Today, the laminated coating is considered one of the most popular in the market of building materials. For a relatively low price the buyer receives an excellent floor, which is characterized by high wear resistance, a wide range of colors, diversity of species and excellent aesthetic appearance. The material is environmentally friendly, durable and easy to maintain and install. You can buy it in any store construction materials. Laminate sold in packages, although in some cases, can be purchased individually. Other secrets laminate: stacking, views, photo in the interior, tips on how to choose and more here.

Marking laminate packaging

Packaging laminate has the following size

Laminate - a prefabricated floor covering, consisting of boards or plates which when connected to each other and form a continuous floor. Therefore, many buyers are often concerned about how much material you need to prepare in order to not have to re-buy it during installation.

Number of laminate packaging

Information about how many boards are packed and what is the area of ​​one of the board can be found on the package itself. As a rule, the number of lamellae depends on the manufacturer, but is considered to be the most common packaging from 6 to 9 pieces. Although sometimes pack and 10 - 12 pieces of slats. But, how many meters in the packaging laminate, you can count yourself by multiplying the area of ​​one of the board by the number in the package.

The size of one board, depending on the brand and class averages 1261 x 189 x 7 mm, although other dimensions are found, for example, 1285h194h8 mm, 1210 x 191 x 8 mm or 1324 x 330 x 8 mm. For example, use laminated to 330 mm to simulate tiles. The most popular format - about 190 mm. Experts believe that it is of such a size optimal for simulating color and pattern of wood. The length of the board is also not a standard - from 1132 until 1845 mm. Therefore, knowing how many meters of laminate packaging can easily count how many packages need to purchase for their needs. Incidentally, it is desirable to immediately buy all the required amount of material. For sometimes making an error when calculating the buying and then missing laminate can be obtained at all other material in tone or shade different from the previously acquired.

material weight

Know the weight of the laminate packaging for its styling is almost not necessary. This information will likely need to transport packages. Almost always packing slats weighs 15 kg, but this information is relative: the board are of different size and packaging them, too, is a different number. There package weighing less than 10kg and more than 16kg. Packaging laminate is produced by plants producing special equipment:

  1. IMPACK + T40, whose capacity is up to 2100 packages per hour;
  2. FS-40, the performance depends on the length pakuemogo goods;
  3. FS-60, working with different performance, which depends on the length of the coating.

Typically, the material is packed in polyethylene shrink film with a thickness of 80 microns. This packaging laminate is reliably protects against contamination. In addition, the transparent laminate packaging allows the buyer to see well pattern and color of the coating, as well as a page with a description of the goods. Usually it indicates what the producer belongs to a packed material, abrasion resistance class, the area of ​​one of the board and the weight of the packaging laminate. Among other things, the packaging must be marked with the code and the name of the decoration board.

laminate production