Each color brings its own special meaning and significance, has a different effect on the man, his mood, state of mind and even physical well-being. And if you want to see the brown color in the interior of your home, you provide yourself with reliability, stability and loyalty. It is a symbol of a brown color and its shades. But that's not all, this color has a positive effect on a person in many aspects, such as stress, he has a calming effect, and even during the illness is able to relieve physical pain.

Psychological significance brown

The lexical meaning of the word "brown" - a "bark" or "cinnamon". That is, in the literal sense - the color of the bark of trees, as well as soil, earth, leaves and autumn grasses. In general, the brown color in the interior represents the nature around us. Hence, such a psychological impact on the person and his life. Brown relaxes, soothes, protects, and how would influence the prevalence of common sense. Interior in brown color and its shades helps calm and take informed decisions. If you make the furniture or the floor brown, it will lead to a sense of strength and stability. Comfort and convenience - that's the main definition of brown interior.

Comfort and brown interior comfort

Brown color in the interior is good for those people who spend a lot of time in bright, rich places, as well as those who move a lot on the type of activity or just traveling. In addition, if you are accustomed to rest in rooms with colorful decor and loud music or you worked there, the brown interior of the house will remove from you all of this colorful and bustling energy, give you a full psychological relaxation and fill the new forces. As noted by psychologists - brown interior tend to prefer people who want and even need the mental and psychological rest. But historians have found that this color has long been considered an elegant and solid, which favored the rich and wealthy person.

Chic brown interior

Brown color in the interior

Based on the diverse and beneficial effects of brown, you can use it to the interior of any room, whether it be living room, bedroom, bathroom, hallway, nursery or home office. But here's what to consider when choosing this color - it is still dark. And if the room is small, the abundance of dark color surfaces make it darker and a little more. But, of course, it is not necessary in this situation to dump brown off. You can always play with a palette and shades. Simply select the compact space more bright colors and combine them with brown. And for a change, add a few bright accents.

A small room in brown Brown in a small room

Brown color in the interior of a bedroom

At an opportune fit brown color for the interior of a bedroom. It is here that so positively perceived by its soft and relaxing effects. It will ensure you a peaceful and restful sleep and in the morning will fill with vivacity and freshness. A bit of playing with colors and combination with other colors, you'll get quite a cozy atmosphere of this intimate room.

Add the white and brown you ennoble your interior, but you can also add some bright accessory that was not boring.

White color in the interior bedroom brown white and brown colors Union

Beige and pale pink too great diluted brown color in the interior of the bedroom. There will reign romance and tenderness.

Romantic and gentle bedroom with brown tint

Brown color in the interior living room

The significance of the brown color in interior room can talk a lot, it can here will create the perfect atmosphere of hospitality, comfort and friendly environment. Brown color for the living room is good for its tranquility and like neutrality. After all, not everyone will be comfortable to sit, for example, red, pink, black or light green living. Many people simply can not tolerate bright and rich colors, and feel uncomfortable in their surroundings. And, as the living room is primarily intended for all the guests, and its design should be soft.

Quiet living room in brown Soft interior brown living room

Bright decor items and accessories has not been canceled in respect of the living room. Especially in brown living room, it will be a kind of twist.

Bright accent in brown living room Brown living room and other colors The combination of colors in a brown interior

Brown color in the interior of the living room, where a fireplace will perfectly be combined with a pale orange. This union will fill the room warm and sunny mood.

Brown-orange lounge

White - this is the most frequent addition to the brown interior, it brightens and "rejuvenates" the dark rich brown color. And it looks chic and elegant.

Union of brown and white interior White nobility in brown interior Brown and white interior Tandem white with brown

People with a cheerful disposition and vibrant lifestyle can add in brown living room a lot of bright accents, it will look lively, joyful and fervently. In this living room will want to stay longer.

Bright and juicy gamma in a brown interior Brown, in alliance with bright accents Cheerful interiors with brown

Proper supply of brown color in the interior design is capable and competent to transform any room and make it unusual and surprising.

brown interior

Brown color in the interior of the kitchen and dining room

Kitchen and dining room in brown color looks very good. Chocolate brown walls and wood colors create an atmosphere of respectability and good appetite. Here you will always be cozy and comfortable.

Brown color in the interior of the kitchen Dining room in brown

Brown color in the interior of a child's room

In the children's room an abundance of brown color is not quite acceptable, so say psychologists. But still in small numbers, with the addition of other colors and with a good supply of it will positively influence the child's psyche. It's a natural, natural color that will stimulate your brain and soothe all the children's feelings and fears.

Brown color in the interior of a child's room


Using brown in their rooms, you got the reliable assistant and excellent stress tolerance.

Interior in brown