Wine - it's nice nectar, it calms and distracts from the everyday stress and worries, gives a good mood. His pleasant warmth envelops you from the first sip. Of course, all is good in moderation. Wine, as well as other alcoholic beverages, should not be abused. Therefore, pampering yourself to one or two glasses for a friendly chat or a nice meal, you plunge into the pleasure that gives the wine.

To this nectar gave you all my beauty and not to spoil, it must be properly stored. For this there are special wine cellar, especially if you are a collector.

Wine Vault

Why is it so important that the wine is kept in a special place? This is necessary because the wine beverage not withstand changes in temperature, and hence climate normal rooms it does not fit, there it will lose its properties and quality. For it is necessary to maintain a constant temperature, and thus create a specially equipped room for these purposes.

Construction of wine cellar

Thus, the temperature in this special room should not fall below 10 degrees Celsius and no more than 14 Humidity should be maintained at around 70% to not moldy cork. It is also important to create the right lighting, in any case should not be allowed direct sunlight and, therefore, ultraviolet, it will damage the wine. If the room nepodvalnoe and it has a window, the better to get rid of them, do not just close the blackout curtains or shutters, and even repaired. Lighting should only be artificial. Even the wine does not tolerate vibration, if next to your house is a highway or a railroad, the taste of the drink can be spoiled. All this will help you get professionals who know a lot about the business. Nowadays, arrangement of wine cellars with all necessary devices has become quite popular, and find the right artists and the equipment - no problem.

Specially equipped wine cellar

But if you want a more economical way of maintaining the right climate for your wine, then pay attention to the special air conditioning. Its installation is not difficult, but to use it quite simply.

Construction of wine cellar

So, if you have decided to create a special room where the wine is stored, choose for this room, which would meet all the requirements of the beverage storage. First, determine for themselves the size of the cellar, it will depend on the amount of your wine, and on what else you'd like to equip a room. For example, in the cellar can be nothing but shelves with bottles of wine.

Only racks and nothing but

Or you can add an interior table, chairs, stools, and even something of a sofa with pillows. Here you will be pleased to sit down with friends, family, and enjoy a good conversation, tasting a magic drink.

Lovely area for storing wine! Table and chairs in the cellar Comfortable wine tavern Wine cellar with private facilities

You can, in general, to turn your wine cellar in the likeness of the bar - a perfect showcase of wine, low-hanging light fixtures and more embedded in the ceiling, to give a smooth and diffused light. And, of course, itself a bar counter and chairs. This is a very interesting and fun design solution.

Wine cellar in the form of bars

And if you equip the racks neon, your cellar will acquire a unique atmosphere and will definitely be a source of pride for you and delight for guests.

Neon lights in the wine cellar

Having defined the size and interior decoration, the next step will be correctly matched door. After all, if you create a specific and constant climate for a drink, it is important that the external environment does not penetrate into the cellar. Therefore the door has to be very thick and perfectly adjacent to the opening.

Tight door in the cellar of wine

How to decorate the cellar interesting and mind?

Once you've done the steps above, select the materials that will be used for interior decoration. The most commonly used natural stone, brick, wood, and tile or laminate flooring. This is the most suitable finishing materials for the interior. They all have durability, resistance to mechanical and physical damage, heat resistance, ruggedness in terms of cleaning and excellent appearance.

Wild stone - a natural design and magical atmosphere.

Wild stone in the interior of the cellar Interior cellar made of stone Cellar in stone Finishing stone wild cellar

Brick - the brutality and masculinity.

Brick in the interior of the cellar Brutal interior cellar

The tree - an environmentally friendly material, and a magnificent view.

The wine cellar of wood Cellar decorated in wood The tree in the interior of the cellar Magnificent views of the cellar of wood Tree in the wine cellar

Floor tiles can be laid out, it is a standard option for classics lovers.

Floor tiles in the wine cellar

Another well-suited for floor laminates - nice and tidy.

Laminate in the wine cellar

As well as any other material of your choice.

And finally, a small but very important piece of advice for all wine connoisseurs: Store bottles on their sides, so that the tube was immersed in the content. It also helps to preserve the quality of the beverage.

The correct position of the bottles in the cellar Proper arrangement of bottles of wine in a cellar

No matter how equipped your wine cellar, the main thing that he brought joy to you and your guests, because it is here that creates a memorable intimate atmosphere which to trust and friendly conversation.

The unique atmosphere of the wine cellar Warmth and comfort in the wine cellar interesting cellar The magnificence of the wine cellar