Gray alien to authentic wooden cover, but modern technology learned to do the impossible. In order to diversify the palette of interior design, decoration materials market offers them a variety of fine pavement, colors and shades that are not limited by anything. Gray tiles and gray laminate quickly began to gain popularity, perfectly fitting into almost any design plan and significantly expanding the boundaries of design possibilities.

Gray floor in the interior

simulating a tree

Choosing a gray floor to its design, the first thing you should pay attention to the laminate. This material is fairly cheap and durable, but ordering it cover individual can get desired color shade desired. Also, choosing a laminate, the customer can determine not only the color but also with texture, which can mimic any natural material. In addition, this coating is easy spreading, which greatly facilitate the work of the builders and save time customer and designer. Despite its synthetic origin, the laminate is completely harmless to the human body if it is made in accordance with all regulations.

Gray laminate flooring in the dining room Gray laminate flooring in the living room Gray laminate flooring in rooms with large windows

Problems with the laminate are rare, but they can harass. The main question that must be resolved before postilki is waterproofing the floor of the future. Laminate unfortunately suffers from insufficient moisture resistance, and its leaking seams that allows water and dirt to accumulate therein, destroying the coating.

Gray laminate flooring in the bedroom Gray laminate in a cool interior Gray laminate in a light interior

tiled alternative

Recently, no less popular than the laminate becomes a tiled floor. Different tile (ceramic or any other) at the correct layout and competent choice of color can transform a room into a work of art, due to its versatility and the possibility to experiment with the shape and size. Paving looks very aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean. If you opt for a matte tiles, not glossy, the floor will be protected from scratches, but the threat of split tiles still remain relevant. In addition, a properly selected adhesive and well laid tiles provide a proper waterproofing, which will allow to forget about the damp and not flinch because every drop of spilled water.

Gray tiles in the kitchen Gray tiles in the living room Gray floor in the interior

When choosing a tile floor, it is worth remembering that it will be cold enough to walk on it barefoot is not possible without first taking care of heating. Also noticed a tile is damaged - it is a troublesome task, which is not always feasible.

Tiled floor in the bathroom tiled floor in the kitchen Gray tile floor in the bright kitchen

How to make a gray floor interior zest

Working with the floor gray in color, you must correctly determine the shade. Dark floor will visually reduce the space, the light, on the contrary, increase. In addition, light gray floor can help a little to dilute the interior rooms, nagromozhdonnyh furniture, achieving a feeling of lightness and freshness. If the designer has decided that the interior is too calm, and he needs to ask a few notes of the dynamic, the correct solution is to use gray laminate. Also, taking advantage of all the benefits of modern technology, you can pick up a special laminate, gray-beige or gray-brown, which can turn the whole design idea, turning it into something else, more sublime and unusual.

gray floor Gray flooring in modern living room

Gray floor is best used in the bedroom or living room, thanks to its soothing, relaxing properties. Rooms in gray shades set up a philosophical mood, can achieve harmony with yourself and your thoughts.

Pursuing any certain style in the design of the room, it should be remembered that the gray coating is suitable not for all directions. The most competent solution is to use a gray floor in a classic, simple style, as well as in the Art Nouveau lines and hi-tech. Moreover, gray laminate looks good in the interior in ethnic style northern people, e.g., Scandinavian.

Gray floor in a bright interior Gray floor in the office

To the interior does not get cold and mortvenno gray, it can be diluted, using properly selected types of wood for furniture, or experiment with walls coated using a warm palette.

The main floor gray companions - a black and white color, whose contrast the color of the coating greatly reduces, making the interior is not so calling and shouting. Using any shades of gray for the floor, it is necessary to competently approach the selection of wall colors. Considering how moody gray cooperates with all the cool palette, it should be omitted from it using only blue and purple.

When choosing furniture, do not limit yourself to only black, white and gray colors. With gray floor blends furniture from spruce or wenge and zebrawood.

Gray floor in the warm interior Gray floor in the kitchen

The most common mistakes

The main problem of the gray floor - it was his coldness. Without betraying the warm interior accents, you can turn it into a dead desert lifeless and frightening. Furthermore, gray coating does not transfer monotony, so illiterate selected texture or ornament idea of ​​such laminate or tile can be lost during the initial stages. Also, a good solution would be to combine the gray floor I dark (but not too bright) wallpaper, as well as the use in furniture design is now a popular metallic colors.

If the room is made in the colors gray and can not move away from this, the most stupid decision will rub all to shine and turn a room into a chrome box. Correctly experimenting with materials, for example, by combining silk and fur, matte and glossy surface, working with shades choosing ordinary ornaments and patterns can even revive absolutely gray interior.

Gray floor in the living room