Modern home - it's not just a place for living, it is the whole world for its owners, a reflection of their views on comfort, aesthetics and functionality. When registering your home, owners can realize how their design ideas and take advantage of current trends, passed through the prism of their own notions of beauty, harmony and practicality. A fashion for interior design does not stand still - new materials, and combinations thereof, expired color palettes and patterns of furniture, household appliances. Of course, a change in the field of interior design trends is not as fast as the change mainstreams of fashion clothes, for example. But a definite change in trend can be seen with every new season. If you are planning a small repair or alteration in his private home, if you want to see the house is not only convenient, practical, attractive in appearance, but also modern, our impressive collection of actual design projects for you.

Interior of modern living room

Kitchen-dining room in a private house

Major trends in design houses in 2017

The bright and spacious rooms

Plenty of room and plenty of light - the key to success in the creation of any interior design. If your home has spacious rooms with large windows, then arrange it in a contemporary style is not difficult. Fortunately, the case with large areas in private homes are much rosier than the standard apartments in the building. In its home ownership possible and doorways and windows replaced expand panoramic if desired. But it happens that in the private homes of the room do not differ large volumes. If the physical space can not be increased, it remains only to achieve visual increasing the room settings. In the course are all known design techniques - the use of bright colors for surface finishing, mirror, glass and glossy surfaces, increasing the light sources of illumination and distribution in the zones of the system, the application layout, which allows natural light to spread unchecked, the rejection of draping the windows or the use of thin, translucent fabrics.

living room light

A spacious and bright dining room

Detached house with glass walls

Volume, space and light

Dining room with large arched windows

Combining functional areas

Combining the kitchen, dining room and living room in one large room is relevant not only in homes, but also private households. Do not lose popularity the use of an open-plan when combining functional segments. For many owners of private apartments is more convenient to use the space, which combines all important for the whole area of ​​family - kitchen, dining room and living room. Often added to a combination of space and a hallway area or the common corridor. In this case, the parents' bedroom and children isolated in separate rooms, as are isolated bathrooms and toilets.

Combining functional segments

combined space

Kitchen-dining room in a spacious room

Disposition of the House,

When making a general room in which the kitchen area, dining room and living room flow smoothly into one another, it is important to sustain the overall concept, but at the same time effectively zoned space. As a rule, such a multi-functional space is performed in a single decoration, furniture models in different segments have the stylistic execution, but may differ in color and texture. Only in the kitchen area you can find a retreat from the general choice of finishing materials - a kitchen apron and floor in the work area can be carried out with the help of ceramic (stone) tile. In addition, each functional zone has its light sources - spot or in the form of a tape backlight.

Kitchen-dining-living room in one room

Wood everywhere

multifunctional space

Traditional kitchen-dining room

But the combination of functional zones affected not only compounds the living room with kitchen and dining room. In modern homes is rare to find a home office as a separate room. The only exceptions are the owners, working at home and spending at the writing desk or computer most of the day. In other cases, a small home office is located within the premises with other functionalities. For example, in the bedroom desktop can, among other things play a role, and a dressing table. Most often, the workplace is at the window, but it all depends on the size, layout and number of window openings of the room.

Emphasis on chair

Bedroom in blue tones

pastel shades

As a workplace can be placed in the dining room, if it is set apart in a separate room a large area ...

Workplace in the dining room

No less popular is the introduction of home mini-office space in the living room ...

Cabinet in the living room

Home office in the living room

Using eco-motives

The introduction of eco-style motifs in a modern interior - is not a new trend. But in the new season, it does not lose its relevance. After all, many of us would like to feel close to nature in a noisy and dusty city, and the easiest way to do this in a cozy and quiet harbor - own home. Using natural materials and live plants can be difficult to bring warm notes in the modern interior, but also to create a truly exclusive design. For example, the wooden beams in the rough handling will be contrasting look and minimalist interior or among the glossy and metallic luster and decorated in the style of hi-tech.

