Unique comfort of country wooden house or that is capable of not replace even the most stylish design and advanced finishing materials. After all, a country cottage embodies the traditional style, the style of eco-friendly housing, which then can be quite varied. Today there are many different ways in the style reminiscent of both Russian hut and wooden modern villas. For example, at home, created in traditional Japanese style, or all kinds of non-standard forms and solutions. In general, I must say, their own interior design of a country house - a very thrilling and exciting process. However, there are some nuances that still need to be taken into account by creating your interior.

The extraordinary natural beauty of wood in the interior of a country housekitchen interior in a wooden cottage Noble tree in a luxurious interior wooden cottageMaking a living in a wooden country houseThe interior is designed in the style of & quot; Russian hut & quot;Light wood in the interior of a country houseImpressive wooden living room in a country cottageBathroom interior in a wooden house

What should be taken into account, creating the interior of a wooden house

It is very important that the style of the interior inside combined with the architecture of the house outside. Agree, it would be extremely disappointing if your home, for example, is made up of wonderful good-quality laminated veneer lumber, and at the same time, inside is not how attractive finish devoid of any imagination and taste. The interior of the house and the house itself must comply with and present a coherent whole. And all of the individual components and elements of the interior, in turn, must be combined together to form a harmonious way.

Wooden kitchen in the interior of a country cottage

Surprisingly positive wooden kitchen

What determined the interior design

Typically, the interior design is determined by such things as walls, floor, ceiling, doors and windows, as well as the selected style and the purpose of each particular room. Styles in which you can do the interior, there is quite a lot, it's a classic, and modern and minimalism and art deco and so much more. Among other things, very often use a method of combining different styles, which is very advantageous variant. For example, modern elements can be present even in the classical style, if they're relevant, fit perfectly into the interior, and in harmony with the surrounding space. After all, our main task - to emphasize their individuality and uniqueness, as well as possible to reflect the particular views and tastes of the owners home.

Interior wooden bathroom Prirodgaya extraordinary natural beauty of wood in the interior of the cottage The beauty of natural wood in the interior of the kitchen Impressive bathroom made of natural wood

Features interior design decoration of wooden houses

One of the most common design techniques - is the preservation of wood in the interior of the structure. After all, wooden houses, in contrast to urban apartments practically do not require any finishing. Here you need not worry about the alignment of the walls, as well as primer surfaces. And the wallpaper glue do not need, because noble and environmentally friendly structure will flow perfectly into any interior. The only thing that you will need to do - is toning timber in accordance with the chosen color of the interior space. Using this technique ensures special warm home atmosphere.

Stained wood in the interior of a wooden houseAs a finishing material of interior decoration at home - toned drevesinaa
From the color of the logs directly depends on the nature of the premises. If the tree is whitewashed, it brings a rustic flavor to the interior. The logs are painted in bright pastel colors, reminiscent of Provence of the 19th century. The ceiling is typically a conventional wooden beams in different colors.

The ceiling of wooden beamsThe ceiling is moboy ordinary wooden beams

And for the finishing of the floor is used laminate, parquet or a wooden board.

As used flooring laminateWood planks on the floor a wonderfully harmonize with wooden interiorLaminate as a finish floor material
Very often used rustic style, namely, polished walls, then applied to the surface varnish. The interior of a log house is simply amazing in itself. He is so attractive for its natural, that is able to create an unusual romance and a sense of calm for the inhabitants of the house, because closer to nature and natural beauty. In addition, the house of the carcass has original and unique patterns on the wood, and therefore is a very effective alternative.

Log walls - interior, close to nature
Natural stone or imitation in the interior create a very respectable appearance, besides finishing this extremely durable and reliable.

Stone is in harmony with the wooden interiorBeautiful wooden cottage with a stone in the interior zhekorativnymStone in the interior of the wooden kitchen
A surprisingly beautiful color of natural wood has a unique heat, especially when combined with the heat coming from the cozy fireplace and comfortable furniture.

Fireplace creates a unique comfort in the interior of a wooden living room Fireplace in the interior of a country house

What should be the furniture

The furniture in the interiors of wooden houses can be absolutely any style, from classic to modern models, representing the latest materials and design. Although, it should be noted that the designers prefer still noble wood furniture, which is best suited to a wooden house, as well, will contribute to the creation of the most warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Furniture made of dark wood in the interior of a wooden houseWooden furniture is in harmony with the wooden interior of the kitchenUpholstered furniture fits perfectly into the interior of a wooden house

In general, it should be remembered that correctly chosen and conveniently placed furniture will emphasize the beauty and uniqueness of the wood texture. A wooden furniture in all its characteristics superior to any other, and emphasizes your status and taste.