To equip a small apartment with a lack of square meters - an art. Fit into a small space is needed for a comfortable living area, so that eventually turned out not only practical, functional, ergonomic, efficient, but also beautiful - is not easy. We all know the canonical advice on visual expansion of space - using a light color palette, mirror and glass surfaces, avoid rough and pronounced textures. But, often, for the repair or reconstruction of the small apartment or a room of small size, not enough practical examples of modern design.

Design small spaces

We offer you a selection of interesting interior design images for the different rooms - from the kitchen to the bedroom. If your apartment is not able to accommodate all the space needed for a comfortable stay residents, maybe you just have not seen examples of their successful arrangement. We hope that the examples presented below interiors help you solve the problem of missing square meters inspire the repair or reconstruction of your home.


The combination kitchen, dining and living room in one room

Let's start with one of the most simple and effective ways of organizing of three essential areas in the space of one room - connect the kitchen, dining and living room. In terms of movement in the apartment or house &# 8212; is to minimize the costs of the traffic, because the cook dinner and serve it immediately in the dining area much easier without ceilings and doors. After finishing the meal, you can go directly to the living room seating area, as well, without crossing the apartment, and with just a couple of steps.


Modern drawing for the kitchen is so powerful and virtually silent, that discomfort about being in the same room with preparing food on the plate, will not. With furniture and carpets, can readily zonirovat space which thus remains sufficiently spacious and open. Using a color palette in all areas. It helps to create a harmonious atmosphere throughout the room.

Living room + kitchen

When using a kitchen island or bar instead of the dining table, it is possible to combine the kitchen and dining area in one, saving a significant amount of precious meters. But it is important to take into account the need to put forward the distance of the table top for a comfortable leg position in the lower part of the island, or the bar.

The bright living-kitchen environment

If the apartment is home to at least four people, the option with the bar can be a good way out. And, of course, use bright palette in the finishing room and the choice of color of the wood to make furniture. Built-in storage system in tone to the floor covering is able to accommodate all the necessary household items. A open shelves and shelves impart some ease of furniture, it is diluted ponderous structure.

Warm wood shades

Cabinet in the living room

Sometimes, it is possible to place in the same room is not only the kitchen area, dining room, living room, but also the cabinet. Successful planning of a narrow but long space allowed ergonomically integrated console as a desk, part of which is a system of storage below the TV. The use of warm, wood tones and light background decoration, coupled with an extensive system of suspended and recessed luminaires, helped create a really cozy, comfortable atmosphere of the common room.

The bright kitchen in the living room

In this case, we see a good example of combining the kitchen working area, a living room and a small home library and reading corner in one room. Bright glossy kitchen to match the carpet looks incredibly positive and festive on the background of snow-white finish. Masonry, used in the design of bookshelves, gives the room a touch of industrial and urbanism.

For glass screen

The use of transparent or opaque glass surfaces gives the small space a feeling of lightness and weightlessness, which is difficult to achieve when congestion furnished rooms. The natural color palette harmonizes with progressive appliances and designer fittings.

The minimalist style

Living room with dining area, it does not look loaded, its interior is minimalist, but at the same time bright and diverse. Covered with white painted brick walls have become an excellent backdrop for the contrasting elements of the decor and furniture.

Luxury living

Dinner Zone

Living-dining room

These lounges, including a poolside look luxurious, despite its modest size. They are not loaded storage systems, but it is not devoid of locations for items that should be on hand. The use of reflective surfaces in furnishing, lighting and decor items, visually increases the volume of the room and dilutes the invoice.

Living in a small room

Living room, where all the family can relax after a difficult day at work, socialize and spend time in a relaxed atmosphere - needed for each apartment. Allocate the necessary square meters for recreational all households can be difficult, but by the example of a modern and comfortable living space, it is clear that to make it real, even on their own, without the help of the designers.

Cabinet in the closet

The small living room look spacious, thanks to the minimalist environment, the use of built-in storage and a bright color scheme. The bivalve closet from floor to ceiling was able to put a place for a home office. When the work is finished. Wardrobe is closed and released more free space of the room.