Eco-motifs in a modern style

Natural motives in the bedroom

Tree in the decoration and furnishing

The combination of materials

The emphasis on the design of the ceiling

The emphasis on the elements of wood

natural motifs

finishing Features

Modern style focuses on residential design personal comfort. Even in finishing surfaces of convenience and practicality, durability and environmentally friendly materials becomes more important than aesthetic. Therefore, the plain surface, not harmful to human and the environment, easily maintained and can be operated for a long time become mainstream. Very popular introduction into the room with the usual trim imitation concrete surfaces. Create a "concrete" wall or part of it is possible by means of liquid wallpaper, decorative plaster or non-woven fabrics. Not less popular cork wall coverings, or portions thereof. Environmental friendliness, the ability to "breathe", excellent sound and thermal insulation properties are placed in priority.

concrete surfaces

combined finishing

original finish

Concise way to finish

One of the trends that appeared a couple of seasons ago, was the use of textured finishing materials for the design accent walls in bedrooms, living rooms, offices, dining rooms, and even children's rooms. The use of textile wallpapers, wall panels made of different materials, allows not only to create a variety in the finishing of the vertical surfaces of the room, but to fulfill a truly unique interior design.

Accent wall

Combining finishing materials

Another no less popular trend in the design accent walls is to use masonry. This may be a real brick wall, left in its natural color scheme and only treated with the necessary antiseptics, can be simulated with the help of wallpaper or wall panels, tiles. Actual and staining the brick walls in white color (or any light, pastel tone - depending on the colors of the interior), the surface of the focus is not that color, and textured.

The snow-white brickwork

Decorating kitchen facilities

Unusual finishes, wall and ceiling

The original design

contrast interior

Trendy colors

White never goes out of fashion. And not only because it contributes to the excellent visual extension of the space in small rooms. In large areas it is used at least as the main background. With white color you can create a light, airy, almost weightless image interior. In addition, it goes well with any color solutions objects rest room design, which is important for homeowners who have decided to make the home renovation project yourself. On a white background, even dull subjects look contrasting, expressive, impressive

white surface

The bright image of the room

Bright living room design

The bright surface in the kitchen

The snow-white kitchen idyll

Contrasting combinations do not go out of fashion for several seasons. Dynamic, expressive, and while superficially attractive images of space that manages to create alternating white surfaces with dark spots, and loved by designers and their customers. Black-and-white interior is diluted with various shades of gray, the introduction of wood surfaces. The result is fresh, but simple, modern but cozy rooms images.

Contrast cuisine decoration

The alternation of light and dark

contrasting combinations

Contrast image of living

Modern contrast design

White-black interior

The latest trend is the integration of bright interior in the bright image of the room. Against the background of white or pastel-colored surfaces of any piece of furniture or decor will look impressive, expressive. But this season, designers are offering not a "modest" in the selection and purchase accent really bright, colorful interior design elements. It can be deep and dark tones and bright vivid colors.

Bright interior items

accent spots

bright details

Bright objects on a white background

This season is incredibly popular complex shades of blue. Ultramarine and turquoise, malachite blue and indigo, blue doped with a white or gray color "worn jeans" or clear sky - all these variations can be used as the basic background space (it depends on its size and location relative to the sides of beam), and as a accent bright spots in the image space.

Colorful tone storage

Color solution for the kitchen

The original color scheme

Bright turquoise accents

The deep blue-gray color of the furniture

Beautiful shade facades

The combination of blue and blue shades with mustard, sand, golden and lemon tones becoming mainstream modern design projects. Combinations brave enough, require the intervention of specialists. It is therefore necessary, and finishing materials and furniture have to choose what is called "live". Do not rely on the photos on the Internet - shades should be in harmony, promote the creation of a positive, easy, but at the same time the exclusive atmosphere of the room.

Pleasant color combination

bright combination

Nice color palette

Bright facades of kitchen cabinets

The actual selection of furniture

In the fashion of simplicity and brevity, convenience and comfort. In modern design projects less often, you can see the intricate design of furniture items that are purchased solely due to a known name of the designer. Convenient and simple in its genius solutions - the key to creating a comfortable, functional and cozy interior. If we talk about upholstered furniture for the living room and a bedroom, it is mostly simple, uncluttered, but is made of a sturdy material that can last for many years. Upholstered furniture often has a folding mechanism, can be transformed, has cavities that serve as storage systems - the functionality, practicality and ease of use are put at the forefront.

