Eastern philosophy calls for minimalism in design of the home. Spacious rooms with a light finish, plenty of natural light and a minimum set of furniture and decoration of many of us draw on a photo, but how to implement such a design in your own apartment or private house? It seems that minimalism is able to displace themselves masters of their own homes. For homeowners who have children, home decoration, minimalist way and it seems not possible. But the designers of the Japanese household, together with the owners, were able to find a compromise and arrange housing with a minimum of furniture, but does not sacrifice comfort, comfort and needs of all family members. Together, let us look at how they were able to realize our plans and go through the rooms of the Japanese private house.

Entrance to the Japanese private house

Due to the high price of land, the majority of Japanese private homes, both in the city and beyond, are narrow but tall buildings. The snow-white exterior decoration - ideal for those who do not want much to stand out among the neighboring houses on the street, but it wants to create a light and airy way even the exterior of the home.

Facade of the Japanese home

On the ground floor is a living room of home ownership, which is connected to the kitchen space and dining segment. The open plan space allows you to keep a sense of spaciousness and ensure smooth traffic in all areas, despite the high degree of functional utilization of space. The white walls and flooring with light wood - perfect decoration not only for lovers of minimalism, but a universal way to ensure the most effective background for any furniture and decor.The open plan spacious rooms

In the living area, all simply and concisely - the segment of rest represented a small sofa with a wooden frame and bright velor upholstery, video area consists of TV and storage systems in the simplest modification. Black-and-white art work and a large plant in a steel tub outdoor decoration only elements that zone.

Bright living room design

Go to the kitchen segment, which is located on an elevated position with respect to the living area. There is enough space for a single-row arrangement of kitchen units to the peninsula and a full dining group. In the design of the functional segment it uses the same design concept - contrasting elements on a background of snow-white finish and furniture to maintain the dynamism and diversity of the color space.

View of the living room from the dining room

Each functional kitchen space undeveloped sector has its own illumination system - the composition of the three pendant black contrast tone of the kitchen working area and the original chandelier-cover similar color on dining group. The use of different models of chairs and flowers in the dining sector gives the interior a certain slackness, adds comfort and warmth in the atmosphere of the room for cooking and dining.

Kitchen + dining room

On the ground floor of a private house of the Japanese as a laundry room, equipped with the latest technology. Convenient storage for detergents and countertops for folding and sorting clothes have become very practical supplement household appliances.

Interior Laundry

Using the black magnetic boards in homes where there are children, become a real mainstream. This is not only a convenient base for the manifestation of creativity of the younger generation (weight children love to paint on the walls), but also help in housekeeping for parents - you can leave messages to each other, write prescriptions, shopping lists and other trifles to facilitate our lives. From the first floor up the wooden stairs ascend to the top level of Japanese houses.

Magnetic board in front of the stairs to the second floor

The decor of the entire household, there is one detail which is repeated in the interiors of different rooms - the image of owls. These cute creatures are present in the form of drawings wall decor, print wallpaper and textiles, in the form of small figurines, sculptures.

Top view of the first floor

The space near the stairs on the second floor is decorated in a very original. A large bar and a couple of original bar stools were the only furnishings that are quite spacious rooms. And for the two bright-door coupe is even more spacious play room for children.

The space near the stairs on the second floor

The games room all the same space, bright finish and bright furniture and decor. In a large room for children's seats are more than enough.

Game room

Go to the bedroom space and simultaneously observe the presence of the "bird" decoration at the front. Small white bird looks curiously organically, bringing a touch of warmth and comfort among the strict and concise design.

Bar and owls

In the bedroom, we can expect at least a simple and minimalist interior - large bed in motley textile design, similar print on the curtains and original design chandelier made up the entire interior of the room to sleep and rest. In fact, for a relaxing and sound sleep more and do not need.

Laconic interior bedroom

Even in the utilitarian premises I found it possible to use "owl" prints for the wall design. Graphic images of birds decorate the surface of the bathroom. The use of black and white combination in any environment not only creates a contrast perception and structuring of the entire image, but also brings a certain dynamism in the design space.

Print with owls in the bathroom