The color combination is one of the primary factors that affect the sense of humans. This is especially important for those rooms where the bulk of the time. Approach to the design of living rooms should be particularly strict. Decisions are taken in terms of color schemes, have pondered still in the initial stages of construction works.

Dark floor and light green wall Dark floor in the bedroom

The combination of colors of flooring to the walls can become fundamental in the general mood, which creates one or another room. The contrast of dark and light creates optical changes of space. To use this feature properly, you need to take into account some specific qualities of color combinations.

Room with fireplace and dark floors Large room with dark floors

The specific use of a dark floor for rooms

Dark flooring is by far the most common in living rooms and on the premises for other purposes. To create a contrast, the first step should be exactly the dark floor. This is the most appropriate background for further processing room.

It is believed that this method narrows the space, but it can be eliminated by using light colors in other decor elements. In addition, dark flooring associated with the ground under their feet, and therefore seems the most natural.

A fireplace with a dark floor White sofas on the dark floor Dining room with dark floor

If the flooring is chosen brown color, we can see its complex composition. In different light shade of brown, each appears in a new form. That's why he is in harmony with many other shades of different colors. It is a versatile choice. It is suitable for any style, as based on a dark brown floor, you can create as a classic surroundings, and arrange the room in a minimalist style. Particularly impressive against the dark floor browns will look rustic furniture in country style.

Dark gray flooring also gained immense popularity among designers. Such flooring looks elegant and refined, creating an atmosphere of comfort and peace. A huge palette of colors, in harmony with the dark gray floor makes a versatile space for any purpose.

White rug on a dark floor White bathroom

Shades of dark red and dark orange is also suitable for flooring. Color cherry or merbau will make the atmosphere of the room warm and cozy. At the same time in such a room would look good shades of yellow, brown and green.

Very stylish look black floors. Such elegance and sophistication characteristic only of this color. In smaller rooms, black floors can create a gloomy atmosphere and reduce the space. If you wish to lay a subfloor is very large, all the other parts of the room should be bright. Then be able to avoid the negative manifestations of black.

White Room and temnyypol

Besides plain floor decking can be used and combination of elements of dark shades. Parquet floor, tile or mosaic will create a unique pattern, while retaining the darker color of the floor.

In the dark floor, there is one drawback - it is clearly visible dust. If the room with a light floor are small pollution will not be visible, the owners of the dark flooring will have a much more frequent wet cleaning.

dark floor in two levels Bright room with dark floors

Features of using light walls

The white walls - is a universal solution for any room. The indisputable advantages of using light many shades:

  1. visual extension of the space;
  2. a feeling of cleanliness and sterility;
  3. possibility of any material;
  4. exceptional compatibility with other colors;
  5. the possibility of applying to the design project of any style, and more.

Dark floor in the kitchen Dark flooring in the bedroom

Mainly, of course, it is the ability of bright colors to create the illusion of spaciousness. Small rooms can be subjected to necessary correction using light walls and white ceiling.

White walls can be done with paint, wallpaper, plaster, tiles and other methods. This factor allows to choose the finishing material based on the desires and financial capabilities. Also walls can have any texture, while remaining light. Many materials allow very effectively formalize the surface without the need for additional elements of the decor.

White sofas on the dark floor

The disadvantage is their light walls soiled. The solution is the selection of materials that are not afraid of cleaning. Many wallpaper and paint can withstand even the impact of chemical detergents. Therefore, in rooms with a high risk of pollution should be used just such materials.

Properties contrasting combination of floor and walls in the interior

The combination of light and dark floor walls is classical and can be used for any purpose. The main effect of this neighborhood becomes a pronounced expansion of the premises. If the room is bright, the ceiling, the necessary feeling of space will be easily achieved. In combination with a dark ceiling this effect is difficult to achieve.

Combination with a dark floor in the bedroom White glossy bar cozy dining room

Additional expansion of space can be achieved by using dark laminate with a certain pattern. It must be made of elements with grooves shaped «V». Locate the pattern follows the long walls. Another secret of increasing the visual area of ​​the floor with a dark coating, it is the design of its skirting of the same hue.

Tandem dark floor flooring and white walls can be considered the most versatile. Here the designer imagination knows no boundaries. Practicality dark floor is compensated by illumination of white surfaces.

Dining room with dark furniture and the floor

Despite the classic combination of dark and light, the room design can include extravagant elements. Ethnic motifs recently very relevant. They can dilute the monotony of finishing office premises. Furniture in the style Chebbi-chic too great flow into a bedroom with a dark floor and white walls. It is difficult to find an element that does not fit in this room.

White columns and dark floor

Particularly useful is a combination of colors, if the final decision on the future image of the room is still pending. In the process of registration of any possible changes, and the final result will not be affected.