At all times the kitchen furniture was different maximum functionality. 2015 did not bring a change in this aspect. Modern manufacturers have mostly applied a lot of effort to implement the most practical projects. The external decorative quality furniture also have considerable weight in the selection of suitable furniture for the kitchen.

The snow-white kitchen cabinets

General trends

The main criteria for purchase are:

  • material;
  • Colour;
  • the size;
  • accessories;
  • style;
  • price.

Still remained popular dishes made in a classic style. They are characterized by natural materials and colors. Pastel colors and soft lines are perfect for rooms of any shape and size. In the new year with such furniture it is recommended to combine a mosaic on the floor and lots of light.

The combination of white kitchen with wooden floor Extractor fan in the center of the kitchen Contrasting colors in the kitchen

The second most common style is high-tech. Kitchens are designed in this style are made of glass, metal and plastic. This style is characterized by a large amount of storage and built-in appliances. This direction is successfully implementing a basic trend for kitchen furniture 2015 - maximum simplicity and practicality. Ergonomic shape and functional lighting to highlight the main advantages of the design.

Kitchen furniture decorated metal The combination of white and metal facades The combination of white facades of kitchen furniture with wooden floor Black and white kitchen

Actual characteristics of elements of kitchen furniture 2015

Specialty show producers have already demonstrated new developments in the field of kitchen furniture. In addition to classical forms and styles have proven buyer can purchase and models, made using new and unusual techniques of production and development.

The contrast in the kitchen furniture Wooden elements of kitchen furniture

The use of clear geometric lines and shapes to create a strict construction of the correct form. Looks spectacular product of cubes and rectangles of bright colors. The dimensions for the structure elements may be any. Concise execution involves the maximum simplification of the structure. Trends 2015 exclude the use of stained glass, decorative columns, moldings and other accessories.

The combination of wood with white facades Wooden kitchen facades Chairs on bright white kitchen

Another popular destination was the eco-style. The desire to be closer to nature is manifested in all spheres of modern life. Most often this is expressed in the use of natural materials:

  • tree;
  • a natural stone;
  • bamboo decor, textiles, leather.

It is also important was the ease of use of hidden behind massive facades. All system storage shelves and the drawers are accessible through the mechanisms of their easy opening.

Panoramic window in the kitchen White facades in wood design White kitchen facades in combination with the dark floor

Optimization of space allowed to develop such displays of architectural thought as zoning area and open kitchen with living room, dining room or hallway. This is largely due to the production of more and more modern and efficient range hoods. All these factors have had an impact on the formation of the new features in the structure of the furniture. For example, some sections in the case of kitchen cabinets can perform the functions of individual pieces of furniture. In this way it is possible to create the desired comfort provided save space.

Kitchen, Corridor The snow-white kitchen with light Panoramic window in the kitchen, hallway

Along with the development trends in the use of straight lines and clear forms continues to develop futuristic style. Smooth streamlined shape give the desire of modern man to be faster in the future space. In addition, the use of 3D-panels to create volumetric images on the housing allow to produce not just furniture, and unique work of art.

Color variety gives you the opportunity to choose the appropriate option to any buyer. In 2015, it will be relevant bright kitchen cabinets with wood inserts. Pastel facades are combined with lush patches of bright colors. Still popular and are quieter colors of natural shades. As finishing materials used, as close to the texture and natural shades. Became popular simulation:

  • marble;
  • natural stone;
  • limestone;
  • concrete;
  • pebbles and others.
  • Interesting articles can be decorated with veneer effect rawness.

The kitchen in natural colors Natural shades in the kitchen Original lamps in the kitchen

A variety of bar counters and tabletops design allows efficient use of every corner of this kitchen. Fashion will be lighter and thinner countertops, does not weigh down the furniture. Bars more than one year will be a popular item. They operate in different colors and different materials. Finish and also supports a large range.

The combination of white and brown in the kitchen furniture Bright work area

In addition to frequent closed storage element become open shelves. Modern designers have thought that a lot of decorative and simply aesthetically decorated items may take their seats in full view of visitors.

The snow-white kitchen on the wooden floor Natural design in eco-style Kitchen in the style of hi-tech The mixture of styles in the design of the kitchen

Accessories for the kitchen of the next year, too, can vary. Simple chrome handles are replaced by refined copper products, which are no longer merely functional items, and art objects that deserve special attention. In addition, you can go without handles in contemporary designs. Features furniture building permit to do without them, while maintaining the general trend of conservation of the maximum simplicity and ergonomics.

The unusual design of the kitchen White facades and black worktop Facades without handles on the kitchen furniture

With regard to technology, the basic idea of ​​the next year - is a safe hiding unused items. Even the flat and recessed sink faucets tend to save a maximum of space, without causing thereby compromising functionality. Manufacturers have directed all their efforts to create optimal decorated multimedia, electrical and technical network. This equipment allows you to control the cooking, not only directly from the cooking surface, but also on a large central screen located n the facade of the kitchen. The most advanced models allow to control all processes with gadgets and Internet access.

Wooden kitchen cabinet fronts White facades and chrome handles The contrast of black and white in the kitchen

From the above it can be concluded that the latest developments are aimed at maximum optimization of the workflow in the kitchen, while maintaining the comfort and coziness created proven over the years, styles and materials.