One of the most common color options from the variety of palettes for design of kitchen space is white in color and its shades. The white shades perform finishes and furniture - cabinet and built-in, use white color for accessories and decor items. And not only that light colors expand the space visually increase the kitchen area. With snow-white color finish perfectly match any color solutions built cabinet systems, the palette of household appliances, textiles and kitchen stuff. And for a bright room, contrary to the first impression, it is much easier to care for, and in fact the kitchen - a place where there are many reasons for the contamination and cleaning takes place frequently.

The snow-white kitchen design

To avoid the impression of snow-white, completely sterile room, is associated with the medical chamber, or operating, it is important to place some color and textural accents. In contrast with the white color, you can use dark colors or bright colors, even a few touches of excellent color solutions help transform the light design of the kitchen facilities.

White and steel colors

We offer you an impressive collection of designs of kitchen spaces, made using white colors of the spectrum. We hope that the inspirational white interiors will become a useful tool for the repair of your kitchen.

Bright kitchen interior

A white trim kitchen surfaces

Light colors for the decoration of the walls and ceiling of the kitchen, creating a clean, fresh, spacious atmosphere for a comfortable presence in the room. That's why many homeowners and designers prefer white and shades for facing or painting the kitchen walls.

marble countertops

Large pendant lamp

Snow-white walls and the ceiling will definitely need some color deviation, if the kitchen cabinets are also made in bright colors, that bring color to the interior, you can use lighting, flooring, stone or wood tops of the island and countertops, as well as accessories and decor.

White ceiling and walls

Making the ceiling in the form of a white-painted wooden panels brings in a modern kitchen interior a touch of relaxed suburban life, recalling the rural environment with its inherent homey feel and comfort.

glossy ceiling

Tile & quot; underground & quot; for apron

White tiles "Metro" has long been a traditional design option kitchen apron. This is a nice, elegant and simple in terms of care method oblitsevat surface nearest to the working area exposed to moisture or contamination the greatest.

White glossy floor

Some designers offer in addition to registration of walls and ceiling in a white tone, use bright palette and floor covering. Perfectly smooth, glossy floor will become not only a modern interior decoration, but also quite practical option visually expand the space.

Illumination on a white background

The white floor tiles are also a good choice for light kitchen interior. This design project looks almost futuristic due to illumination of work surfaces and table tops on a background of white, glossy kitchen cabinets. Light blue plastic apron and the same pitch on an unusual finishing drawing, were the only characterizing elements of flowers.

Paintings in the kitchen room

Also for the floor covering can be used bleached wood, but only in a laminated version, or cleaning floors will be the main cause of dissatisfaction households.

Light mint apron

Kitchen furniture of all shades of white

Contrary to popular belief, for kitchen fitted white storage systems much easier to look after than the same version of furniture in dark colors. The same can be said of the case furniture, dining group - table and chairs, if only we are not talking about soft upholstery in light colors, which, of course, for the kitchen to be a burden rather than an ornament.

White glossy cabinets

Built-in floor-to-ceiling windows

Bright wooden floor

One of the most popular variants built-in kitchen cabinets system - white, glossy surfaces without handles with closers systems. Such smooth surfaces are easy to clean, they are usually not visible fingerprints and water droplets. Choosing the performance of the storage system from the floor to the ceiling, you can not only use the most of all available space, but also simplifies the cleaning process. Just on the upper level cabinets are placed objects, not often used, but you can use a small ladder or stand if necessary.

White-gray cabinets

Marble apron

And this is a variant of a classical performance of the ensemble of the kitchen cabinets white. In conjunction with the finish of the kitchen apron under the marble, the interior looks great.

classic cuisine

Another classic cuisine, but not in pure and white, and with a touch of pastel purple hues. A spacious room with large windows in the arched design looks luxurious in this color. Festive mood traditional setting added royally elegant chandelier with lots of glass hangers.

Kitchen-dining room with a bay window

This luxury kitchen and dining room, made in the bright color palette, needed a white version of kitchen units, islands and seats in a soft zone table segment. Snow-white design oriel window frames become a harmonious complement to the overall atmosphere of freshness and comfort.

The snow-white island

Bright kitchen palette

White may not only be kitchen cabinets, but also bar stools or stools located at the kitchen island. If the kitchen + dining area, the dining group can also be performed in light colors.

Dining group from the designer

And this example of execution of a dining group in white already to see the design of the family. Such furniture is always popular and, of course, ideal for the interior light modern kitchen.

Large white island

The snow-white kitchen island in the company of the same shade chairs looks even bigger than it actually is. This is already a spacious kitchen-dining room seems even more in bright finish and the white design furniture.

