The room where the toilet is, requires a special approach to its design. All the details of the interior should allow to maintain the maximum hygiene and freshness in the room. For the manufacture of sanitary ware and furniture in this room, use materials that are easy to wash. Further such items must be resistant to treatment with chemical solutions.

Tiles for the bathroom a neutral color

For wall and floor tiles most popular material for many years is a ceramic tile. This material is characterized by all the necessary qualities in this case:

  • hygiene;
  • strength;
  • durability;
  • availability;
  • an abundance of colors and textures;
  • resistance to chemicals.

Making tiled bathrooms Tiles gray color in the toilet Toilet, decorated tiles

All these features make this coverage most appropriate for the decoration of the premises with similar characteristics.

Tile natural color The unusual pattern on the walls of the toilet Red tile on the bathroom wall

The most suitable colors

One of the criteria for selecting the color wall covering is the size of the room. Small room requires the use of light tile hues. Limited space itself is depressing, dark walls and aggravate the condition.

Multi-colored tiles in the bathroom Ceramic tiles in the bathroom Neutral tile in the toilet Gray tiles in the bathroom

In small toilets recommended to apply light shades of blue, green or pink. White color is also nice, but it is better to dilute the decorative elements of other colors. Perhaps white wrapping only the upper part of the wall. So will avoid contamination and to preserve the sterility of the visual space.

Tile Wood Blue tiles in the bathroom Beige tile in the toilet Tile under natural stone

In addition to plain tile models, you can use a variety of patterns and ornaments. The main thing is not to overdo it, because the colorful paintings on the walls make a small room the same effect as the dark tiles. To maintain the balance, you can use the pattern on the perimeter wall or put one strip of a tile directly in the center of the wall. A vertical bar will visually raise the ceiling, and the horizontal - to expand the wall. You can also select multiple tiles of a different color and have to create a pattern on the background of monochromatic primary color coating.

Mosaic tiles of one color Dark tiles in the bathroom Ceramic tiles in the bathroom Large tiles for decoration toilet

In addition to the color tile can vary in texture. From that, matt, glossy or rough surface in a selected pattern depends on the appearance of the obtained coating. Modern manufacturers, trying to reduce the final cost of the product is made of imitation of natural stone, wood and other materials. It did not even often possible to distinguish natural granite or marble by forgery. This lining will look very noble and give the room a chic look.

Toilet in shades of gray Tiles on the bottom of the wall Tiles for decoration of the walls in the bathroom Blue tiles in the bathroom

By choosing the color of the coating wall plumbing, can complete a distinct composition. A variety of plumbing shades will help you find the optimal combination. An interesting use of the toilet bowl may be of tempered glass in combination with glass blocks. Such a decorative element, like glass blocks perfectly in tune with the tile and will vary monophonic coating walls.

Imitation brick on the walls of the toilet Gray tiles on the walls of the toilet Blue tiles in the toilet Colored tiles in the bathroom

For wall and floor tiles can be used the same type of tile. In this case, you need to choose the model that will eliminate this slipping on the floor. To a large extent it depends on the texture of the upper layer. Glossy species do not provide the necessary adhesion to the surface of the soles of shoes. The most suitable models are those where the rough surface allows confidently stand on their feet.

Unusual tiles in the bathroom Imitation stone in the bathroom The glossy surface of the tiles in the bathroom Tiles imitating natural stone

Mosaic tile in the toilet

Despite the hundreds of years that have passed since the mosaic of the invention, the method is still the original device in the interior. The possibility of such a coating limitless. Among its advantages, in addition to the characteristics typical of ceramic tiles, there is also the possibility of facing uneven surfaces. Thus using mosaic can decorate the toilet pipes, bends plumbing arch or curbstone.

Mosaic of small red parts Mosaic of small rectangular parts

Using this technique, interior design, you can create all sorts of patterns suitable for the subject and tone for the toilet. The proximity of the water makes it appropriate to putting some small pieces with the help of sea waves or waterfalls. You can use individual components to create your own image, or purchase ready-made panels already pre-coated with a picture.

Mosaic on the perimeter of the toilet Mosaic in shades of gray White tiles for the bathroom

Mosaic can be used only on one wall or on its site. Thus, you get eye-catching composition, which will be the central element in the interior. It can be a picture of the plot, or just ornament. In addition to ceramics for mosaics can be used pieces of natural granite, marble, glass, plastic or even metal. All these materials will be processed at the competent manifest itself perfectly in these circumstances.

Mosaic on the wall of the toilet Section of the wall, lined with mosaics A small portion of the mosaic on the bathroom wall

To tile on the walls of the toilet looked naturally enough orchestrate such facecoat with the other elements of the situation. When the color balance and compatibility is achieved, the room will become an attractive appearance. At the same time coverage practicality remain high urovne.m