The impressive scale of the cottage or private home ownership gives you much more room for creativity and realization of their own ideas rather than usual apartment. But with great potential comes no less responsible, because anyone with a spacious dwelling expects to receive hard multifunctional space that can satisfy all the needs of the household, but to find the embodiment of family traditions and the features in the interior an attractive and practical home. Modern family home should be easy comfortable, filled with warmth and comfort a pleasant setting, it must meet all the requirements of a progressive man, reflecting his inner understanding of beauty and comfort. Of course, to obtain the desired result, there are many ways and challenge every cottage owner found a unique way to design the home, which is convenient, comfortable and fun to every family member.

Interior living room in cottage

One of the most simple, fast and effective way to achieve the desired result - a request for help in the creation of design interior design of the cottage to the professionals. Pick up a harmonious arrangement of all facilities of a private house, take the right color, textural and decorative solutions to create a comfortable and beautiful environment, experts in their field will be for a short time, while being in close cooperation with the owners of the home, reflecting the interior it is their vision of aesthetics. But it is obvious to everyone that this path to achieve a harmonious and aesthetic design of private home ownership entails considerable additional costs.

Living room with fireplace

For those who would like to save money on creation of design for the entire cottage, you can offer a treatment option for professionals to create the interior of one room only. For example, after completion of the project the biggest cottage rooms (most often it is a living, often representing the studio, including a kitchen and a dining area), you can create an environment remaining spaces by analogy. Of course, for the continuation of the path created by the designer, you must have a certain flair for color combinations, the choice of furniture and the use of accents in the given situation. But given that the equipped premises with the help of designers, will reflect your understanding of functionality, comfort and beauty, this task is doable, though will require more time and effort for making design decisions of the diversified profile.

Living with a snow-white finish

And the last option in the creation of interior decoration cottage - self-drafting. Everyone who has ever done repair at least in the same room, understand that the amount of money, time, effort and maybe spent nerves need to be squared when planning the interior of a home ownership. But this task is as difficult as it is interesting. Incredible feeling of joy and happiness of the result can obscure the scale of wasted resources. We wish you success in achieving the goals and we hope that we have chosen interesting projects sprinkler-room cottages can help you in search of inspiration, original designs and skillful techniques to create a truly unique, comfortable and functional environment of your home.

Modern but cozy interior

The first floor of the cottage - a modern interpretation of the studio

In modern cottages are very often used in the layout of the first floor as the so-called studio. The spacious room combines the functions of a spacious living room, a multi-tasking kitchen and comfortable dining area. Sometimes these spaces are adjacent to the entrance hall or hall without any filler elements, increasing the number of functional segments entire first floor space. Long gone are the days when the studio can only be seen as a way of arrangement of urban housing, in apartments of new planning or converted residential spaces with remote partitions. The principle of using an open-plan in the preparation of functional areas within the location pattern of one large room attracts both apartment owners and owners of private houses, country houses. The absence of partitions and doors between the zones can not only save space and freedom of movement between segments of the home, but also to create a truly harmonious interior multifunctional room.

open plan

combined room

At arrangement of the room, open-plan, there are several ways of finishing the interior, selection of furniture and its placement, as well as decorating the space and create accents. One of the design options - the use of a single decoration in all segments, preserving the overall color palette and the use of accents in the furniture and decor for a conditional zoning. This is one of the easiest ways to maintain a harmonious environment that allows you to save at the same time the individuality of each segment of the large room.

Kitchen-dining-living room

Planning a spacious room

The main element of the creation of conditional zoning &# 8212; furnishings. Setting the sofa, or arranging two elements against each other, you are quite clearly delineated boundaries of recreational areas. You can highlight a living segment not only with a soft furniture with colorful upholstery, but also conditionally outline plot with the help of the carpet. The same happens in the very dining segment - dining group, consisting of TNT and chairs, it becomes a kind of an island and the only ensemble area for meals. With the "sort out" the kitchen segment is also easy. Typically, the kitchen is integrated into one of the corners of the room and can take as the entire length of the wall, and part of it. Some bands are complemented kitchen island to increase the storage and work surfaces. But if placed here as a dining area - you decide. Modern high-drawing lead to the presence of the cooking zone is practically imperceptible from the viewpoint of odors and fumes spread to other functional segments of the first floor space.