Two jobs

As part of the living room with fireplace, place just two jobs. Built-in console in such cases turn out to be the most successful way to organize desks.

The snow-white finish

Bright palette and not bulky, lightweight pieces of furniture "save" small room, in a space which is necessary to accommodate several people.

small living room

The fact that one room is a partition wall to the other acts as a large storage system. The warm, low-key colors of textiles and upholstery give the environment a sense of comfort.

With floral print

In this case, we have an example of a cool color scheme for the living room with a large soft zone. More than six people can comfortably sleep in a cozy room with floral decor.


In this small living room, in addition to the dining area, it has been posted yet and a small bed-couch. Whites in finishing the interior and plenty of lighting to visually widen the walls and raise the ceiling.

Seating area

This striking example of the use of even a small room hardly a dining room or living room, but within it can comfortably accommodate 3-4 people. This snow-white finishing in cubicle space is not without design solutions. An interesting chandelier unusual shape became the center of attention focus.

soft zone

Even in a small corner of the common room you can arrange a comfortable seating area with a plush sofa and a place to read, rest and relaxation.

Window seat

In this living room with a neutral color scheme, a good solution was to organize soft zone near the window. An abundance of natural light makes it possible to arrange there a place to read or work.


Living room and study quite harmoniously coexist in a small space, the use is not deaf panel for hanging the TV saved a lot of space without cluttering it with this.

Bedroom within a small residential area

Only at first glance it seems that the organization of a berth, to establish a comfortable bed enough. But for a comfortable stay, the quality of which depends on how we feel during the day, you need to consider many important aspects - from the color palette to the place of storage pastel linen.

bright bedroom

Light, almost white colors, built-in storage with open and closed shelving, use of mirror surfaces - all works on the creation of a spacious room within a small room for sleeping. Large windows and bright textiles also help expand the visual space.

contrast interior

Even in a small room, you can equip the bedroom with a large bed, enough storage system all the necessary things for a comfortable sleep and interesting decor items, and having practical features.

bed closet

A narrow, but quite long room became a refuge for the sleeping area in pastel and neutral colors. Interesting design headboard with the lower tier of seating and mirror, artificially aged the upper level - gives the room personality and glamor, which are only capable of small rooms.

Country and loft

This small bedroom with an eclectic interior offers us the option of mixing a loft style with a country-style. Everything you need is located in a modest-sized room with an interesting, non-trivial design.

ascetic design

Minimalist interior bedroom for one person combines in its austere surroundings and a place to work or creativity. Strict lines, bright colors, a minimum of decoration - the basic concept of a small room for sleeping and working.

Cabinet in the bedroom

In this bedroom there is also a workplace, successfully integrated into a small area of ​​the room. Bright palette premises diluted il bright curtains and warm shades of wood.

Children bedroom

Example of a child's room within a few square meters. The sleeping area is illuminated at the head, capacious storage system, a training area with a desk - and all this on a small piece of space with bright décor and textiles, which is better to choose with your child.

Bedroom cabinet

Such an interior of a bedroom fit for teen rooms, and adult facilities. It includes everything you need to relax, study or work. And all this in a neutral palette, pastel colors and comfortable atmosphere.

Glass cabinet doors

the use of transparent glass doors for the closet - in that little bedroom fun course design has been applied. This helped ease the visual environment of the room in which very little space.

A white trim bedrooms

A white bedroom, coupled with the cabinet via the sliding door system with frosted glass inserts. TV, which could be attached to the ceiling, saves space, and even acts as a subject of decoration.

Bed behind a screen

Sometimes, it is enough to install a screen or a small zagoroditelnuyu structure to zone bedroom space from other functional housing segments.

for racks

Such a screen can be a rack, which can serve as a roomy storage system on both sides. In this case, we see a separation of bedrooms from the kitchen area by a small enclosure system with combined open and closed shelves.

