hallway &# 8212; This is the first room that catches the eye after entering the apartment. Although it is less functional than the bedroom or kitchen, but that it influences the first impression guests of the house. That is why it is so important to create a pleasant atmosphere that from the first minute to lift the mood and create a positive impression about your home and hospitality.


Walling best fit vinyl wallpaper. Nice look and wallpaper for painting, because they have good moisture resistance and are easy to clean, which is important. After all the walls in the hallway are spoiled more than in other rooms. Recently fashionable to use decorative plaster and stone cladding that gives the room mysterious medieval style. It should be remembered that in the hallway there are no windows, and full coverage will depend on the fixtures and lamps. Therefore, it is advisable not to choose too dark decoration materials, as they not only create a gloomy atmosphere, but visually reduces the room. The design and decor hallway Design hallway photo The design of the hall Construction of the hall in the photo Construction of the hall Ideas for anteroom Variants of arrangement hallway photo Variants of the hall arrangement Ideas arrangement hallway photo Ideas hall arrangement

Floor and ceiling

As a floor covering do not use carpets or "mats", because the dirt from the street in the first place falls into the hallway. The best choice for flooring linoleum is: it is easy to clean, water is not a problem, and leave scratches virtually impossible for him. In any case, it will serve you for a long time. Good, but more expensive solution is to laminate a water-resistant: the material is sufficiently durable, easy to maintain and able to fit in any room. You can, of course, be used for flooring tiles, but because of its fragility it will require frequent replacement. What about the ceiling, it is best suited hallway glossy stretch ceilings, because they have a mirror effect, which will help to visually enlarge the room. Just looks good multilevel plasterboard ceiling with spotlights. The lamp in the hallway The lighting in the hallway Lockers in the hallway Lockers in the hallway en photo The walls in the hallway The walls in the hallway photo Shelves in the hallway The design of the hall daylight Fluorescent lighting in the photo

Furniture and Lighting

Choosing furniture in the hallway is necessary to adapt to the interior of the house. The main and essential furniture in the hallway is a wardrobe. Selection of the cabinet &# 8212; the process is quite complicated, because sometimes the size of the hall, we do not allow to run wild imagination and install a large multifunctional wardrobe. If the closet is not mirrored doors, you should find a place for a mirror, as it will increase the amount of space and is a mandatory attribute of a hallway. It is also necessary to take care of the presence in the hall of a small chair, ottoman or decorative benches, it is far easier to remove and dress shoes sitting, right? Another important aspect is the lighting. The lack of windows makes this room dark, so lighting should be at the proper level. Better certainly ceiling light, for example, spotlights. Proper placement of lighting fixtures can visually increase the size of your hallway. How to equip the hall How to equip the hall in the photo Ideas for the walls in the hallway bright hallway Decorating hallway The lighting in the hallway Lockers in the hallway Lockers in the hallway on the photo hallway ideas hallway ideas on photo


  1. be sure to take care of the presence of a mirror and a stool;
  2. depending on the size of the room, you can choose as a wardrobe and coat rack with shelves;
  3. correct lighting can transform and animate the room;
  4. hall collects any dust and dirt from outside, so the floor covering must be durable and resistant to wet cleaning.

Here, perhaps, and all recommendations for the arrangement of the hall.