This coloring perfectly refreshing traditional environment, raises the degree of the overall situation and brings individuality kitchen facilities.

White flowers on a gray background

White and gray tones

White flowers on a dark gray background are perfectly combined with snow white trim elements, and the same tone furniture.

Bright floral print

Bright and eye-catching floral print design became one accent wall. Washing dishes by the window, decorated in a cheerful manner - is no longer a chore and becomes a pleasant experience.

Flowers on a blue background

White kitchen cabinets, greyish veins of marble, draws the working area, a greenish tone of the base of the island - all these nuances are reflected in floral print wallpaper with a background of deep blue color. Glass chandeliers with vegetative elements complemented the interesting design of the kitchen.

Small floral pattern

Light floral pattern wallpaper has been used for the decoration of the wall, which acts as the center of the focus of attention in this kitchen in a retro style. Coloring wallpaper echoes the color of the doors, and even household appliances in retro style.

Retro kitchen

Another interesting example of integration of retro elements in the modern kitchen. Blue and white flowered wallpaper became a godsend for an amazing fridge in retro style bright blue.

large flowers

Accent wall with a large floral pattern became an ornament of this eclectic cuisine with a lot of interesting design details.

Kitchen-dining room

colorful wallpaper

These luxury kitchen is spacious and bright, these rooms can afford to design lurid picture with many details. Their traditional ambience with luxurious furniture from wood of different breeds from such a background will benefit.

floral print

Wallpaper as a highlight of the design

Elegant floral pattern wallpaper brought in the traditional kitchen environment a touch of elegance and freshness.


Wallpaper with large daisies have brought a touch of frivolity and naivete in a fairly strict interior of the kitchen.


In this kitchen wallpaper precisely repeat floral pattern of textile, which has been used for the decoration of a bay window. Roller and Roman blinds French curtains with scalloped repeat exactly the coloring of the walls.

Famous wallpaper

trend print

Loved by many designers wallpaper print from the trunks of trees found its application in the indoor kitchen. Accent wall design they fit perfectly.

The white and blue colors

This kitchen-dining room in white and blue colors became the epitome of freshness and cleanliness. Spring mood and ease the credit and wallpapers in this case is undeniable.

Kitchen with urban bias

Among the many shiny surfaces of the little urban cuisine colorful flowered wallpaper look like the element of surprise, diluting the industrial atmosphere and approaches to the interior of the home.

The English style

This spacious kitchen in the English style, among other things, has a very high vaulted ceilings. Such a space is not afraid of the most colorful and active pattern wallpaper, even in dark colors. Flower wallpaper theme is reflected in the active integration of live plants and decor items animalistic themes.


Bright wallpaper to add accents in the kitchen space

It has recently become popular to use for the production of kitchen cabinets and even a smooth glossy surface. In the ensemble with a furniture look great wallpaper with rich color and bright, geometric patterns.

White and purple hues

Luxury purple wallpaper with embossed steel decoration and cuisine with an emphasis snowy enclosure system. Chrome and mirrored surfaces complement bohemian kitchen facilities.

Dark blue wallpaper

Another example of the use of dark shades of wallpaper, combined with a light palette of the kitchen cabinets. A collection of color painted glassware became a bridge between the deep indigo and light beige colors furniture.

The emphasis of the work area

Here is an example design accent walls within kitchen space. An unusual and intense print was the highlight of a modern interior.

Bright print for a small kitchen

Accent wall need not be located at the working surfaces, such variant of application of bright ornament is no less advantageously.

Spring palette

Bright, summer pattern wallpaper used in the decoration very dosed snow-white open-plan kitchen with dining room, lifted the mood of the entire room.

Black and white version

For kitchens in Art Nouveau style the most common option for the print wallpaper is a black and white drawing. Against this background and mirror lighting elements look luxurious, and white cabinets look advantageous.

