If you plan to carry out repairs or reconstruction of bathrooms and are at the stage of selection of ceramic tiles for decoration, this publication is for you! A small room, which is like no other in need of a clean, even sterile atmosphere - ideal for the decoration of surfaces with tiles. Ceramic, stone, mosaic tiles - quite strong and durable material, easily maintained and easy to install. Ceramic tiles represented in a variety of color palettes discharged patterned, textured protuberances, mirror, glass surfaces. But the wide range of models and colors we offer manufacturers, the harder it is to make the right decision and choose an option like that will delight their appearance for many years.

Bright interior of the toilet

contrasting colors

We hope that the selection of a small toilet interior, finishing in one way or another is present facing tile, it will inspire you to own exploits in the framework of the planned repair. Specific examples of color combinations, layout and configuration of the tiles allow you to present a particular model within their own bathrooms.

Warm colors

Background for an antique mirror

Consider the examples of real-world design projects, what types of tiles can be used for surface finishing in a small closet, how best to combine the color and texture solutions within small spaces.

glossy tiles

Mosaic tiles for wall toilets

Mosaic tiles have several advantages over conventional ceramic tiles - it is suitable for facing not only flat surfaces, but also concave, arched, convex, asymmetric planes. From the mosaic tiles can be spread patterns, geometric designs and finished panels with images. Small mosaic tiles made of ceramic, glass, a mirror, steel surfaces, individually or ready blocks.

The bright colors

Pastel shades of mosaic

For small spaces bright color palette is definitely preferable, it allows you to visually expand the space and psychologically easier to bear as part of closed small space. Light beige palette of mosaic tiles became the best one for finishing small bathrooms.

The abundance of mirror surfaces

Among marble flooring and abundance of mirror surfaces, mosaic tiles neutral cool tones created ultra interior bathrooms. Nontrivial execution shell, mirrored ceiling, built-in system of the highlights - it works to create a futuristic atmosphere of a small room.

Dark and rich accent wall

Dark, rich color accent wall mosaic on the background of snow-white trim, plumbing and decoration items, looks bright, impressive, is active.

The silvery tones

Another accent wall a mosaic, but in a more quiet, though the colored version. Mosaic is very advantageous to look together with mirrored surfaces and glossy monochrome tiles on a nearby wall.

Porcelain tiles for the floor and not only

Porcelain tiles - a ceramic tile high strength, as a rule, it is used for lining the floor, but in recent years is gaining popularity use of a persistent and finishing material for walls.

The dark shades of gray

The wall of granite

Ceramic granite is very convenient for the cladding. As a rule, tile of this durable material of larger size than normal ceramics, and walls made much faster. The variety of tones and colors allows you to find a suitable option for any interior style.

natural shades

Warm shades ceramic, gradually turning from the floor covering to the wall, a mosaic decorated rim perimeter. The upper part of the walls painted in a natural shade, perfectly finished image of a nice in all respects interior bathrooms.

Wood and ceramics

It is the rare case when the designer decides to use for floors wooden floor and porcelain tiles to put on one of the walls facing the toilet. The result is a rigorous, not an unusual design utilitarian premises.

With dark grout

Bright palette toilet

Neutral colors

For all homeowners who prefer to use in the decoration of utilitarian buildings minimalist neutral finish, suitable option facing all surfaces with a glossy porcelain medium size.

The red colors

Gray-white palette bathrooms

The dark colors

A similar version of the facing surfaces of one type of tile, but in a dark, natural colors. In this room will need to pay special attention to lighting, or small space with a rather dark palette will be psychologically "push" in the household.

The Art Nouveau

Porcelain tiles with imitation wood surfaces - enough popular colors for modern interiors of bathrooms and toilets.

Gray and charcoal

bleached wood

A similar example tiles, but the color bleached wood. If the space of the shower, it is obvious that it is necessary to coat all surfaces in the bathroom area of ​​the tile can be saved by painting one of the walls with latex paint or wallpaper paste.

Toilet and shower

Textured tiles - an original approach to the finish toilet surfaces

Convex, sculptural tiles of various colors and shapes are now presented in a wide range of manufacturers. With it you can make not only color, but also in a variety of textured design of toilet room. Cost textured tiles are usually a little higher than normal smooth models from ceramics, but the effect produced by the lining of the costs.

Variegated masonry

textured tiles

Using textured multicolored trim tiles can perform one accent wall, the other surface painted or wallpapered okleit Uni. The image of the room only benefit from this, and your financial budget will be spared.


