Not for nothing beige palette is one of the most popular for interior decoration in apartments and houses. Light pastel shades to help create a favorable atmosphere, easy and relaxed atmosphere, which is cozy and comfortable home owners, their guests and members of the household. Beige palette based on the colors of a natural origin, so easily combined with any shade of wood, combined with a variety of options color of floor tiles, laminate or wood flooring. For those who doubt in making the right color scheme, afraid to use bright, colorful tones for the design of their own home or just want to create a neutral impression of the room, which greets us at the entrance to a house or apartment, beige palette can be an ideal option. We hope that the following design projects hallways, corridors and spaces near the stairs, to help you plan the repair, reconstruction, or simply refresh your situation utilitarian premises.

modern hall

Decorating the hall in beige tones

For beige finishing in the hallway can be used a variety of finishing materials:

  • Wallpaper (plain or dim print);
  • plastering with subsequent painting;
  • applying decorative plaster;
  • the use of wall panels made from natural or synthetic materials.

light palette

It's no secret that the bright palette of finishing in the room, allows you to visually make it more spacious, wider. Light beige tones in an interior hallway or corridor can create a favorable atmosphere conducive to mental relaxation hosts, emotional stability, and create a calm, neutral character of the room.

Making space near the stairs

The use of decorative plaster of beige to create a cozy, but somewhat brutal finishing the interior is not used so often in our country. But this method of decoration, like painting the walls, there is one significant advantage - the possibility of glossing over contaminated sites that space, which is the first on our way from street to housing, a very useful feature. Certainly, it is necessary to leave some margin finishing material, because the plaster of the other Party may be different in color to the shade and more.

Plaster for finishing

Decorative plaster for walls

The use of wooden bunks, painted in bright colors, to create a practical and visually appealing finish. Oblitsevat such as the finishing material may be the entire surface of the walls from the ceiling to the floor, and to create a so-called floor covering apron from approximately the middle of the wall, the remainder of the plane trimmed using paint or wallpaper pasting.

Facing colored clapboard

Pastel walls and snow-white stucco, structural moldings and baseboards, moldings and various other decorative elements for edging doorways, niches, different architectural designs - perfect alliance to create a strict but at the same time elegant environment utilitarian premises. In the space of a similar finish can be easily integrated furniture and decorative objects of almost any color palette, performed in a variety of stylistic directions.

With white decorative elements

near the stairs

Wall panels made of light wood - finishing material, which can be easily and quickly mounted on their own, like finishing last for long, and the external image of the room will create a noble and elegant. In addition to the contrast-dark pieces of furniture and decoration, like clearance hall looks good and respectable.

contrasting elements

Wallpaper in beige tones with dim, understated pattern embossed - a great opportunity to create a sophisticated, but at the same time democratic interior, the walls are the perfect backdrop for paintings or collections of family photos in beautiful frames.

Wallpapers for walls

Furniture for vestibules of various sizes

A spacious entrance hall - a reason for arranging a spacious storage for clothes, shoes and more. A narrow, but long hallway, smoothly flowing into the corridor - the possibility of installing bookshelves or open shelves for storage, such as collectibles, for which there was no place in other rooms of the home.

Ample storage

In addition to storage for clothing and footwear, in the hall space must seat that will be used to simplify obuvaniya process. This requires quite a bit of space. Arrangement of seats for more rational to provide the storage system at the bottom and comfortable soft pillow at the top (theft detachable be practical in use from the standpoint of care).

Soft hallway area

White-beige palette

motley textiles

A necessary attribute of the hall, regardless of the style of its interior decoration, is a mirror. Whether it is a huge mirror plane in the wall or a modest mirror in a beautiful frame above the dresser &# 8212; It depends on your preference, room size and design of the chosen design.

Beautiful song

Stylistic solutions for the design of utilitarian spaces

It is obvious that the style of interior hallway should at least overlap with the concept of design in all dwellings. If your house or apartment is decorated in eclectic power, the presence of the simply decorated hallway may puzzle not only come to your guests, but also households themselves. As well as the classic hall will look inharmonious in the house designed in a country style. Just how deeply "immerse" the interior of your home business card to the selected stylistic direction you decide. And it was the entrance hall is the first room that we see going into the house or apartment. You can only hint at the use of one or another style in the design of the entire house, creating an easy affair for anyone who gets in your house for the first time.

Sand beige gamut

Interior corridor

Beige color palette is applicable in almost any stylistic direction. But a special love for the many shades of beige famous classic style and its derivatives. The use of marble tiles for flooring, stucco decoration of the ceiling and walls, nice hardwood furniture, luxurious chandeliers and wall sconces with a lot of decorative items made of glass - all this creates a canonically elegant and luxurious atmosphere even more areas.


To create a hallway or any other subsidiary premises in a nautical style, beige can be used not only for decoration, but also used as a basis for the necessary furniture. In order to avoid doubt in the chosen stylistic direction for the design of the room, it is necessary in the decor, lighting and textiles to use blue and white palette, striped print and decorative elements on the theme of the sea.

Sea style

The entrance hall is decorated in an eclectic style, it can be a mix of designs, ideas and techniques gathered from different stylistic directions. The main condition for the use of motley furniture and decor is fairly neutral background. And in this case, the beige palette of finishes - a perfect opportunity to create a bright, non-trivial, but not provocatively artsy interior auxiliary premises.


In the hallway, made with elements of one of the varieties of country style, you can find a wooden bench or a bench as a place to pereobuvaniya, ceiling beams made of untreated wood, antlers are used as hangers and many other subjects indicating belonging to rural life. But it is important for this variety of elements that connect us with nature and the rural way of life, to create an appropriate background, which allows to maintain a modern image of the external space, despite the active use of country motifs.

country elements

Rococo style in the design of residential premises used infrequently in recent years. Current trends in the design space seek maximum practicality and minimalism, and the Rococo style focuses on luxury decoration, design sophistication, the use of expensive, shiny, mirrored surfaces and materials. Carved furniture on curved legs made of solid wood, gilded furniture and decor, mirrors in beautiful frames and huge chandelier with multiple tiers of decorative elements made of glass or crystal - all these components are fused into one magnificent and richly decorated space.


Gilding and marble

The decor and lighting - the finishing touches to the image of the beige hallway

Against the background of light beige walls of almost any decor looks impressive and expressive. Beige palette creates as a neutral background and character of the room, it becomes undetectable in principle, highlighting the original furnishing plan, unique pieces of wall or floor decoration.

The unusual design

The original decor

Wall decor

Beautiful chandelier as the finishing touch in creating a harmonious and elegant interior in beige tones, can be a highlight of utilitarian design of the room. Depending on the hallway or corridor area may be used as a central chandelier, and composition of the pendant of one model.

The original chandelier

The composition of the lamps

A modern interpretation of lighting compositions in the form of metal rings, which in ancient times were established candles, can serve as a way of creating an original lighting in the hallway, where the metal structures used to build the staircase, storage or seating systems. Dark, contrasting elements of metal advantageous to look on a light beige background.

metallic elements

Ceiling lights, different niches, storage systems in the form of open shelves or racks, pieces of furniture or decor, allows you to create unusual appearance utilitarian room even with the most traditional decoration.