If you are the owner of a country cottage or a private house, located in the city, you know perfectly well - in the sector of your home is not an end. A lot of time, effort and money spent on effective and beautiful design adjacent to the home territory. Currently, the landscaping heard even in the most remote villages. But not all of our fellow citizens would agree that it is time to flower beds, divided over the infield, he passed, giving way to the alpine slides, fountains and artificial ponds in an oriental style.

A wooden platform with a canopy

roofed relaxation area

Most of the owners of private houses (in the city and beyond) option is selected decoration adjacent to the home territory, but with a functional overtones. To your work translated into a harmonious, beautiful and practical landscape design that will delight you and your family all year round, to approach the planning must be taken seriously. Fortunately, the information on this topic is now more than enough. Arrange a private area, you can with a minimum of financial outlay, but the time and effort spent will have to work. To maintain the beauty of your site will need to find an opportunity, and to pay attention to the plants, buildings, bodies of water and even garden furniture.


The original design

Plan beauty of the yard

The yard around the city a private home or a country cottage - it's the surrounding area that meets not only the hosts after a hard day (or week, in the case of suburban possessions), but also their guests. It is safe to say that the impression of homeowners already beginning to take shape at first glance at the design of the infield or yard.

smooth line

Wooden garden furniture

Before you start planning for landscape design, decide which means "beautiful backyard" for you? How would you like it to be, it important for you to impress the neighbors and visitors to the splendor of the court of registration or at the forefront you put practicality and convenience? What is your way of life, do you have children and pets, there are going to frequent guests at the barbecue and barbecue, there are evening meetings in the open air? In many ways, the answers to these questions depends on a set of "scenery" of your private courtyard. Given the early stage of planning a lot of nuances further use your site, you save not only money, but also time for subsequent alterations, reconstruction and correction.

small courtyard

Of course, in many respects landscaping your yard will depend on its size. If the area is large, then a flight to your imagination is limited only to the financial possibilities and features of the landscape, the soil type and the determination with respect to the cardinal. But if we are talking about a small urban backyard of a private house, in this case it is necessary to assign clear priorities. A few square meters and it will be difficult to place a playground and a place for barbecue and patio for relaxing, and a large bed of flowers.

bright textiles

Having spent the best plan to create a landscape design - moving to the area and marks the precise location of all the objects (pergolas, flower beds, rock gardens, ponds and patios). Experts recommend for simplicity break the entire site into squares. Each segment will be a key figure - the construction or decorative element. Thus easier to distribute evenly all conceived objects of landscape design and create a balanced look of the site.

Country style

Before the start of construction works (if scheduled), you must check the status of the territory. If water retention segments will be found - to lay drainage. At the same stage the paving of all communications necessary for watering plants and operation of artificial lakes, fountains and waterfalls.

Small lounge

Paths, steps and flowerbeds

Garden paths are an integral part of any landscape design. In addition to its main purpose - the safe movement at the site, track perform zoning function and decoration area.

Flowerbeds and paths

garden paths

Garden paths can be spread from the large but flat rocks, concrete slabs, clinker or ordinary bricks, cobblestone, fall asleep fine gravel or pebbles, protecting special low bordyurchikami. Combining material tracks, you will be able to obtain not only the necessary functionality, but also a decorative garden ornament or yard.

concrete paths


A fun geometry

Landscape design and geometry are inextricably linked. For someone harmony and balance in the environment is seen in smooth lines, rounded forms, winding paths and flowerbeds oval. Someone needed rigor and clarity - direct garden paths, as satellites from point A to point B, the strict form of shrubs, clipped is called "under the ticker" and completely flat lawn. Only known hosts, what plants and trees will be able to form caress their eyes and to bring calm and balance mood.

flat lawn

The original backyard

round shapes

The oriental style

Planting flowers in the flower beds or garden tubs, pots, it is better to plan so that the flowering was replaced by the flowering of some other varieties. In this case, your yard will be able to delight you and your family to bright colors throughout the warm season (in most parts of our country - about mid-April to early October).

Flower beds



Climbing plants

If the landscape of your site involves some hilly, instead of having to fight with nature to create artificial embankments and leveling ramps, you can succumb to the natural arrangement of hills and plains and build a beautiful stage, which can act as a focal center, attracting everyone's attention.

beautiful stage

Going down the stairs

Lawn and steps

Artificial ponds, fountains and waterfalls

Rarely a east landscape design dispenses with a small artificial pond or a small water source. And as we know, all the European and American landscape designers, and to you, our fellow citizens, taking inspiration from the founders of the skill of bringing the beauty and harmony of the surrounding area House - Eastern peoples.

Water on a small area

Pond Illuminated

Japanese experts believe the water is not only a source of life, but also with the land &# 8212; symbol of harmony and balance of all living things. Organize an artificial lake in the area is not easy, you will need to contact the experts to study the characteristics of the soil and landscape, to choose the right place to carry out communication and subsequently constantly take care of the proper operation of a fountain or cascade. But all efforts, work and money spent will pay off when you can watch the fish in their ponds or watch as the water flows into the small tank.

a small pond

Resting place with a water source

Patio under a canopy

Efficient lighting system Private courtyard

Lighting in a private yard - a question not only the possibility of extending the time of communication with the environment, but also security priority. Sophisticated and harmonious lighting system will allow you to easily move around the area at night, to be on the patio and enjoy the illuminated especially important for you objects of landscape design yard decor.

lighting court

First of all, consider the functional lighting - lighting of the facade at home and outbuildings, entrance to the garage or parking the car, the main entrance. Experts recommend placing lights still a way to view your yard perimeter shape and have highlighted possible ways to move around the area - garden paths, steps.

