Kitchen - this is one and the most popular places in the house. The working area in the room should settle down very carefully, because it is of paramount importance. To workplace design matched to the needs and wishes of the person who will use it, you need to carefully choose materials and colors for the interior. In addition, it should be noted that the working area should combine ergonomic in itself all its functional elements.

Working in a small kitchen area Bright illumination of the working area

Apron above the working area

One of the important elements that perform both decorative and functional load is the so-called apron. He can become a highlight of the interior and be bright and expressive due to the selected material. The main qualities that should have an apron, is:

  1. ease of care;
  2. resistance to aggressive external environment manifestations and cleaning means;
  3. attractive appearance.

Kitchen apron of tile Tiled kitchen apron Mosaic apron in the kitchen

Among advanced materials especially popular for the manufacture of kitchen aprons are:

  1. tile;
  2. glass;
  3. natural or artificial stone;
  4. metal;
  5. plastic;
  6. tree.

The unusual lighting kitchen Working area near the window Working area along the long walls

All these materials have both good qualities and disadvantages. Apron made of tiles, will endure the impact temperature difference, it does not spoil the grease or food particles. The material is easily cleaned and retains its original appearance for many years. An important factor for the use of tiles in the kitchen is its fire resistance. Using tiles for decorative purposes is justified, as a variety of sizes and colors allows to choose a model for any interior, conceived by the designer. Mosaic tiles can become the center of attention in the kitchen and be original element of the decor for the working area.

Spotlight kitchen area

At the same tile characterized by a complex installation and dismantling. The joints are formed between the elements can be dirty, which will be difficult to remove therefrom. In addition, this apron can be expensive.

Glass tile to create an apron, too, has a number of advantages. A variety of textures and types allows you to create the desired ambiance. Such tiles can be smooth, glossy, embossed, transparent, monochromatic or patterned. This material can withstand thermal stress and can last for years without losing its appearance. This tile is afraid of only mechanical damage.

The working area in the narrow kitchen

The joints between the glass parts can also become clogged with dust and remnants of food. Using monolithic tempered glass will help solve this problem. Under glass can put any image. Or make him skinali, causing the image directly on the surface of the glass apron. The disadvantage of such a product could be its high cost.

Stone apron will select as the expensive option of a natural material, and the budget of the artificial. The surface is durable and easy to care for. Noble view kitchen stone apron give high aesthetic characteristics of the material itself.

Working area in white

Kitchen in the style of high-tech metal suit apron. It can be made of stainless steel sheet. The material will give the room some cool, you need to consider using metal in different styles of decoration. Indicators of the strength and pozharastoykosti decor element will always be at a high level. In this case, it is quite difficult for the care, as any dirt on the surface of a very noticeable.

The simplest and cheapest material for the apron of a working kitchen area is MDF. Its very simple to manufacture and to achieve the perfect combination with the rest of the furniture in the kitchen. Among the disadvantages of such material fire hazard, the tendency to deformation and fragility.

The working area in the middle of the kitchen

Another inexpensive material - it is plastic. It can be used as wall panels, and for the creation of a solid piece apron. The disadvantages of the material become instability to mechanical damage, fire hazards and the possible release of harmful components in the indoor air.

Wood can give the kitchen a refined expensive kind. Such material differs ecological and natural view. When this material is absolutely not tolerate moisture and temperature extremes. This limits the use of wood for making aprons for kitchen.

Aprons, as well as all the other elements of decor can be a variety of ways to fit into the interior. They are able to harmoniously woven into the design in the same colors as the main furniture or become a bright spot in a cold room.

Features countertops for the working area

Basically, instead of a table in a modern kitchen countertop work area used. Most often it is a single surface that brings together several free-standing racks. Such a system is devoid of joints, which spoil the look of the furniture.

Worktop must be made of materials that provide it with the necessary moisture resistance, ease of cleaning and resistance to mechanical damage. Also the material should perfectly fit a surface to the interior. Among the suitable materials may be mentioned natural wood, laminated wood, artificial or natural stone, ceramic tiles and more. The main thing - a harmonious combination of elements with the style and color kitchen solution.

Workplace in the kitchen under the window

Storage systems for kitchen utensils

The functional component of the work area in the kitchen play a great role storage. Even the smallest room will allow to store a large amount of necessary items. It's enough just to choose and allocate the various elements in the room such systems.

Drawer swing rack tableware storage system

Among the universal representatives of such furniture can be distinguished:

  1. Sliding wardrobes;
  2. open shelves for dishes and other kitchen utensils;
  3. opening cupboards;
  4. modern railing;
  5. system with rotary mechanism;
  6. Cargo - narrow and tall drawer for bottles and food banks;

storage for pots Storing knives

If you use this range of equipment wisely, you can make a cozy kitchen without cluttering the room unpleasant details of the eye.

An important element of &# 8212; backlight

Sometimes the kitchen lighting can wear a decisive character. Spending a lot of time, you can get tired of the overly bright and cold fluorescent light or dim lighting weak lamps. Lighting the work area must be thought through carefully.

A huge number of modern lighting devices greatly simplifies the task. Many ways to mount allows you to direct the light rays into the desired area. Furthermore, the light of such a lamp may have exactly the hue, that is pleasing to the eye working in the kitchen. And, if necessary, color and direction of light can be changed.

Spotlights in the kitchen

Among suitable for kitchen fixtures working zone may be mentioned:

  1. LED tape;
  2. halogen lamps;
  3. energy-efficient lighting;
  4. portable designed lamps and more.

Pendant lamps in the kitchen

Creating in the kitchen work area should take into account all the factors, starting with the size of the room and ending habits apartment dwellers. If you comply with all the recommendations, the work of cooking will become much more enjoyable and more efficient.