Sasual style - a kind of dress code of modern urban residents, especially attitude and even full-fledged subculture. It combines the energy and sensuality, the rejection of prohibitions and regulations, ease, versatility and spontaneity of the interior. easy immediacy

casual elegance

The term «casual» in English the word means free, frivolous, careless, haphazard. Its main principle - democracy and looseness, and comfort, free choice, ease and luxury glamorous perceptions. Relaxed looseness inte interior airiness

modern elegance

Such an image involves natural fabrics and materials, textured objects horizontal quiet line, pastel colors and brightness as small as possible. It is very relevant items such as antique brass, pottery, hand-made accessories and vintage items. The main thing - do not overdo it. glamorous accents Typical pastels and crisp lines

Unusual items and accessories

effect of aged

Each of us dreams of a certain flavor to the interior design, which will make the home special and will correspond to the nature of what was intended. How to create an individual design? Sasual country style For every house - is, above all, comfort, warmth and comfort. This is where we live most of the time. Here are collected the most important things for us, and there are important events. Everyone tries to imitate the fashion trends that will certainly affect the appearance of home interiors. Today, we can periodically change the appearance of our home, combining old and new things, to go towards the future without forgetting the past.

The original elegant style

The combination of old and new But how to do casual style in the interior? Try to put in the living room a small coffee table with a slight worn surface, instead of on the floor lay a carpet woven in ethnic style track. Priukraste old basket flower decoration, and in the bedroom a simple set artificially aged accessory. Such transformation will bring into your home a welcoming and warm atmosphere in the style of casual.

The decoration of the hall

The hall is desirable to use and general and local illumination. The use of spotlights of brass or wood make the room more voluminous. Freedom and comfortThe unusual location of wrought table for small items, wooden crafts, comfortable rattan chairs create the impression accidentally caught in the house items. Such things not only revive the atmosphere in the hall, but also make it more comfortable. A great alternative to dimensional apartments serve as a built-in wardrobe. A mirrored sliding doors to visually expand the space.

Romantic atmosphere in the bedroom

The focus is on the bed. A great option - a wooden box made of durable oak and wrought with marvelous curls. The main emphases - draperies, fabrics, ruffles, lots of lovely pillows. On a bed romantic dreams are guaranteed! Comfort, attention to detail And of course, the obligatory design element in the bedroom - Curtains. Thanks to them, there is an atmosphere of security and intimacy. On playful light curtains will look great romantic flowers and intercept homemade ribbons. Candles and candle holders, playful twig wood, clay box, instead of the eaves - iron pipe, instead of the chest - vintage suitcases - comfortable, simple and romantic.

maximum comfort - interior furniture in casual

Furniture in casual style comfortable and soft. The solid surface consists of slightly stained solid wood (pine, oak).

Furniture in the interior casual: softness, warmth and comfort

The unexpected combination of table and chairs Tissue zone usually oversized. Material used for the upholstery of neutral tones - beige, brown, white, milk, gray. Not for nothing casual style is often referred to as "grated chic." Soft pastel evokes a sense of peace and tranquility. All items are as simple as possible, the surface - dull, dull, outlines - straight. Custom furniture arrangement Pastel colors in the bedroom Luxurious carpeting - it is not for the casual. Much more harmoniously will look long track fabric with a distinctive geometric pattern. But if used carpets, then unobtrusive floral print, or the image of the beautiful birds

Accessories in the house

Any item in the house is a kind of decorative addition to the design of casual style. Here are collected the books, souvenirs, boxes and antiques. On the walls hang paintings or artistic wooden crafts. Bold combination of furniture Dishes advantageously made of ceramics with metallic tin or devices other than own perfection. Cloth on the kitchen table pastel or supplemented with a floral pattern corresponding supports for instruments or wipes. Lamps and chandeliers in the interior casual often forged with textile shades or imitation candles. This will bring the comfort of home in a house with built-in bras natural candles. And of course, there can not do without live plants and flowers that create a harmonious contrast of metal and wood.

Potted flowers and plants in the free-style casual

Casual style for a creative personality Speaking of this style, you should always remember that casual - it is primarily the coziness and comfort, naturalness and softness of textiles, simple furniture, intentional aged surfaces and objects. cozy atmosphere