Brown represents the earth, and therefore symbolizes stability, reliability, security, loyalty and even family home. Psychologists distinguish this color for its ability to smooth the stress, calm the nervous system and even relieve physical pain. Professionals believe that the brown is more suitable for classical environments, as is the color of conservatism. But not only. For modern interior brown color is irreplaceable, he stressed any direction, and often is a good background for a variety of decors, accessories and colors.

If you want to emphasize the classic style of the room, then brown fits perfectly

Classic brown interiors

  • Brown also emphasize win-retro style

    Just like at grandmother's house

    Brown retro style

  • But for modern interior brown color is perfect

    It creates an elegant and robust interior

    Modern style and brown color

  • Even if the room is decorated in a very modern version

    Brown will soften it and make it more comfortable

    Brown in a very modern interior


Fit brown interiors of people in need of rest and relaxation. An interesting fact that if a person is exposed to experiences, he will subconsciously choose brown clothes, because it will feel comfortable and relaxed.

By choosing this color for their rooms, be careful. If the room is small, you should not overload it with this color, otherwise the room will be even smaller and will look bleak. To avoid this nuance, use a combination of brown with other colors, most often white.

  • Brown and white bathroom ...

    Fill vivacity and confidence for the whole day

    A combination of brown

  • In the dining room with brown-white design will always be a good appetite

    Brown and white dining room


Brown and white

This is the successful combination of a brown color (the alliance called "a classic of the genre"), here white is fully revealed, filling the room with freshness and spaciousness. If this tandem seems someone boring, add some bright detail, it will make a variety of not spoiling the overall picture.

Brown and white interior with bright accent

You can decorate the interior of a colorful décor, while the interior will bring not only peace, but also a good mood.

To add to brown interior good mood, add a colorful decor

Good mood in a brown interior

Throw in a bright turquoise, and the room becomes a work of art.

Brown and turquoise

We have already talked about the ability of white and bright interior visually expand the boundaries, but I want to note that even the presence of dark colors such as brown, do not interfere with the white color of the room to push boundaries, provided of course that it will be dominant.

If the white to make dominant, it will expand the space, despite the combination of brown

A combination of brown

Neutral white can use it anywhere, the best option would be to focus in a dark brown corner, for example, in the form of a floor lamp or decor.

White accents and brown interior

Brown and pastel colors

For the interior of the bedroom is best to combine the brown, linen tones. Then the room will look more gently. In contrast to the combination with white, pastel interiors warmer.

Pastel colors in a brown interior Brown and pastel palette

With regard to the living room is also often chosen pastel palette combined with brown. That is what we get? Brown interior - it's the atmosphere of stability and security. But to avoid the darkness or pressing sensation, dilute the atmosphere soft pastel notes. In addition, not all people like dark colors, and pastel among (especially in the background), they will feel more comfortable. After all, living is intended primarily for guests.

For guests to feel comfortable in your living room, use a combination of brown and pastel palette

A combination of brown

To complete the composition, the interior can be decorated with bright décor and interesting elements.

brown interior

The most successful pastel colors to match the brown is beige. It is considered akin to shade, as is in the same range of colors as the brown. But they can not be considered similar, because they are still at a considerable distance apart from each other. Therefore, building up on the interior of the line, we can safely expect a great result.

Brown and beige colors Union

This is due to the fact that there are observed smooth color transitions, there is no apparent antagonisms and contrasts. The atmosphere is soft and quiet.

Brown and blue

Brown-blue interior looks a bit cool, even if blue is not very much. brown neutral stands in this union, even as the power of cold sensation. But this is not a minus for the interior, many people love to just such an atmosphere, is the power of the earth feels solid and reliable.

Blue in combination with brown Brown-blue interior

Also do not forget, that the blue - a color of the sea and the sky, if the correct accents and choose the appropriate decorations, you can create a room like a ship, rushing through the waves.

