Glass was discovered in Italy, but for a long time, it was not popular, as he is credited with magical power, and a negative impact. Later, it became very popular, and today no home is complete without a glass products. He was particularly appreciated designers.

glass opportunities

  • At first

    Glass gives lightness and transparency of the room, it magically attracts attention, makes it possible to visually expand the space of the house, can unite the space, while dividing it into zones.

  • Secondly

    Glass gives a unique view of luxury to any room, ennobles the interior, creating an individual style.

  • Thirdly

    Glass &# 8212; is an environmentally friendly material that is unpretentious in the care, not absorbs dirt, easy to clean, is not limited palette of colors and blends well with metal, wood, polymers.

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Glass furniture, partitions, cabinets, racks, shelves, stained glass, decorative objects adorn the house, make it unique. One of the latest innovations work with glass - glass chips. It gives elegance and singularity, adds flavor to the interior.


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Design Ideas with glass crumbs

glass chips &# 8212; are small pieces of glass, the size of 0, 4 to 10 mm of irregular shape with no sharp edges. They may be colored or colorless. It does not fade, it is washable, durable. Uses of many crumbs.

  1. It can be filled with crumbs vase or glass bowl, using colored or transparent glass to obtain the effect of sea water or sand sun.
  2. Placer orange crumbs fireplace will give the illusion of fire and red chips in sconces visually enhance the flame of a candle.
  3. Encrusted with crumbs picture today is one of the novelties in the interior.
  4. Tiny can decorate the glass partitions, interior doors, create a panel in the bathroom, in the kitchen aprons.
  5.  Decorated glass grit pot or basket, will give the apartment a magical glow.

glass chips Glass baby photo Products from the glass crumbs Glass chips in the interior What is the glass chips

Specialists proved that the glass chips, due to the property blikovat, charms and can be used to influence the human psyche. The combination of colors to the compositions of the crumb can be different.

  1. transparent green - for meditation and tranquility
  2. White with blue  &# 8212; heart rate slowing
  3. blue with yellow - creating a joyful mood
  4. Wishing with red - giving strength, courage
  5. black and white - the stimulation of mental activity

Glass is popular for many years as an additional part of the interior. Its possibilities are endless, property - functional, beauty is not lost over time.