Another embodiment of accent walls with textured glossy tiles. The multi-faceted ceramic saturated color brightness is not only brought into the interior of the toilet, but also to raise the overall degree of space.

pearl tiles

Original pearl tiles can decorate a bathroom in a classic style or the style of the Baroque. The contrasting dark wood furniture and doors only emphasized the noble color textured tiles.

Colorful tiles - add brightness utilitarian room

Tile with a pattern or patterns used for walls for so long that it is hard to find the origins of the use of this bright and nontrivial finishing material. With the help of colored tiles, you can create any mood toilet room, accent select areas, emphasize the perimeter or individual interior, plumbing.

The patchwork

Use tile patchwork for facing all small room space is not only expensive but also too brightly. But for certain finishing planes, especially zones at greatest moisture and contamination, ceramic tile patterned fit perfectly. Raznoshersty pattern tile makes a variety of colors bathrooms, gives the mood of the room a positive attitude and lightness.

Tiles with ornament

One use of tiles with patterns - design accent wall. Bright and original interior in this case, your toilet is provided.

Multicolored tiles

Several bright saturated colors on a single surface will provide a high degree of your interior. Accent wall will look advantageous in the neighborhood with bright trim, neutral colors.

Tile "metro" for a bathroom - a classic of the genre

In our country, often to hear another name for this type of square tiles - "hog". Using ceramic, stone, marble, granite, glass, mirror tiles can coat the surface imitating brickwork. This is the traditional surface finishes of bathrooms and toilets, kitchen aprons, never goes out of fashion. You can be sure that the repairs you made bathrooms will be relevant for many years.

Dark glossy tiles

Dark glossy tiles sulfur "Metro" with brown grout to match the wooden elements - practical and original type of finish toilet surfaces. Against the background of the dark snow-white sanitary tiles looks even more snow-white.

marble tiles

Marble Tiles "metro" for facing apron bathrooms and a similar color mosaic option for flooring - a good choice for a modest-sized room. Luxury classic is always in trend.

mirror tiles

Mirror option tiles "pylon" not only decorate the interior bathrooms, but also visually expand the space. True efforts to care mirror surfaces require more than their matte and glossy counterparts.

Tiles in pastel colors

Facing the wall above the work surface bathrooms in pastel tones gave the overall color scheme premises even greater refinement, sophistication.

The vertical arrangement of tiles

The vertical arrangement of the masonry of the "Metro" tile diversified snow-white environment small bathrooms. Dark grout in the color of wood flooring contributed to the allocation of vertical bricks.

A white tile

Do not count the number of design projects utilitarian premises in which participated a snow-white tiles "Metro" with the same trowel. Edging using mosaic tiles, and used for floors and animalistic image diluted bright palette bathrooms.

Tile & quot; underground & quot;

Apron lined with tiles & quot; underground & quot;

Another traditional way to design the walls of bathrooms - lining a snow-white tiled "Metro" with a dark grout until about mid-surfaces, and actually painted in a neutral color that can be repeated in the accessories and decor items.

& Quot; Subway & quot; with white grout

Accent wall with tiles & quot; underground & quot;

Again, all the familiar "building blocks" of the tiles look decent campaign with a snow-white grout, representing in our court the ideal image of a small room, practical and accurate.

Marble tile & quot; underground & quot;

Marble Tiles "Metro" design to a toilet in warm beige tones will be an excellent complement that bring the space of a utilitarian room a touch of luxury and nobility of natural materials.

The blue tones

Glossy tiles "pylon" of different shades of the same color sector - great for small spaces. Such a finish will last a long time, and care will require modest.

The loft

As if deliberately aged appearance with scuffed tile has become the perfect choice for design accent wall closet in the loft style.

glass tile

Glass tile light blue tones became an ornament of white interiors, which could pass for a sterile room. Even a small amount of space, lined with tiles can change the whole image of the toilet room.

Combined finishing using tiles

The use of tiles of different colors and textures within the same surface - a good option for a variety of interior bathrooms.

combining tiles

Successful neighborhood glossy tiles "Metro" and textured multi-colored tile has brought harmony to the situation of a small closet. Despite the use of neutral tones, the room looks bright and attractive.

Pebbles and ceramics

Reddish-brown shades and granite pebble stone used for the combined finishes create an interesting image of the room. The original shell execution has completed a non-trivial way.

Ceramics and mosaics

Ceramic and mosaic tiles perfectly complement each other, low-key, but the memorable alliance blends harmoniously with the interior of a small closet with a snow-white sanitary ware original form.