Bathrooms in apartment houses built in the last century, sometimes had an area of ​​less than 4 square meters, encountered a room that squaring not exceed the mark of 2.5 sq.m. And yet, it was rather an exception. Currently, most of the apartments, from the so-called old housing stock, can "boast" about 4 rooms sqm area for water treatments And as we are all aware in this modest room should be placed not only a bath or a shower, but also attributes a bathroom - toilet and sink. It is a real challenge, with a successful arrangement of plumbing, you can also free space in the bathroom leave. Let's look in more detail how you can position attributes for water and hygiene, to decorate the room, and what accessories to use, not only to achieve a comfortable accommodation, but also visually expand the space.

The original choice of color

there are not too many design rules which help visually expand the space for bathrooms modest size:

  • the use of light colors in the decoration;
  • application of the illumination system on several levels (one ceiling lamp will be sufficient);
  • use of mirrors;
  • If glass is used, it is best to choose a transparent options;
  • use the smallest possible amount of furniture, only the necessary storage.

Bathroom in the attic

But there are some constructive ways to use all of the space provided by the bathroom to the maximum. For example, it is possible to install a so-called cantilever toilet tank which 'is recessed into the wall. " Due to such design saves about 20-30 cm of usable space, but as we understand, in a compact and incredibly functional room bathroom every centimeter counts.

The white

Due to the proper use of niches for water systems can be purchased even if small, but the place for storing toilet paper or cleaning products and detergents.

warm colors

cool palette

Sometimes, to increase the usable space small bathroom, you must move the door to release the full wall at the bath unit.

Backlit mirror

If you remove the bath and install in its place a shower cabin, a part of the vacant space can be used as a built-in storage. Will it be open shelves for storing towels and bathrobes or closed cabinets for detergents and cleaning products - you decide.

colorful wall

Methods of finishing the bathroom small size of the room

In fact, the bathroom area is almost no effect on the choice of a way of finishing. For all it is clear that for most surfaces with humidity not think of a better finish than ceramic tiles and mosaics, it is them we often see in the shower and on the apron near a bath tub in the design projects around the world. The spacious bathrooms that boast private houses, a bath can be placed even in the middle of the room, and in this case, for the walls are more opportunities, including the use of water-resistant wallpaper. In a room for water treatment with a 4 square meters, it is evident that the bath is located in one of the walls, and it is this surface will be the most loaded from the standpoint of enhanced temperature extremes and humidity.

The original design

Ceramic tile

Ceramic tile is the most popular facing material for bathroom surfaces exposed to constant moisture. Ceramic tiles not only has high qualities of moisture resistance and resistance to temperature changes, is durable, reliable, durable and relatively inexpensive material for finishing any surface. Among the shortcomings of ceramic tiles as the option of finishing the bathroom surfaces, it can only be described the complexity of installation and its high cost.

The shades of green

Ceramic tiles "underground", which is a rectangular plates, which are usually arranged in the form of masonry, is one of the most popular types of tiles for decoration of bathrooms for many years. White tiles "Metro", which in our country is often called a "hog" is usually accompanied by a dark grout to create a contrasting appearance

Tile & quot; underground & quot;


Gres - ceramic tiles with improved properties of resistance to mechanical abrasion and resistance to chipping previously used mainly for lining floor. Now you can find many design projects, in which the walls and floor of the bathroom are finished with the help of tiles of the same color and size. The impressive size of such tiles provide a high speed of installation, but the waste will be greater (but still depends on the shape of the room and its design features).

The dark colors


Mosaic, along with the ceramic tile has advantages for all possible durable cladding surfaces exposed to high humidity and temperature changes. But this material has its own dignity and - the possibility of facing complex surfaces and shapes: rounded, arcuate, niches and ledges. Mosaic can be applied to any material surface completely, including its possible oblitsevat bath or sink. Dark blue mosaic for finishing a cheap cabin in the snow-white bathroom went perfect - light, cool image, full of ease and relaxation, comfort for most homeowners.

blue mosaic

Typically, a mosaic with fine chips (elements) produced in the form of small blocks of square or rectangular shape, which is quite faster installation process. Mosaic pattern, called a "pixel" is very popular for finishing precisely bathrooms - contrasting, interesting combination of several shades of one color look very impressive.

pixel image total mosaic

Decorating with mosaics

Mosaic is perfect for decorating the individual elements of the room - edging around the room, allocating space around the mirror or sink, zoning segments of water and sanitation procedures.

Accent trim

Waterproof plaster and painting

This finishing material is most often used in areas with lower humidity - sector under the ceiling, the space next to the toilet and on the opposite side of the room from the bath arrangement. Rich color palette, low cost and the ability to self-application is pushing many homeowners to use these decorative materials. Among other advantages may be noted the simplicity of changing the image of the bathroom, which is not about lining with ceramic tiles or mosaics.

In light mint tones

Plaster in the upper portion

It is clear that in areas of maximum accumulation of moisture. Such as a shower and the apron near a bathtub, sink, use painting and plastering surfaces can not be such a repair would not stand a year.

Small bathroom

Vinyl washable wallpaper

Until recently, the wallpaper were rare guests in the bathrooms, for obvious reasons, the rapid wetting and very short life. Currently, vinyl washable wallpaper are able to tolerate a low level of humidity is very worthy. But even under such conditions, placing them near the work areas is not desirable. But the wall near the toilet or exit - a good place. With mottled pattern or bright colors, you can create an emphasis in the interior of even a small bathroom.

