One of the most popular rooms in the house is the hall. These guests come here sbiraetsya family to spend time together in this room, you can relax in solitude after a long day. Therefore, it is important that it is this space has been decorated with special attention.

zoning space

Holders of a medium-sized room of 20 sq.m. you must first decide on its functionality. To do this, you need to think about the zonal division of the room. Typically, the hall decoration preferably two main zones: the living room and sitting areas. Conventionally separate zones from one another by using:

  • pieces of furniture;
  • large architectural elements;
  • lighting;
  • flooring;
  • ceiling coverings;
  • wall coverings;
  • partitions;
  • decorative items and plants;
  • different levels.

For example, the floor of the area for recreation can be covered with carpet and furniture to place on it. Thus, this part of the room will look cozy.

Zoning room 20 sq.m.

Furthermore temporary coatings one zone may be separated from each other via a pedestal or elevations. It is well settled sofa and a small coffee table. Here you can also use a separate lighting: more vibrant in the dining area and subdued lighting for relaxing.

Split-level floor in the hall

If the room is assumed a more active pastime, it is appropriate to be a bar. It isolates a place to put drinks, snacks and a small kitchen countertop. On the liberated territory it is possible to arrange a pool table, TV, fireplace and other nice elements of the situation for leisure.

Room with pool table

Sometimes it suffices to establish zoning in the room furniture set, which has a separate functional load. So in the cozy living room, you can equip the workplace by putting in the corner of a desk and chair.

The bright design of the hall 20 sq.m. Zoning room 20 sq.m.

A good way of allocation for specific applications can be forming niches. Usually, this way you can create a separate storage space for books and things.

White decoration of the hall Variety of furniture in the room Lounge with bay window Fireplace in room 20 sq.m.

The choice of design to the specifics of the room

Given the detail and specifics of each particular room, you can use it most effectively. Choosing a color is necessary to be guided by the generally accepted rules. It is important to prevent imbalance in the atmosphere of the room.

Optimal design of the hall 20 m Optimal design of the hall 20 m Hall with an unusual lamp White decoration of the hall

Dark floor in the hall in conjunction with light ceiling makes the room more fundamental. Such a combination is best to add light walls, as 20 sq.m. - insufficient space to use only dark shades. There is a risk of creating an oppressive mood.

Room with a round window Bright living room furniture The original interior of the hall 20 sq.m.

Bright floor in a medium-sized room can significantly extend the range of design solutions. Cool shades on the walls, you can freshen up a room. Tones of green is preferable to use a recreation area. Based on the theories of color therapy, the color subconsciously relaxes and calms a person.

Bright green chairs in the hall Green wardrobe with lighting in the hall

Disproportionate room can be corrected by a variety of lines. This may be a pattern on the wallpaper, cornices, skirting boards and more. Here are the basic rules of work:

  • vertical stripes raised ceilings;
  • extend horizontal surface;
  • the figures indicate the direction, visually extend the surface to where point.

Turquoise interior of the hall Panoramic window in the room

Lighting the room must also be established, based on the characteristics of the room. For right choice should be based on four factors:

  • light scattering;
  • direction;
  • Colour;
  • the amount of daylight.

Between those provisions must be a balance. Also it can be used as a common light source and lighting by zones. The last room will add functionality and comfort.

Color elements in the room Natural colors in the design of the hall Bright room of 20 sq.m.

If the room is supposed to have a computer or television, you should avoid contact with the rays on the screens. Dark Room is necessary to apply a variety of reflective elements: mirrors, glass, chrome-plated surface or microparticles in the coating. Multi-level lighting system will be borne by both decorative and functional load. In addition to this especially popular spotlights. Their main merit of universality.

Furniture and accessories

An integral part of the overall picture of the room becomes furniture. In the case of a zoning choice will depend on the number of zones and their destination. The most popular for the living room is upholstered and cabinet furniture. It should be placed so as not to disturb the comfortable position of all visitors to the room.

The bright spots on a white background interior of the hall

Dining table in the corresponding zone is better placed directly under the main light source. Its size will depend on the number of family members and compactness allocated under the dining room area. All furniture should be so that cabinet doors are easy to open and each of the elements of the situation can be easily avoided. On this depends the safety of the people in the room.

Shades of brown in the design of the living room Dark brown interior room of 20 sq.m.

Available in the room fireplace or aquarium must be provided with additional security. Near the fire is not necessary to place rugs or furniture, and the aquarium should not occur the risk of stroke or cabinet door falling from a height of unstable supports. Despite the presence of several zones in the room is not necessary to prevent the overload of furniture and decorations.

Zoning room 20 sq.m. Unusual lighting in the hall

Textiles on the windows and the decoration is better to use in accordance with the overall style of the room. Linen, satin and cotton suitable for classic design. Air transparent fabrics perfectly fit into the style of hi-tech and modern interior. Perfect harmony can be achieved, if the upholstery is made of the same fabric as the curtains. You can also make sure that the elements of the pattern present on the wallpaper or accessories.

Beige color in the interior living room

Since the room is conventionally considered the center of the apartment, it is necessary to take into account the wishes of all family members. Then cozy family evenings will be held in complete harmony and understanding.