Computers are so firmly established in our lives, not only for office, but also became home interiors in many ways to form "around" a variety of technical devices and gadgets. Having multiple computers (or their analogues) became commonplace in Russian families. In this situation, the attributes required to work with computers that need to be particularly careful approach to the choice. If we talk about the choice of the necessary furniture to create a workplace in the office, the staff are rarely involved in the purchase of certain devices, but the responsibility for the selection of furniture for home use lies entirely on the host home. In this article we will talk about how to choose the right computer chair that will not only meet the basic principles of ergonomics, but also organically fit into the existing interior.

Pair of modern chairs for the workplace

Equipment cabinet

Criteria for choosing computer chairs for home use

The main criterion for the selection of computer chairs for home use is the duration of the use of a technical device. Someone holds the monitor for half an hour a day, checking e-mails before going to sleep, and others - are working full time as a freelancer. It is obvious that the level of requirements for the piece of furniture, in both cases will be different. Let's take a closer look at options for use of different models of computer chairs in terms of the amount of time spent.

The original steam

Cabinet in the bedroom

With snow-white upholstery

minimum load

If you plan to purchase the chair for a household that spends on the computer no more than one or two hours a day in the aggregate, the requirements for such a piece of furniture will be low. In order to check e-mail or a short time to sit in social networks and fairly easy chair with a backrest or a small chair in keeping with the rest of upholstered furniture.

Modern design

swivel chairs

Armchair with bright upholstery

"Chipenddeyl" for minimum load is quite suitable conventional office chair with a minimum of features and options or just a handy model. When selecting this piece of furniture can safely pay great attention to the design, to create a harmonious atmosphere of the room.

Original design solution

Chairs without adjustment options

concise solution

The average duration of work at the computer

If a person spends on the computer for two to five hours a day in the aggregate, the minimum set of criteria for the selection of furniture can not do. Armchair for medium loads (duration of use) must have the following settings:

  • adjustable seat height and backrest;
  • possibility of changing the back angle;
  • ability to seat depth adjustment;
  • portability of the assembly.

Comfortable and ergonomic model

classical solution

Ergonomics and style

Obviously, the chair for the person conducting the computer desk for 3-4 hours a day (it does not matter &# 8212; it works or is engaged in other things, looking at the screen), must be mobile, equipped with wheels.

Cabinet in the living room

Workplace for two

Comfortable small armchairs

In the chair for medium load duration backrest must have an orthopedic form, ie repeating curves of the spine. Visually, this back is easy to determine - in the area of ​​the waist design fits snugly to the body, providing maximum support, "unloading" of the spine muscles.

Chair for continuous operation

A pair of ergonomic chairs

The white colors

Most modern models with orthopedic elements used Upholstered upholstery - on a rigid frame tensioned technical fabric (or a substitute), and in the lumbar region, an additional supporting strip.

A pair of white models

ergonomic curves

ventilated frame

Full-time jobs at home

If you spend at the computer more than five hours per day, ie, workplace for you is so in the truest sense of the word, the conventional height adjustment of the seat and the backrest can not be without. High level of comfort and ergonomics of computer chairs implies synchronous change position depending on the posture of a seated person. Convenient, safe and comfortable chair should "adjust" under you. Often, these models are equipped with armrests and even a footrest.

Armchair for home office

Pair jobs

ergonomic chair

On sale there are many improved models, capable of fully adapt to the particular person bends. For people suffering from these or other diseases of the spine, the high cost of the ergonomic chair will not be a hindrance to the arrangement of the ideal working place at home.

The interior of the cabinet

Chair with lots of options

modern office

The choice of chairs to use as part of the workplace affects its immediate location. Will there be a chair to stand in the office or the bedroom, children's room or in utilitarian space? Place of deployment will influence not only the choice of furniture design of the object, but also the color, texture making upholstery, style and material fulfillment of the basic elements.

Cabinet in beige tones

Dark chair in a bright office

Built workplace

We would like to mention the last but not the least important criteria for selecting the chair for a complete job at home - the number of households that will work at the computer. If the chair will be to use two or more people, the option of height adjustment of the seat and backrest are a prerequisite.

Bright computer chair

Modern design

Cabinet with a touch of luxury

Variety of chairs, design and compliance with the interior space

Considering not to stop buying interest in computer chairs, manufacturers are constantly expanding range of models, offering us a variety not only in the color and texture solutions, the number of options and features of structures, but also the originality of execution.

Chair for the home workshop

Chair with a snow-white upholstery

One of the most popular models, clearly pointing to the interior of respectability, is the model with leather upholstery. In a separate room equipped as an office or in the living room with a working area, a leather chair looks luxurious, bringing notes of room design comfort and chic. Often these computer chairs have a very impressive size, equipped with armrests and head restraints (some models have additional removable footrest).

Luxury leather armchair

Office in shades of gray

The spacious work area

Wood and leather interior in office

Chair, which will serve as part of furnishing a child's room should be not only ergonomic, but also practical. Adjusting the height of the backrest and seat is required. But one should also not forget about the requirements for the upholstery of seats - hygroscopic fabric, breathable and quickly absorbs moisture. Range of colorful, original and interesting solutions in textile design computer chair incredibly wide for children's rooms.

The chair in the room of a teenager

Chair for the girl's bedroom

Chairs with plastic seats and backs look stylish and modern, but is only suitable for non-durable stay at your desk. These models usually have only the option to adjust the seat height position.

The transparent plastic seat

Bright chair with plastic seat

Models with so-called "mesh" structure backrests and seat designs allow testing maximum ventilation air, which can not favorably affect the performance of the chair.

Armchairs with ventilated seats and backs

Original and practical design

Bright and unusual design

Long gone are the days when the market can find a computer chair was executed in the so-called office style. Manufacturers are well aware that equipping homes with computers, decorated in completely different styles inevitable, and the creation of a broad line of models is becoming a priority. At the present time it will not be difficult to find a computer chair that is organically fit into the classical style of the premises or any of the variations in country-style.

Country style

And finally,

A few tips for choosing the seats to equip the workplace. In addition to the ergonomic requirements listed above to the chair, being in front of the furniture store a wide range of models, it is necessary to remember a few simple rules:

  • chair should have a hygroscopic upholstery perfectly absorbs moisture and does not allow the human body to stick to the seat surface, even in hot weather (for children's rooms, experts recommend purchase separately textile covers for the back and seat computer chairs that not only look original and stylish, but also easy to erased at home);
  • the headrest should support the head only slightly, without straining your neck muscles (better check this option in person);
  • armrests should be adjustable in height and spreading;
  • on the back of the chair, you can feel and even visually observe special thickening and special lanes, which are designed to evenly distribute the load on the spine, relaxing the muscles;
  • at the seat can also be seen thickening - on the edges. This is done to ensure that the person sitting in the chair do not slide forward;
  • thanks to ergonomic distribution of the filler in the seat and the backrest, on the muscle load is reduced, thus there is no pinching of blood vessels in the legs, often provoking various vascular diseases;
  • Some models are equipped with built-in massager or mechanism capable to simulate the rocking chair;
  • obvious that the adjustment of different levels position seats and backs in modern work chairs impossible without special mechanisms (gaslift or gas lift), the action of these devices is also necessary to check in practice;
  • before you buy be sure to check the maximum permissible weight for a particular model of the chair.

Dark chair in a room with bright furniture

Light armchair in a combined room