Wallpaper for the bathroom

floral print

bright picture

The color palette of the bathroom modest-sized room

Of course, light and even snow-white palette - this is the first that we come to mind when planning a color scheme room with a very modest in size. White is not only visually expand space, but also help to relax, clear your mind, soothe the emotions after a hard day's work and get ready for bed. But completely white bathroom can cause association with a sterile hospital operating room. To avoid unfortunate comparison, bring enough to the interior of the bathroom a couple of accent the room bright spots. This can be as part of decoration and accessories. You can just hang vibrant towels and put a mat next to the sink. Changing these simple "thinners" colors (and doing it with a small financial cost), it is possible to bring changes in the way of room for water procedures.

White and blue gamma

Bright accents in the finish of snow-white bathroom look very impressive, charge you with vivacity in the morning at the time of the necessary water and hygiene procedures.

bright accents

Using only the white ceiling and upper walls of the bathroom and the rest area for decoration - colorful tiles, leads to the creation of interesting, positive and even trim the image space.

yellow apron

Light beige palette for the design of bathrooms - quite common option. This is not surprising, because the beige tones is very beneficial effect on our psyche, creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere for taking a bath and relaxation.

beige tones

Create a contrasting interior bathroom with a classic combination of black and white tones is a snap. It is only important to remember that for small rooms, it is better to stick to the snow-white palette and dark colors used in doses, accent.

game of contrasts

Black and white design

Choosing a compact and multi-functional furniture and sanitary ware

Today's manufacturers offer sanitary ware to our attention many interesting options that can not only save storage space of our small bathrooms, but also can perform several functions at once. When planning a compact arrangement of the bathroom, be sure to pay attention to the so-called combined plumbing. For example, bath, shower room with - a successful embodiment at least two functions in the same area. In a broad sell-lilies are small shells, which can be installed on the washing machine (if your bathroom needs to install itself). It is obvious that such design significantly saves space bathrooms modest size. It is only necessary to consider that such shells suitable for those homeowners whose washing machines are front-loading option. In addition to this, there are toilets model, combining a bidet function. This plumbing can be presented in two forms - the first you will need to becoming a mini-shower near the toilet, and the second is built in the lid of the toilet water system (there are even models with water heating). The second model is the most advantageous for small spaces, it does not require any additional installations and the cost, but the cost is quite high.

Hidden flank toilet

Shower located in the bath - the most common variant of combinatorics two useful functions within a small space. It is best to provide a bath of water in a glass partition attributes location area. But for some models of waterproof curtain will be an excellent yield.

Bath for curtains

If you have a separate room for improvement bathrooms, and there is no need to integrate into the bathroom toilet and sink, the installation of a shower enclosure and a large bath is possible in a room with an area of ​​less than 4 square meters

Bath and shower

The only piece of furniture in small bathrooms, as a rule, is a curbstone or any other storage system located under the sink. Her performance - it is not only the possibility of organizing the storage of useful items and accessories for water treatment, but also make a variety of color and texture in the interior of the room. Not to mention the fact that in the space of drawers or a cabinet hidden water communications.

Bathroom in 4kv.m

The dark colors

Small space bathrooms are pushing the owners to the interesting design techniques. For example, the arrangement of shelves for towels from the ceiling above the toilet area. They did not hurt, but it can serve as a sufficiently capacious storage.

Shelves above the toilet

White storage

Shallow hinged cabinet with mirrored door will perform two functions at once - provide you with a mirror and a storage system for drugs, for example.

Mirrored door locker

Unusual plumber or how to integrate some interesting models in a small space

An interesting form of a bath can be a highlight of the interior. For these models quite the most simple, neutral finishes. They will still be the focal center of the room.

original bath


Unusual sink can decorate a room small sizes and even define the style of its design, to become focal and focal point.

unusual sink

The original interior


Decorating a bathroom with an area of ​​4kv.m

Only at first glance it may seem that such a modest premises do not need in the decoration and it can only heavier. If you're clever use of embedding plumbing, choose a color palette visually expands the room, then, for the modest decor is always a place. For example, you will still hang a mirror over the sink, so why not use an interesting frame for it? If your bathroom needs a curtain, then why not make an effort to select it and did not find a non-trivial model?

In the pink

Frame for a mirror

Living plant, located in the bathroom with a contrasting interior is dominated by white, will not just look spectacular, and dilute the colors of the room, but also will become a bright accent.

living plant

Long and narrow bathroom

Not every bathroom has a window and. accordingly, the need for its decoration. But for the rooms with natural daylight, as the decoration of the window opening, is best suited roller or Roman shades made of waterproof material that looks very similar to conventional textiles.

Blinds on windows

The lighting system performs two functions - in addition to providing the necessary level of ambient light and decorates it. Even the bathroom very small, as a rule, lacking only one ceiling chandeliers or lamps. It is also necessary to provide sufficient illumination of the mirror with built-in lighting fixtures or wall sconces.


The bathrooms do not accept to use pendant lighting fixtures - chandeliers. But if the chandelier is not located in an area of ​​high humidity, ie not over the bath, then such an option can be considered taking into account the implementation of the rules of the wiring in rooms with high humidity.

bright chandelier