For a comfortable life it is not necessary to acquire a multi-meter squares. Sometimes quite a small apartment, which was undeveloped tasteful. Cozy apartment in Kiev is equipped with all necessary and designed in a contemporary style.

Entrance hall in apartment-studio

Studios have gained special popularity in recent years. This is due to the versatility of areas with a relatively small price. In this apartment through zoning corridor smoothly into the living room.

The corridor in a studio apartment

contrasting colors are used in the living room. In this way designers have given room freshness and vigor.

Straight lines in the room environment

Straight lines give the environment simple and unpretentious. In this case, the perfect harmony of colors and shapes makes the interior a refined.

Living room furniture in the studio apartment

Soft shapeless at first glance sofa softens the overall sharpness of the lines. Its red color draws attention to the unusual shape makes this furniture center of attention.

Shapeless sofa in the living area

Niche window framed very comfortable. Upholstered furniture natural beige color to a long rest in a comfortable environment. Bright contrasting cushions help to diversify the monotony of the sofa.

Making a niche at the window furniture

In general, the living room atmosphere is crowded and friendly parties, and quiet evenings spent alone reading an interesting book. Multi-level lighting will allow to highlight the desired area at the time of their use.

A minimum of furniture in a modern style

In the context of an apartment used by a minimum of decoration items. Storage systems presented open shelves.

The elements of decoration in the living room

Storage provides storage room, walk-in closet. The entrance is directly in the living room.

Closet in the living room

Living room separated from the kitchen sofa and large pieces of kitchen furniture. This zoning method gives sufficient insulation function space.

Zoning studio apartments

Fitted kitchen in a studio apartment

The kitchen is also made in combination of contrasting colors of white, black and red. Here you can observe the same style as in the living room, expressed clear shapes and straight lines. A small window is closed white curtain that allows light to penetrate into the room, even through it.

Kitchen area in the studio apartment

The optimal arrangement of the furniture and equipment makes this area the most practical and convenient to use. White facades visually expand the space, not allowing to feel cramped.

Bedroom in a small apartment

you can get into a small cozy bedroom from the living room. It is made in a loft style, which is reflected in the use of unshaped brick wall. Also, this style can be attributed austerity conditions. Minimum of furniture and natural colors combined with simple lamps.

Bedroom loft-style

Bright spot becomes red battery, which will dilute the overall gray-beige situation. Unusual wooden partitions added to the attractiveness of the room.

Making bedroom loft-style

Lack of shelves, bedside tables and wardrobes is compensated by a soft carpet on the floor, which can be used for placing objects.

Elements of design in loft

Dressing table in the bedroom is equipped with a large mirror with lighting. In a situation of lack of storage dressing table can be used for storage of various details, which can not be spread out on the carpet.

Toilet table

Comfortable bathroom is equipped with everything necessary. Shower with success replaces bulky bathroom bowl. Bright mosaic on the wall contrasts with white representatives of sanitary equipment.

Mosaic in the bathroom

Cabinet doors in the bathroom are similar in design to the partitions in the bedroom. This makes it possible to achieve unity of style.

Storage in the bathroom

The harmonious combination of colors and shapes make a small apartment in Kiev, the ideal place to stay for a small family. Accommodation is equipped with everything you need and do not require elaboration.