In addition to load-bearing walls in modern homes are often applied interior walls, which, depending on the design of the room may have different functions. Partitions made of various materials can serve zoning elements act as supports for a variety of storage systems, Spatial video area or simply act as a decorative element. On real design projects presented in our photo collection, you can see the different types of interior partitions. Find out what materials are used to manufacture them, and what the latest trends in design are used for modern interiors of urban and suburban homes. We hope that the interesting design ideas, practical and functional variants of interior walls will inspire you for the repair or reconstruction of a small own home.

decorative partition

Speaking simply, the interior walls - this same wall, but in a lightweight version. The main function of partitions - the division of space, which means - zoning area. But there are also decorative partitions, which carry a very conventional separation and are more likely to decorate the interior. There are deaf, clear and combined design options for space zoning. Let us consider the most popular options for interior partitions and their scope.

The original design partitions

Stationary partitions - an additional wall

By Stationary partitions are structures of brick, stone, plasterboard, aerated concrete, wood and glass blocks. This partition, which carry not only the zoning function, but also get on well soundproofed space segments. They have good moisture resistant properties, strong and durable. On these walls you can hang shelves, television and different wall décor.

Stationary divider with shelves

So-called baffle-screens are supports to which is attached a base material for screen type. Depending on the complexity of the design and selected material supports and screens, such as the partition can be installed with the help of specialists, as well as their own. Designs are strong enough, but not so as to strengthen them shelves or drawers. The advantage is that, despite the quite obvious zoning, full coverage from one room to another is not isolated.

Partitions Screens

Partitions, shelves are incredibly popular because of its functionality. Open or combined shelves can be placed both from the floor and at a distance therefrom - depending on the arrangement of furniture in the functional area. You can perform two-way rack or deaf on one side. It is obvious that such a structure should be sufficiently strong and durable.

The partition-shelf

The original partition-shelf

Dividing wall of open shelves and cabinet

One of the options is fixed baffle construction for a fireplace. Duct for the hearth is located in the cavity walls, for this purpose it must have a sufficient inner space. The advantage of such a fireplace, located inside the wide walls, is the ability to watch the fire from different points of the room. But there are also disadvantages to such structures. If the construction of the glass or wooden room divider you do not require a permit for such services, it is not so easy with the installation of the fireplace, especially with dwellings apartment buildings.

The partition-fireplace

Dividing wall with corner fireplace

Some partitions represent a complex consisting of storage, work surfaces and space integrated in the design of appliances. For example, here is a furniture ensemble, located between the kitchen and dining areas

Partition as part of the kitchen units

Scope stationary partitions

In stationary partitions are lots of options within the application, as the small apartments and large private houses. For example, the use of partitions to separate the space bedroom and bathroom - frequently used design method. Such partition allows you to install from the bathroom sinks with mirrors (hidden in the cavity of communication more walls), and from the bedroom TV or hang a picture, open shelves for books or small things.

The partition between the bedroom and bathroom

A similar version of the combined partitions allows you to create a whole range of storage systems, placing the video area on one side and a desk on the other. This design is appropriate in the living room, in which the office is located.

The partition between the living room and study

Using stationary partitions in a large living space separates the dining area or library. As a result, we can achieve the desired privacy for certain functional housing segments.

Stationary partitions in the living room

The same goes for the dining room separated from the living room. Glass partitions do not hinder the penetration of light, but create an intimate atmosphere.

Stationary partitions with glass inserts

Decorative "lacy" partitions separating the living room from the dining room, do not prevent the penetration of natural light, add a unique interior, but at the same time perform its main function - is zoned space.

Decorative stationary baffle

The original design of the snow-white walls

& Quot; laced & quot; partition

& Quot; lace & quot; in oriental style

Similar baffles can also be used as a zoned utilitarian elements spacious rooms. In this case it is necessary to ensure that the material has a sufficiently high water-resistant qualities.

Partition in a contrasting interior

The one-room studio apartment is very difficult to do without partitions. Zoning segment sleeper perfect partition of light wood, given that this material is actively involved in the design of the furniture and even the decoration.

Partition in a studio apartment

Some types of stationary partitions are created not only for the purpose of zoning, as many holders. Most often, these designs are used to fix the TV and other video-audio equipment.

The partition-holder

Sliding and revolving walls - a functional element of the interior

From the name itself it is clear that these interior walls serve as walls and doors at the same time. Spreading whether a partition of the type-door coupe, or folded like a book - the main function of zoning space similar designs perform in the first place.