Neo-classical in the living room

contrast interior

conditional zoning

Another important element of the arrangement of the room, open-plan is a system of lighting. On the one hand the use of various artificial light sources in each zone allows to create the desired light level, dependent on the presence of windows. On the other hand - we get the conditional zoning, allowing the lighting equipment to become raisins each segment individually and the entire space as a whole.

Zoning by a lighting system

The open plan ground floor

Examples of drawing rooms in a private home ownership

Living room

Ideally, the planning of the internal arrangement of the cottage, especially its performance should be considered at the stage of development of the construction plan. It is not only the location of walls, windows and doors affect the situation in the house, it is important to consider these elements of the interior, like the fireplace in the living room, for example. But it does not always work to take into account the nuances in the construction stage of the building, besides some buy ready-made cottage with its architectural features. But this is not always a reason for abandoning their dreams and translate into reality the ideas of beauty and comfort of the home. The same can build a fireplace without a chimney, buying an electrical appliance and embedding it in a niche decorated with natural stone. The ability to use advanced technology, household appliances, and advanced finishing materials to create a warm and cozy atmosphere - incredibly valuable asset in today's realities.

The modern style of the living room

The original design

plan living

Living room with white trim

unusual fire

Most owners prefer cottages private home ownership flats just for the opportunity to not restrict their desires in the regeneration of the home. Spacious rooms, large windows, the possibility of redevelopment without the consent of certain authorities - all this gives an incredible space to create a truly unique, atypical interior of the main room in the house - the living room. Many of us associate the appearance of the main room the family nest to the presence of fire. Inside the living room fireplace is often the focal point around which is built the whole interior concept. Hearth are settling storage, but instead set upholstered furniture to allow comfortable viewing of the dancing flames. Roomy sofas, comfortable armchairs and a coffee table or a constant compact ottoman as an island - which has become a traditional layout of rest in the living room area.

Fireplace as a focal point

Style loft for cottage

Living room with fireplace

Living in a cozy cottage

For our ancient ancestors presence of a fireplace in the living room was far from the decorative part of the situation room. The required heat source does not always serve as the focal center of the interior. With the advent of heating systems need to foci disappeared, and there was another important element of the interior living room - TV. Today there is no need to choose between a fireplace and a video area - combine two source of emotion and warmth in one functional segment. Addressed to this area furniture will perform several functions.

The bright palette

Fireplace - an important attribute of the living room

hidden TV

The original design of the fireplace

The bright living room is always in trend. No matter how big your room was not, there will always be suitable for the interior of pastel shades that can give elegance of even the most trivial circumstances. When using light-colored finishes and pastel tones in the design of furniture, the responsibility for creating color accents rests with the decor, most of the wall. The advantage of living in a spacious room that you can not limit myself to choose the size of the paintings and family portraits, original panels, and even tapestries.

Living in pastel colors

The original decor

In a marine style

Unusual window openings

In modern living in an accent wall video zone is most often used. Around the developing are television storage systems, which may be as open racks, and combined modules with different types of cabinets. Against the background of a bright living room decoration colorful wood by storage looks particularly impressive.

Video zone as accent walls

The striking use of wood

Storage systems around the TV

The spacious rooms are no restrictions in the choice of color palette. All those who prefer dark, deep shades or bright colors as accents, colorful prints, or large images on textiles - can unleash the imagination. For example, bright upholstered furniture on a background of colorful color design finish - a combination that is standard apartments simply can not afford.

bright furniture unusual design

bright details

The living room is decorated in a chalet style - ideal for the cottage, which is located outside the city. Alpine style lodges became closer and to our compatriots after a busy visit ski resorts. Resettlement housing, which is subordinated to the entire interior attached to the natural environment, easy pleasure, but also will be relevant for years to come. Obviously, for the registration of a living room in a chalet style, it is necessary that the cottage itself was carried out taking into account the characteristics of the structure and design of buildings in the alpine topics. High ceilings, large windows, wooden beams, stone walls, required a large fireplace, various furniture, carpeting with high pile (you can use imitation animal skins), large chandeliers, wrought-iron and wooden decor - all the style of a chalet.