Kitchen, Bedroom

Just a few square meters to set the bed behind a wall of a small kitchen area, which also is part of the living room. The wall separating the area is the support for the open shelves in the kitchen and bedroom closet.

glass compartment

The bedroom can be fitted in a compartment of a spacious living area separated by glass partitions and shuttered curtain system. The result will be saved intimacy of bed and do not need a separate isolation room under this zone.

rack screen

multipurpose room

The bed is located behind a screen of wooden slats, which can be transformed via zashtorivat shutters. As seen in the photos - in one large room housed several small, but vital areas: a bedroom, a living room, kitchen, dining room and bathroom. Due to light the whole room decoration, the room has a light and fresh character, not devoid of individuality.

Sliding glass doors

Placing a small sleeping area for glass sliding doors lounge. With the help of various lighting systems can not create a spacious effect and the "light" of the room.

Bath behind the screen

Another example of the use of the screen, this time in matt, textured glass, to separate the bedroom from the bathroom. Minimalist setting allows you to leave part of the space is not involved, which facilitates the appearance of the premises.

Bunk bed - a way to save space

The Child and Adolescent room and bedroom for two gay young people, the use of bunk beds may be the only possibility of placing beds.

In the children's bedroom

Talk about significant savings in space is not necessary, it is obvious. In addition, children like elevation, cozy cubbyhole and small rooms. With bright wallpaper and textiles saturated colors could create a festive, elegant atmosphere of the children's bedrooms.

Bunk bed

The lower tier of a bunk bed can serve as a sleeper sofa at night and during the day. As part of a small room could accommodate an office and TV-area. Furniture and doors of the dark rocks of natural wood gives the room a luxurious look and feel comfortable chic.

bunk bed

Sometimes for zoning space enough curtains whether the blinds. Everything depends on the lifestyle of the owners premises and their sense of comfort, rest and relaxation.

Sliding mechanisms and prefabricated to assist small room

With the help of sliding structures, hidden mechanisms and folding furniture, it is possible to carve out precious square meters of space, and save a lot of space.

pull-out bed

Pull-out bed is easy to clean up in the morning to the wall and a bedroom converted into a comfortable living just a few minutes. In the case of a one-room apartment a conventional layout, such a mechanism could be the salvation of the interior. System built-in wardrobes with mirrored doors visually expands the space, not to mention the main function as a storage system.

Walk-in transformer

In this room-transformer, many surfaces are sliding or folding. Bed advances, work table tilts from the panel, screen, sofa converts into an extra bed.

folding bed

This bed of glass screen that separates it from the kitchen area, also hinged. If the bed has been removed to the wall, the room becomes a living room.

Bed in the living room

Another example of a folding bed in the living room part of the room.

Folding ironing board

And this is an example of saving space in the utilitarian areas such as laundry, bathroom or kitchen. Folding ironing board with the necessary accessories creates an entire workstation around two square meters.

Small space for kitchen

In many urban homes is the kitchen is a weak point for the creation of a practical working basis and the possibility of placing a dining area. The problem is that within a small area, you need to place a lot of home appliances, work surfaces, storage and make room for the presence of ergonomic hosts.

small kitchen

snow white gloss

Built-in furniture with the integration of appliances helps to save space. The dining area can act as a lightweight console, kitchen island or bar.

White kitchen cabinets

Bright kitchen palette

In the case when the working kitchen area intended quite small space rescue white glossy surface built cabinets with ergonomic integration system of home appliances, sinks and countertops workflow.

The console as a desk

Kitchen with dining table

Remarkably, if the kitchen space can accommodate, among other things also a dining area. But light and decoration in this case remains a priority.

A small kitchen area

In this case, the dining area is located behind a bar, with access to the living room, while the kitchen has its own, separate access to the common room.

A small kitchen space

This is a small kitchen area is presented in contrasting colors, where the traditional type of white kitchen cabinets are combined with dark stone worktops and items of household appliances.

The console as a table for two

Remote console with a couple of bar stools can become a place for dinner couples, not even pretending to square footage a tiny kitchen area.

kitchen island

Using the kitchen island as a dining table - successful saving space and making the room style and chic.


The utilitarian spaces to organize a comfortable and practical environment becomes easier, thanks to modern technology. Finishing materials and progressive enhancement. The room for water procedures can be sacrificed bathroom, replacing it with a compact shower. Suspended toilet and sink also saves space, freeing it for storage.