Partition clamshell

With sliding glass partitions in the form of sliding doors can effectively isolate the functional segment disposed in a room other practical guide, e.g., insulate bedroom located in the living room. The same can be done with the office, located in the common room or dressing room, located in the bedroom. Similar partitions have sufficiently high insulation properties, strong and durable. But here's the mount such design on their own would be very difficult.

Bedroom for sliding partitions

Boudoir in the bedroom behind the glass

Sliding partitions and doors

Sliding partitions and doors according to the type of wooden horizontal blinds fit perfectly in a modern interior, especially if the color of the wood repeated in other premises of design elements.

The original performance of the retractable wall

Swivel design MDF can perform several functions - serve as a holder for the technology content, used as a storage system in the living area and the bedroom has a segment on such a partition can hang a mirror or a picture, not to mention the fact that the partition can be rotated depending on the situation.

Swivel partition

Adaptive partitions blinds in a vertical modification allows to create different levels of secrecy functional zones within the large room, depending on the angle of rotation of the structural elements. Typically, these partitions are provided with electric drive and equipped with a remote control.

indexing mechanism

Materials for the manufacture of partitions

Interior partitions, depending on the design of the design and interior spaces, the functional underpinnings and the installation can be made of different materials:

  • tree;
  • glass;
  • acrylic materials;
  • drywall;
  • polycarbonate;
  • brick;
  • foam concrete blocks;
  • combined &# 8212; Metal-plastic, or metal frame with glass inserts, bamboo, textiles, paper reed.

combined partition

Most often you can find the use of drywall to create a perfectly flat and smooth surface of the room divider. Such designs are easy to install, which can be carried out independently and take up little space. The only drawback walls of plasterboard - no sufficient strength for fastening the shelves, cabinets and other devices.

Dressing for a partition

Plasterboard partitions

Plasterboard partitions may even be curved. Furnish obtained smooth surfaces is carried out based on the stylistic, color and texture making facilities.

flowing shapes

Wooden partitions bring to the interior of the natural warmth and uniqueness. For many styles of design space wooden structures are not only relevant, but also become raisins design.

wooden partitions

The original performance of the screen

The partition-screen made of wood

Wooden partitions can be left in its natural color, and can be coated with paint. One of the most popular flower color is white. Lace design white tone light and airy, but only superficially. In fact, these walls can easily support the weight of the open shelves or brackets, perform the functions of a desk, stand or dressing table (depending on the functional purpose of the room).

Wood décor

The partition of the tree in the living room

Acrylic surface - a variation of decorative glass are also common in the design projects of recent times. Eco-friendly, durable, wear-resistant, but the lightweight construction of the acrylic can become a practical decoration of modern homes. Surfaces are available in transparent and tinted versions, there are models with stained glass windows.

Transparent screen in the bathroom

To create glass partitions used specially tempered glass, with improved strength and durability properties. Of course, such designs are not cheap, and for their installation will be necessary to address to experts.

Sliding translucent design

Glass in the bathroom

Patterned safety glass allows light to penetrate, but it is almost completely hides what is happening behind the partition. To separate bathroom area, located in the bedroom, this design is practical and functional design solutions.

Glass bath in the bedroom

Similar versions of glass partitions, but only in a sliding version can be used to separate the kitchen from the dining room or living room.

Zoning the kitchen from the living room

Partitions made of polycarbonate are easy to care, light and durable. With such structures do not need to worry about the possibility of splitting (true for homes with small children). Theoretically, these partitions can be set independently, but must be very precisely extinct size to partition movement along the carrier-rail construction was unobstructed and last a long time.

Secure sliding design

Bright sliding screen

Combined walls do not occur less frequently. The base of the drywall (which can take almost any form, even a wavy) with inserts made of other materials - wood, polycarbonate, glass or even lightweight netting of rope, twine.

Decorative inserts in the wall

The partition between the dining and living room

Combined with design decor

Partitions on a steel frame and wooden elements arranged in a chaotic manner - not only is zoned as a decorative design which introduces into the interior of uniqueness, originality and creativity.

unusual partitioning

By original design solutions for the execution of partitions include an option of using bamboo, covered with special varnishes and antiseptics for long-term operation in a utilitarian room with high humidity. For example, in a bathroom wall may be separated from the zone to the toilet water treatment segment.

The partition of bamboo

Another way of bringing originality in the interior space - the use of an overhead composition, composed of a plurality of steel chains. These designs will be an organic look in the rooms, decorated in a contemporary style, loft or high-tech.

The original suspension structure

In terms of ease of installation, the most practical option zoning function rooms segments - conventional curtains. The modern interior organic complement will be thick curtains on lurex inserted into the metal rod.

Curtain as a partition