Living in a chalet-style

Stonework around the fireplace

Space and large windows

Registration of a country house

Kitchen and dining area

In today's cabin with a large area can be more than one cooking area location and segment for meals:

  • kitchen and dining area are part of the same act with a large living space;
  • dining room can be a part of the living room and the kitchen is located in an isolated room, but located nearby;
  • dining room is located in a separate room.

Accent and dining area

The original dining group

In the space of the living room

Kitchen and dining room in one room

Depending on what type of plan suits the owners of the cottage, and the selected method of processing space. Here is an example allocation dining area of ​​the total space via a connecting septum, wherein sided fireplace is located. This is a convenient way to create borders for those who need one hand to ensure the privacy of the recreation area of ​​the table segment, and thus the possibility to organize the monitoring of the fire in the two functional segments.

Dining room with fireplace

double-sided fireplace

In the dining room, located in a separate room can be difficult to arrange a comfortable place for a meal, but also a room for receiving guests with a dinner or a dinner party. Luxury spacious desk, comfortable chairs with backs or mini-chairs, rich chandelier with lots of decorative elements of the dining area, the carpet on the floor and blackout curtains on Konakh - the atmosphere comfortable family nest achieved!

The dining room in the traditional style

Neo-classic rooms

One of the clear advantages of owning a cottage - an opportunity not to count every square meter in the planning of interior decoration. For such an important and multi-functional areas, like the kitchen, this advantage becomes a key factor when choosing a plan furniture ensemble and additions to it. In addition to the possibility of using a large amount of storage, built-in appliances and work surfaces, the owners of private houses have a much greater choice of colors. If modest in size kitchen perform better in bright palette, for the segment of cooking in a big house, all limited only by your imagination and the perception of beauty and functionality. Impressive look dark facades of kitchen cabinets on a background of bright finish, combined with gloss stainless steel appliances and chrome finish fittings.

Dark facades of kitchen cabinets

The kitchen in the cottage

The snow-white kitchen will never go out of style, wherever it was - in a city apartment or a country house. The versatility of the light palette that use white as the interior of the foundations can be in virtually any style of design space. In the end, you still get light, almost weightless image of the room in which will be comfortable for all family members.

Kitchen in bright colors

Bright accents on a white background

white facades

Kitchen in white

Entrance hall, lounge and corridors

The first room, which meets each incoming in house - hallway. In many ways, the first impression of the home, its features and the character develops in the first minutes spent in the spacious lobby and a small hallway. If we talk about the possibilities of the original arrangement of the hallways in the model homes do not have to (there are usually even just two people break up hard), then in a private house to issue utility room with a twist is not easy really, and even necessary.

unusual hall

The original approach

The snow-white hallway

For registration of auxiliary spaces such as the foyer and hallways, stairs imposes design print (because most of cottages have more than one floor). Typically, a ladder structure, the material of its performance and features of the construction is planned at the construction stage. But to choose the ladder design is already in the ready room. Wooden or metal, composite, march or screw, modest or luxurious - interior spaces around the stairs is inevitable "adjusted" under the design of the building.

Staircase with glass protection

glass surfaces

Gallery near the stairs

Even ordinary corridors in spacious cottages are able to perform several functions - not only facilitate the movement from one room to another, but also to become a gallery for the exhibition of artwork and family photos, the basis for the placement of roomy storage or exhibition of collectibles.

White corridor storage

Glass and wood

The unusual design of the auxiliary premises

original finish


When planning the construction of a cottage, as a rule, are assigned a sufficiently large area for utilitarian buildings. As a result, owners do not need to count every square centimeter of useful bathroom space, solve the dilemma about how to install the shower or bath, choose between a double and a single sink, limit yourself to the number of storage systems for all kinds of bathroom accessories. The bathroom is located in a private house does not need to allocate space for a washing machine. Typically, in the basement (or basement) room everything is possible with a full laundry washing areas, drying, sorting and ironing. As a result, the owners quite limited in the choice of interior design style bathroom.

Bathroom interior

dark design

unusual plumber

bright interior

In the classic style