Lighting system

Then you can begin to develop decorative lighting plan. Create lighting can be near the flowerbeds, sculpture garden, rock garden or pond. Using LED strips illuminated shrubs and trees, so-called "without illumination lights".

Decorative lighting

In the spaces between the lamp powers can be integrated, but this time need to consider the initial stage of designing arrangement of dizayna. Currently, a lot of lighting devices that operate on the miniature storage battery, draws energy from sunlight. You do not have to spend money on electricity bills, dim light energy-saving lamps will be sufficient for the safe movement of the track portion.

Resting place with a hearth

Even in a small area you can find a place for recreation place with the possibility of cooking over an open fire. Agree, it is unfair to deny themselves the opportunity to invite friends to barbecue, living in a private house with a yard, even if it is located in the city center.

Resting place with a hearth

Hearth in focus

Round center serves as an excellent focal point around which is garden furniture (chairs or small sofas), formed by the track and the plants are planted. Radial arrangement of the system in this case will be the most advantageous.

round center

Round recreation area

Outdoor fireplace or a large oven, lined with stone, will become not only a functional embodiment of the preparation of different dishes over an open fire, but also form a resting place where you can just relax, watching the flames in the hearth.

outdoor fireplace

Patio with fireplace

Small seating area with a fireplace

Dining the open or roofed

To install a dining group must be very little space. Only need to purchase a table and chairs (or mini-suite) to be able to eat for the great outdoors.

Dining area on the street

But if you have the opportunity to organize a covered canopy for dining area on the site, in this case, your plans will not be affected by bad weather conditions. In hot weather, you and your family or guests will be protected from the sun, in rain - can safely continue to lunch or dinner.

under the canopy

How to equip a small backyard

Very often, urban homes can not boast of the presence of a large surrounding area. Typically, front of the house there is a place for parking cars or arrangement of the garage and all recreational areas, games and cooking outdoors have to move to the back yard, the size of which is very limited.

In the backyard

wooden deck

In this case, the location will be effective wooden platform or deck as the basis for arranging a patio or an outdoor dining area. Perennials in bulk flowerbeds around the perimeter or near the fence not only beautify your backyard, but hide your site from prying eyes.

soft zone

The recreation area in the backyard

Next, you will only have to choose garden furniture that will serve as a place for recreation or outdoor dining. Outdoor furniture can be portable or stationary. Typically, the stationary furniture advocates massive stone or wooden furniture, but for a small courtyard with no shelters this option is not the best. It is better to give preference to folding furniture, which you can hide in the pantry or in the attic with the onset of cold weather.

Small backyard

Currently, there are many options for outdoor furniture for every taste and wallet size. The most popular among our compatriots enjoy outdoor furniture made of plastic (reasonable price and ease of transportation) and artificial rattan (looks respectable and expensive). But there are many models of wood, wrought iron, stone and even bamboo. Choosing furniture for the private patio will depend on your financial capacity, frequency of use and the ability to care for furniture. For example, plastic furniture can be cleaned with a hose, but the rattan products are very dependent on moisture. Wrought iron chairs and tables need to touch up every 2-3 years, and wooden furniture in need of oil impregnation and coating of varnish or protective antiseptics.

Bright garden furniture

Easy Garden furniture

Decorating your backyard can be a hedge. In addition to the main goal - fencing of the area and anti-intrusion fence can perform a decorative function. Its framework can serve as a basis for the location of twine plant, forming a combined fence or enclosure design can itself stand out against the background of landscape design.

Large backyard

The unusual design of the fence, or a bright color will bring a positive mood not only in the sitting area, but also on the whole territory of the backyard. Fitted furniture in the color of the fence or soft filling for her, create a harmonious patio attractive appearance.

bright fence

Area backyard, in addition to the version with a wooden platform, can be laid with concrete or stone slabs, fill fine gravel or decorative pebbles, delimit low curbs or metal (polycarbonate) limiters. But in the case of loose flooring, you have to be prepared for constant podsypaniyu material and leveling it at the site.

concrete surfaces

narrow courtyard

A small dining group

Organization of the dining area on the wooden platform - one of the most common uses of a small area of ​​the back yard. What could be better than a meal with your family or in the company of friends and family in the fresh air? In such circumstances, and the appetite is better and the food is delicious.

Seating group on the platform

For the dining area on the street is better to use light, but stable furniture that you will be able to place under a canopy or in a room, tucked away for storage in the winter time. But in addition to the design and material of garden furniture, it has a meaning and design of products, their color and texture. If the entire composition of the dining area is sustained in the family colors, a place to eat a meal will delight and calm, creating a peaceful atmosphere. If you choose to use bright, accent furniture or decor, the atmosphere dining area will be the tonic, charges optimism and good mood. It all depends on the temperament of the owners of home ownership and the results that they want to get from staying in the backyard.

Dining area on the platform

Besides the organization of recreational and dining area in the back yard can accommodate a segment for cooking kebabs and barbecue. Will it be a stationary hearth, portable grill, a real Russian oven or a large grill - it all depends on your preference and the size of the patio. But in any case, you will need to take care of places to sit by the fire and the table that will perform a variety of functions.

Patio in the backyard