We offer you a short tour of the premises of the two-storey cottage is decorated in Art Nouveau style. Maybe some design ideas, methods of design and decoration of the space will inspire you for the repair or reconstruction of their own homes.

Building's facade

Even on the street, being in front of the facade of the building, it becomes clear that homeowners are not alien to the desire for novelty, uniqueness and creative ideas, but they also pay tribute to traditional materials for construction and decoration.

Main entrance

glass construction, steel and concrete, finished using wood fascinating power and majesty. Making the approach to the main entrance already configures any visitor on an interesting tour of the interior of the original town house.

First floor

The interior of the cottage is striking at least the exterior of the building. The combination of glossy white and matt surfaces with warm dark shades of wood simultaneously creates a comfortable, homepage, but festive, elevated atmosphere.

The original decor

According to the basic principles of the Art Nouveau style, in the room a lot of luxurious furniture of natural hues, glossy and reflective surfaces, exquisite and unusual decor.

Living room

On the ground floor there is a spacious living area with a soft, open fireplace and TV. The atmosphere of the room is literally saturated with natural shades, in combinatorics, which is so cozy feel any part of the room.

artwork bright cushions

A lot of works of art on the walls, interesting design decor items, even cushions - weight causes interesting and incredibly personalize the interior, introduces an element of uniqueness.

Fireplace and TV

In contrast with a soft zone with a spacious sofa, TV-located area with a huge monitor screen and built-in system for lowering the projector. storage systems appear simultaneously laconic and luxurious, the use of glass and mirror surfaces are definitely going to benefit the interior. Near the fireplace you can sit in a comfortable armchair with leather upholstery.

Living-dining room

The living room includes dining area, which can be accessed by making just a couple of steps. Despite the absence of any barriers between zones and an identical surface finish, a dining group is visible from afar, its furnishings and materials different texture, besides dining group has its own lighting and carpet system.

Dinner Zone

A spacious dining table with a glossy surface, chairs with metal frame and mesh seat and back, the original pendant lamp - have created a wonderful alliance.

The original dining group paintings everywhere

Attention to detail - the key to success in setting up the room in the style of Art Nouveau. Combinatorics colors of carpeting, net of the chairs, armchairs and chandeliers design is simply amazing. For such a table to eat for - a pleasure.


Here, on the ground floor is a kitchen, a situation which is an incredible harmony of minimalism, retro and modern. Here is everything - and the modern kitchen cabinets without handles with a glossy surface, ultra-modern appliances and comfortable chairs, the design of which was developed in the last century and an incredible art object, which is a work of art applied to the old boards.

kitchen island

Kitchen island with integrated gas hob became the focal point of the kitchen space, and a powerful extractor hood above it looks more like a futuristic design element. All storage systems are closed either by means of coils or as a compartment door-like structure has a "smooth" space.

Stairs Safe ladders space

We go up the comfortable and safe stairs to the second floor. Here, in the space near the stairs equipped small office. Incredibly efficient use of all available square meters of floor space has led to the creation of a comfortable and respectable corner to work.

Mini Account

In fact, little is needed to build a mini-office - desk console, a comfortable ergonomic chair and a couple of open shelves for books. But if these simple pieces of furniture chosen with taste and made of high quality materials, the result is a very respectable appearance of the home office.

Master bedroom

Next, we proceed in private apartments - the main bedroom. Incredibly spacious and bright room together is not only a large bed, which is not located on the tradition of the headboard against the wall and diagonally to the center of the room, but also a huge fireplace, sitting area next to it and a reading corner. Again, we see a pleasant gaze combination of warm, natural shades in the room decoration, bright artwork on the walls and furniture of the highest class.


Next to the master bedroom there is at least a spacious bathroom with access to a large balcony open. A large room is equipped with a pair of water treatment kits showers and sinks with mirrors, which certainly saves a lot of time households in the mornings and evenings. Finish by a snow-white marble and tile, mosaic dark mint color creates a unique interior of a bathroom.

Bedroom for girls

Another bedroom is designed for two teenage girls and is decorated in light pastel colors. Lightness and purity, elegance and comfort are found in the design of the bedroom with the incredible functionality of each furnishings.

A spacious room for two

Roomy space sheltered not only a bed and storage, but also TV-zone mini-cabinet. The use of snow-white furniture and transparent plastic chairs, allowed to create a weightless and airy interior.

Bathroom for girls

Near the bedrooms for the girls also have their own bathroom, but much smaller. In this room, for water and sanitation procedures as utilized finishing using a snow-white tile, marble and mosaic bright surfaces. Built-in lighting system on the ceiling and around the mirror creates a bright light, which is so necessary for the bathroom.