Black and white contrast to the modern kitchen interior

The classic of all the most traditional of contrasts - a combination of black and white colors in a single interior. We offer you examples of how to design a modern kitchen fit these two radically different interior and get a cozy, comfortable and at the same nontrivial atmosphere of the room.

Black and white kitchen

Black enclosure system with the same tone refrigerator, contrasted with crisp white open shelves for dishes and bright palette of marble for the countertops. The snow-white ceiling "looks" at an incredibly dark tile floor. This design is hard to forget and to call trivial, it is a very personalized and unusual.

chess floors

Black-and-white tile floor

Black and white checkerboard looks great as cladding floors in the kitchen of classical style room, especially if appliances stylized retro-style.

Black and white kitchen design

It is not often you can see the kitchen apron with a black glossy surface in white tone kitchen cabinets. Contrast and dynamic design of the kitchen facilities is truly trivial and full of personality.

Wood surfaces among snowy idyll

The abundance of light, especially white finish makes room not only clean and fresh in appearance, but also very cool. Bring the missing interior heat can timber as a way of finishing of various surfaces and the raw material for the manufacture of furniture or kitchen accessories.

wood floors

Wood Flooring

Bright shade tree

The most obvious and only practical way of implementing a pure white hues interior wood - production of flooring laminate or wooden panels coated. This wood interior theme is also supported by roller blinds of bamboo raw materials.

Light bleached wood

In light of this wood were used kitchen sufficiently active - for furniture and wall-screens was used bleached raw embodiment, open shelves for dark wood practically treated and dining group partially made of natural light rock material.

The base of the tree islands

wooden countertops

Wood for kitchen countertops

Wood can be used for the manufacture of the base of the kitchen island or countertop.

Parquet floor

Wooden flooring in the kitchen - why not? There are now a large number of special coatings for registration flooring of natural material, not only protects the surface from excessive moisture, but also contamination.

country elements

Wooden elements of the country-style fit perfectly in the traditional setting of classic cuisine.

The upper tier of the tree

The lower cabinets wood

White-wood interior

Wooden beams and shelves

Part of the kitchen cabinets made of wood, will be contrasting look on a white background decoration, bringing not only color, but also in a variety of textured interior of the kitchen.

Warm tree shade

Sandy-beige tones of wood steel warming element in the atmosphere of this bright kitchen. Decorated by a mosaic tile kitchen apron somewhat diluted the monochromatic palette of the room.

The tree in the dining area

Bright accents for light backgrounds

Infinitely bright finishing facilities, coupled with a snow-white furniture range a few tired eyes, our vision is needed focus on the dark, vivid detail. These objects can become chairs, lamps, lighting fixtures, facing the kitchen apron or even the dishes, especially not hide in the closet.

bright chairs

Orange color for chairs

Bright, juicy orange color on the bar stools brought a touch of spring and the heat in the kitchen bright environment.

Bright accents in the furnishings

Scarlet was the accentual tone for a small snow-white kitchen, furniture parts and elements on the floor eye-catchers.

Light mint apron

Light mint color glossy tiles that lined the kitchen apron, became the focus of attention in the center of the white kitchen space.

White-black-red design

Another example of emphasis in the kitchen wearing an apron, but this time in a bright, saturated color scheme. White-black-red interior looks intriguing, modern and at the same time practical.

Bright interior details

In this ultra-modern kitchen, a lot of bright spots - original pendant lights bright indigo, unusual design bar stools and shiny finish of the apron near the chromed exhaust.

An unusual chandelier

In this progressive kitchen color spot has become an unusual chandelier for the kitchen interior design.

bright decor

White small size kitchen

For modest area kitchen space bright finish not only advantageous but sometimes the only possible embodiment of a visual increase of the room.

small kitchen

This compact kitchen work station takes up very little space, meanwhile, it includes all the necessary appliances and storage systems, looks modern and fresh, thanks to the light walls and crisp white top.

The snow-white design for a small kitchen

For this a small kitchen with cupboards classic accentual addition became dark tone floors and mirrored surface elements of household appliances and pendant luminaires.

A small kitchen area

When a kitchen entirely devoted to a tiny room, to oppose the white color is simply nothing, and it is used for decoration and for making furniture. As an accent spots can be used appliances, accessories or live plants.

White and gray colors for the kitchen

In this small kitchen with snow-white finish worktops using tiles "metro", by contrast stands the bottom row of kitchen cabinets in dark gray colors.

Pastel shades

Milky for classical small size of the kitchen was a good design choice. In combination with marble apron, kitchen looks luxurious with a traditional setting.

Long and narrow kitchen

Another example of a small kitchen, organized in the narrow and long room. The interior does not seem cramped because of the bright finish, the use of multiple levels of lighting and ergonomic arrangement of work surfaces and appliances.

Kitchen in country style

A small kitchen area