Against a dark background

contrast interior

Wallpaper with bright pattern on a dark background have become an excellent background for bright kitchen units. Dark shades of household appliances and countertops tied up the entire interior in a harmonious way.

Country style

Another example of the dark wallpaper with an active pattern, this time for the kitchen in the style of a modern country. Wood theme wall design supported and the material for the furniture and kitchen island.

Turquoise and Wood

Cool turquoise shade meets the warmth of wood surfaces and all this against the backdrop of perfectly matched the wallpaper with a pattern. Kitchen looks fresh, pert and attractive.

active peas

Large picture wallpaper was selected under the shades of household appliances and mosaic tiles, which is faced with the space above it. This results in a very colorful and harmonious ensemble.

Blue and white accent

Bright turquoise wallpaper with drawings lacked the bright kitchen, a dilute silver appliances. Bar stools unusual design complemented the interesting image of the kitchen.

The Art Nouveau

For snow-white kitchen with lots of elements of Art Nouveau execution accent walls with wallpaper tricolor became the center of attention focus. A mirror in a dark carved frame and decor items completed original composition.

Bright print for accent walls

Saturated pattern wallpaper

Kitchen with a fairly simple and bright furnishings needed a bright, rich, colorful wallpaper. Variegated pattern brought into a small room interior enthusiasm and positive.


Black and white ornament

vivid ornament

Bright, colorful pattern wallpaper became quite unconventional element of classic cuisine. Original pendant lamps in all cases become an interesting addition to the design of the room walls.

End of the Line

Forget the interior of the kitchen with "cock" the theme will not work for anybody. The original pattern wallpaper was supported by decorative elements depicting males. The result was a bit rustic, but very homely, cozy and comfortable interior kitchen, where cooking and eating - a pleasure.

Focus on a niche

In the original design of the room of small size kitchen rational use of the principle it has been used in all of the available space. Extensive storage is very concise and severe type, it was necessary to dilute the bright print wallpaper. Emphasis was made in the niche, organized for a small dining area for two. Without such a variegated pattern wallpaper kitchen would look very different, boring and formal.

Mural or look at the past with a modern twist

A couple of decades ago, the use of wallpaper for decoration of walls of premises was very popular. Today, the quality of this type of wallpaper is much higher, the image clearer and more varied subjects.


The feeling of being in the open air does not leave the atmosphere of this spacious kitchen-dining room. The use of natural materials for furniture manufacturing was a great move in conjunction with the interior environment.


Another example of the design of one of the kitchen walls with wall photos on the "forest" theme. ceiling illumination gives the impression that the sunlight penetrates through the roof and fills all space kitchen with its rays. Dining table and kitchen island with wooden worktops perfectly fit into the natural decor.


Stylish modern kitchen with a cool color palette of the interior has been complemented by accent walls, decorated with photo wallpapers with an interesting plot. The theme of water, air and more space is reflected not only in the figure, but also in the design of the kitchen space, connected to the dining room and living room.


Shades of wood, from which made kitchen cabinets found its continuation in Figure photowall on one of the kitchen walls and just plain interior became trivial, peaceful and attractive.

Wallpaper in the cell and strip - a classic of the genre in the design of the kitchen

Strict lines geometric prints always go perfectly with the classic kitchen space environment. Elements of the English style in the modern kitchen perfectly integrated into a progressive design.

Wallpaper in a cage

Low-key cell on the wallpaper has become a great addition to the kitchen furniture of various shades. Strict, but dull interior can be to the taste of many homeowners.

Striped wallpaper

As is known, the vertical stripes on the wallpaper promote visual stretching space in height, but very active use of this type of wall design can lead to too pockmarked performance design. Therefore, you should choose an inconspicuous strip of wallpaper and execute such a part of the vertical surfaces.

light beige

Light beige cell wallpaper perfectly with the tone of flooring, countertops and kitchen islands upholstered stool beside him. Together with white kitchen cabinets have managed to create a bright and comfortable atmosphere cozy kitchen-dining room.