If you want to feel yourself in a boat on the sea, arrange blue accents in brown interior

The interior of the boat in the sea

It is often used to print upholstery, curtains and so on, it gives a kind of transition between these colors, and obobschet them into one picture.

Prints in brown and blue interior

Lovers of luxury and elegance suitable combination of chocolate and turquoise shades. This magnificent interior both comfortable and rich.

If you add in the interior Brown turquoise environment will be rich and elegant

Luxury turquoise

You can take this combination for a child's room, but this is not recommended that you use a lot of brown, it abundantly diluted white to dark colors are not rendered oppressive effect on the children.

Children in brown and blue version

Gold interior: brown and yellow

This is truly the most rich and delicious combination. Both colors complement each other, and the interior looks like a gold iridescent in the sun. If you want to show your respectability and prosperity, then this union is exactly what you need.

To the interior looked rich and elegant, yellow-brown gamma most it

The richness of the brown-yellow interior

But it all depends on the version, the brown-yellow interiors and you can not do such fanciful and calm and warm. There will be comfortable and easy.

But the alliance of yellow and brown, and can create a light atmosphere, it all depends on supply

Calm and light interior

To create a harmonious atmosphere, the designers recommend the use of several different shades of each color.

Different shades create harmony

Brown and green

This is a very harmonious couple, like a tree and its foliage, as the earth and grass. There will be a natural aura envelop the room and its occupants.

Brown-green range

Many designers like to work with the color green is combined with brown. Because, in spite of the many shades of green in this union that does not matter, all options are good.

A combination of brown A combination of brown

But there is one little rule: if it is a brown-green interior, where there are no other than these two colors, with respect to the green is better to choose an apple-green hue, here it will be more appropriate.

Brown and orange

In such an interior there is harmony and balance. These two colors perfectly complement each other and open. This union is suitable for people who need a warm and comfortable interior, not without vigor.

Brown-orange duo

There will be no discord, no matter what shade of orange is selected. It is considered the best use of chocolate plinth and if there is a fire, it can be done in the same shade, and all this against the backdrop of an orange floor in shaded form. To this union a good fit black accents, as an orange background, for example, perfectly toned to both colors and profitable emphasized them.

But not everything can be solved on orange wallpaper, in which case you can use this color as the accent, that is, chocolate orange make furniture components, doors, drawers, a seat in the chair, and so on. And let it be a pastel background.

And if someone wants to make wooden furniture in chocolate shade, then be prepared for the grim effect, but here comes to the rescue orange color that will cheerfulness, leaving the furniture with the harmonious and secure.

The most important rule brownish-orange interior - a light background, if you take the dark, the darkness can not be avoided, even orange will not help.

For the brown-orange Union needs a light background

Brown combined with purple (violet)

This tandem is recognized as the most peaceful and relaxing. Therefore, for the kitchen, living room or children's, he is not well suited. Is that the lighter shades of these colors will be used in the living room, as well as the pattern or picture.

To a combination of brown and purple was not dark, you can take them soft shades

Brown-purple interior

Thus, we see that the use of this combination is best for the bedroom, where purple or lilac will create a certain mystic atmosphere and mystery brown accentuate the situation.

Brown-purple bedroom

And if you want to make the room look the epitome of relaxation, you can even take a darker tone of both colors. In this atmosphere, you do not want to move or even think - complete rest.

If you take the rich tones of brown and purple, the room is the epitome of relaxation

A combination of brown

You can also use the duo for the bathroom, but to neutralize too melancholic impression, it is advised to dilute the interior of other colors, such as white and some accessories, a different key.

Brown-purple bedroom

In general, this union is elegant, but very relaxing, if that is the goal, then forward. And if you want a soothing effect to make a little softer, dilute it with other colors.

A combination of brown Freshness and reliability in a brown interior A combination of brown

Too many color and tone brown suit, most importantly, properly combine them, so that the effect was not dark and overwhelming, and comfortable, sturdy and reliable.