flooring - an important element of the interior, not only from an aesthetic point of view. Reliable floors provide soundproofing, warmth and comfort. Flooring - this is one of the main lines of any repair.

What flooring to choose from a variety of promotional offers?

Try to understand. The first thing that determines the choice of &# 8212; This manufacturing material: artificial and natural isolated flooring. The first group is linoleum, tiles, self-leveling floors. To include natural flooring of wooden boards, parquet, natural stone floors. It is necessary to take into account where we choose flooring. The floor covering should be functional.

The second thing that will help in a difficult decision, floor coverings are divided into types depending on the method of dividing the components of floor elements. Floor coverings with artificial articulation - floor tiles, laminate flooring, flagstone, wooden boards, parquet. Rolled floor coverings - carpet, linoleum. Flooring monoliths - cast floors made of polymeric materials.

 Consider the most popular types of flooring:

Linoleum or it has been in almost every apartment or house. There are two types of linoleum: heterogeneous and homogeneous commercial and household linoleum on nonwoven or foam basis. For the basics of heterogeneous linoleum using felt, PVC, polyester, jute. Such linoleum has a greater range and is available in rolls 2, 3 and 4 meters wide. Homogeneous - 2, 3 meters, it has a uniform structure without a base.


The advantages of linoleum are:

  • Versatility. Fit and the kitchen, and into the room.
  • Color and stylistic diversity.
  • Unpretentiousness. It lends itself to wet and dry cleaning. For laying linoleum is not necessarily perfectly align the floor.
  • It does not require high finance costs, time and effort.
  • Commercial type of linoleum is very resistant to damage, friction.

Disadvantages of linoleum:

  • Do not like direct sunlight, can burn.
  • At very low temperatures - crack.
  • At the household can remain linoleum dents from heavy furniture, ruptures and lesions may be formed thereon.

Despite the simplicity of linoleum, and it can be a deal-breaker if you do not follow the basic advice: Do not use on shrinkage PVA or bustilat, special glue applied to the linoleum only at the interface, to lay only on the treated cement screed.

Laminate - a popular and stylish floor covering. In fact, it is multi-layer boards. The main layer of the laminate is made of particleboard or fiberboard.


laminate Advantages:

  • Does not fade, it has a beautiful appearance.
  • It does not stick dirt, easy cleaning.
  • You do not need to be varnished, sanded.
  • It has a large assortment.
  • Wide price range allows you to choose a budget option.


  • You have to be careful with water - laminate is deformed by excess moisture.
  • Cheap laminate is short-lived.

Ceramic tile - sufficiently practical and modern floor covering. To tile advantages include water resistance, decorative, longevity, relevance, a huge selection of colors and styles. The disadvantages - a tile is not universal and will fit more into the kitchen and in the bathroom than the bedroom; Tiles can crack from a strong blow, cold to the touch. Recommended professional tiling.


Parquet floor, massive wood floor boards, the floor of the composing elements - one of the oldest types of flooring. Always stylish and relevant. Its main advantage - environmentally friendly. Wooden flooring is durable, highly resistant to deformation. However, such a floor covering requires very little maintenance. More suitable for classical interior.


Floors made of natural stone. Appropriate in the hallway, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, without having to install a "warm floor" made of natural stone floors quite cold system. The main drawback - the high cost. These floors are in the lead in the resistance to wear - not deformed, tolerate moisture and light.

stone floor

carpeting - a pleasant and comfortable floor covering. The advantages include: good sound insulation properties, a variety of colors and textures, will not crack and will not break if dropped heavy objects on it. The disadvantage of this coating - complexity care. Any spot will have to display special tools, so it is unlikely you can put carpet in the kitchen or hallway.


Self-leveling floor made of polymers - the most modern and actual floors. It does not require a good floor screed base, because they themselves are aligned due to its liquid texture - liquid polymers fill any unevenness and obtain a perfect, beautiful, smooth surface. Modern technology makes it possible to obtain self-leveling floor of any color and texture. Such floor water resistance and reliable. Disadvantages: high-quality self-leveling floor quite expensive, cheap floor fillers may turn yellow when exposed to direct sunlight.

self-leveling floor

Floor of wooden planks - warm, eco-friendly and beautiful. Properly laid on the joists plank, without gaps and fasteners gvozdyami, undyed and coated with wax or a special varnish - it is one of the best options. Advantages: the use of natural, expensive lumber with a beautiful pattern and color of the wood, a natural gap for ventilation due to the height of lags, warm and pleasant surface sanded boards. The disadvantages are - if the formation of floorboards nedosushennye or vice versa, occurs deformation or cracks appear, requires constant maintenance.

Wooden floor

glass floors - very trendy and exotic flooring knee glass of great thickness. They are made in the form of inserts in the base web or other solid coating. Drawing of the floor can be monotonous, ornamental, landscapes and paintings and 3D effect. The advantages can be called - the environment, high aesthetics, style, and the shortcomings - the slippery coating, could cause injury.

glass floor

Technology to quickly run forward and give us new proposals. Fashion, too, is not far behind. When choosing a floor think that it is not for one day, and, most importantly, enjoy sex if your feet?