In spite of everything, "Khrushchev" remains one of the most popular options purchased housing, especially among young people. This is due, above all, affordability. Still not a room with neighbors, and a separate apartment. However, after the move, found the mass of inconveniences that affect the small sizes of rooms and can not be placed so that it is comfortable and cozy. But as you know, there is nothing impossible. With a little imagination, a great desire and some material investments. For example, consider the standard one-bedroom apartment in "Khrushchev".

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Footage of a single room in the consideration of the apartment is approximately 18 m2. With that, the room has only one whole wall, and then, if the apartment is not angular. Some seek to create two rooms of a small room. But, in this embodiment, there are two major drawbacks: one part is absolutely no natural light, as there will be no windows, and it turns out the two tiny little room, in which one can hardly pick up furniture, let alone to try and comfort, is unlikely to succeed.

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An increasingly popular option for today, and a more rational is to combine the room with a kitchen.

Kitchen + Bathroom

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these apartments layout easily allows you to combine these two rooms. Small non-functional corridor will significantly increase the space of the room. Aligning the two zones, we get a lot of advantages: a dedicated relaxation area, a dining area can be combined with the work.

Modern materials and functional furniture, offer a wealth of options to address the separation zones without building walls and partitions. For example, the kitchen can be raised on a podium, or use contrasting colors or materials of different textures in the design of individual buildings. Doorway between the kitchen and the bathroom can be partially split bar that day transformed into a dining table.


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Bathrooms in the "Khrushchev" small. To make this room the most adapted to the needs of modern man, will require radical changes. The most relevant for today will be replaced in the bathroom shower, and free up the maximum space as possible in the proposed terms.

Furnish this room to perform better in bright colors that are also visually increase the space more.


The room is smaller the more difficult to think of something to create. Nevertheless, well-chosen furniture and materials, you can achieve the desired effect. In small hallways sure to use bright colors for decoration. Of furniture: a small closet on the individual sizes, or confine shelves. Ottoman, mirror and spotlights, create a cozy and originality of your hallway.