Furniture for living room

Design a spacious living room

The emphasis on the bright upholstery

symmetry kingdom

Regarding the choice of furniture used as a storage system, the fashion is still smooth facades. Conciseness and simplicity, even a certain rigor of this performance blends harmoniously with any of the variations of the modern style. In the kitchen space, smooth facades are used for the execution of the upper and lower tiers of the cabinets (or combined with doors equipped with accessories), in the living room using the low storage systems, in some cases - mounted modules in the bedrooms laconic performance is most often present in the form of built-in wardrobes.

smooth facades

snow white gloss

Original and rigorous execution

Smooth facades for living

modern furnishings

Decoration and lighting of a modern home

Minimalism less effect on the preparation of interior design projects in a contemporary style. The main trends are the same - the desire for maximum comfort by sharing the available space between the necessary household items. You must get rid of all the excess and leave only the functional objects that can also act as a decoration. In the new season, this thesis is softened, designers offer more options to decorate their homes. But any decoration should not be to the detriment of a holistic perception of the image space - should not clutter up his kibble surface, visually reduce the volume.

room decoration

Scandinavian motifs

Bedroom with traditional motifs

The lighting system plays an important role in the formation of the premises of any functional purpose. But in private homes selection and distribution of luminaires is more acute because many rooms have a really big area, contain various life segments, each of which needs to be individually illuminated. If the space aligned multiple zones, then, as a rule, the lighting system acts as a central core chandeliers (or two) of point light sources in each zone and the possible lighting integrated in the furniture (usually in kitchen spaces).

Neo-classical in the kitchen

Spot lighting system

White and black kitchen

Lighting in a spacious room

Particulars of rooms with different purposes

Living room

On the formation of the modern style is greatly influenced by the Scandinavian style. Its simplicity, adjacent to the comfort and elegance, attracted by its availability of performance and versatility. The motives of the Nordic countries can be used not only in homes, but also in the urban or suburban homes. The white walls, comfortable furniture, the obligatory presence of wooden surfaces (whether flooring, the performance of storage systems or workplace), textiles made of natural raw materials and live plants - in this situation, most of us are not difficult to feel cozy and comfortable.

In the Scandinavian style

modern living room

Cosiness in a large room

In the white house


Bedroom in a modern private house - bright and comfortable room. Not always spacious, but always decorated with the maximum level of personal comfort for space owners. Bright finishing to create a perfect tone for the main "character" of the interior - the bed. That bed becomes the primary focus, and can be configured to share certain luxury - expensive padding headboard, natural fabrics in textile design.

Sleek design of bedrooms

practical interior

The colorful color combinations

Bedroom in pastel colors

Kitchen and dining area

In private households kitchen, as a rule, it is a fairly spacious room, which does not need to cut out every centimeter of usable space. That is why the allocation of a separate room for dining rooms often not necessary. The kitchen, decorated in a modern style is technological and versatile, concise in its execution finishes, but multi-tasking in terms of integration of home appliances within the furniture ensemble. All the principles of ergonomics for the correct and safe location of devices, storage, work surfaces and places for meals are respected by default - the area allows you to not save.

Kitchen-dining room in a private house

Kitchen ensemble in bright colors

The kitchen in a private house

children's room

Children's room - space for which it is difficult to artificially create trends. All children are different, with their preferences in the types of games and creativity, favorite characters, fairy tales, cartoons. Not unimportant becomes the child's age and approximate time is therefore speaking about the motives of preparation of design projects for children is not necessary. We can only say that never go out of fashion materials that do not harm the health of the child, can be easily cleaned and do not lose their marketability.

room design for teens

Child's room

Light design children's bedrooms


If all the space of a private house is made in a modern style, and the utilitarian premises will look accordingly. Practicality and functionality are put at the forefront. The simplicity in the choice of colors allows you to create visual images of the spacious, even with a modest area under the room. In pastel shades and surface finishes execution storage well-blended with white sanitary devices, creating a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.

Bathroom Design

The spacious bathroom

Contrasts bathroom

Furnish and plan bathroom

The bright and spacious bathroom