If you plan to repairs in the apartment with an area not exceeding 45 square meters. m if scratching their heads over how to accommodate all the functional areas necessary for the normal rate and at the same time to create a cozy and comfortable environment, the next design project of a German apartment can serve as inspiration for you. Strict and laconic forms, plain colors and simple models of furniture can be transformed, if you add in a bit of creative design of rooms - bright accents, interesting wall decor and original design ideas. Together, let us look at how the German owners of apartments of modest size, together with the designer, managed to arrange accommodation in a contemporary style with a creative approach to decorating.

Plan apartments in Germany

If your apartment can not boast of a large area, and the need to build a full bedroom, allocate a separate room for the bathroom, do not forget about the living room and space for dining - the task is not easy in front of you. Obviously, any arrangement of functional segments of your home will assume monochromatic finish. For a modest-sized rooms is better to abandon the wallpaper with prints and focus on bright colors, so you are not only visually expand a modest space, but also to prepare the perfect backdrop for wall decorations.

Solid-color walls German apartment

But this does not mean that you will not have room for the integration of emphasis in the interior of the premises with the help of finishing. Firstly, it is possible to use more bright colors for decoration accent walls. Secondly, there are accents and texture. It is to this designer reception and German designers have resorted apartment - brickwork, painted in white tone as a textured accent. Thus, apartments design acquires a certain brutality, the echoes of the industrial style allows you to create an original background for the works of art that will decorate the walls and bring a variety of colors in the interior.

Brick wall as a textured accent

Consider the way in which the owners of apartments in Germany managed to put on a couple dozen square meters of living room, dining room and kitchen. Kitchen space is separated from the main room by a screen-wall that serves as the foundation for built kitchen units. The second part of the furniture ensemble with household appliances, work surfaces and storage systems arranged in parallel.

multifunctional space

Snow-white execution of kitchen fronts - the most desirable option for the functional area in which there is no natural light. Snow-white idyll spread not only on the color of the headset, built from floor to ceiling, but also for home appliances and kitchen accessories.

The kitchen area in a gray-white palette

After the white-grays look requires brightness of kitchen space and dining area in the plan meets all expectations. Colorful group of bright dining table and chairs of different colors can raise not only mood but also your appetite.

Bright dining area

Between the dining and living area is open plan that allows not only to preserve the freedom of movement between the functional segments, but also to let the room is filled with light from two large windows, which is essential for rooms modest quadrature.

Colorful dining group

Soft lounge area presents a simple and concise furniture, but not without at the same time cozy comfort and obvious functionality. Upholstery in shades of gray does not attract attention, but incredibly practical and goes well with any additional elements of the interior - lighting fixtures, wall and floor decoration, table-stand.

The living area in gray tones

Great idea for the living room of modest size - built open shelves for books and small things, as an alternative to larger enclosures that have a very solid appearance. Snow-white execution bookshelves makes it virtually weightless design visually gives all manner of rooms are bright, light and friendly tone.

The snow-white bookcase

In the room all the bedrooms as simply and succinctly - a snow-white finish, a minimum of furniture, mainly wall decor. And again as a designer accent wall at the head of the bed offers the option of a whitewashed brick wall. A small room seem more spacious because of the bright finish and natural light coming from the large windows.

Bedroom in white colors

A small built-in storage system in a wardrobe - perfect for apartments of modest size, where there is no possibility of providing a separate room under the dressing room and even in the bedroom space is not possible to place the zoning for the storage of clothes and daily selection of the image.

Built-in wardrobe

Near the bedrooms located bathroom, the interior of which is interesting not only from the point of view of the original shape of the room and sanitary ware unusual location, but also to choose color solutions. The white walls of the utilitarian premises effectively diluted bright accent - scarlet color registration wall above the bathtub.

The contrast in the white bathroom

Inside the bathroom, where literally no one free square centimeter, visually expand the space will not only white color finish, but mirrored surfaces without frames.

Scarlet wall above the bath