Petunia is unpretentious flower native of Brazil, which is perfectly adapted to our climate and pleases his views of those who decided to create a landscape design their infield with this beautiful plant. Even though the petunia in itself is a perennial plant in the region.Large container with petunias Making a flower bed on the fence

How to grow a flower

The plant is grown from seed at home. If you hope to soon enjoy the flowering plants, it makes no sense to sow seeds in the ground. Petunia is best in the open ground planted as seedlings. It is worth noting that the transplant petunia moves very easily, seedlings very quickly get accustomed to the new location. On the breeding of new plant varieties, breeders have tried to glory. A multitude of colors and coloring of colors allows you to create the most unusual floral arrangements. Experts distinguish several groups of hybrid varieties of petunias.The combination of beds and cushions Bushes white petynii in the yard

bush petunia

This is the largest group, which includes different kinds of plants. Here you can meet small-flowered bushes bud with diameters up to 4 cm or tall plants with large inflorescences to 16 cm in diameter. This Petunia usually grows quite well and creates a bed of flowers lush caps. This group petunia ideal for planting along the curbs or on beds, but compact shrubs are ideal for placement in containers. The most famous varieties of Petunia hybrids of this group are considered to be "Fantasy" series, "Dream", "Titan" and ranotsvetuschaya series "Polaris" and resistant to various weather conditions the series "Storm".

Petunia bushes under a tree Round beds with petunias Making beds in the uplands

cascading Petunia

The traditional representatives of this group is Petunia "Silver", "Rose" Typhoon "Ramblin" and "Cherry." These varieties Petunia even in not very favorable conditions, can release upward and outward branches up to half a meter all covered with buds. This group petunia ideal for decorating balconies, terraces and gazebos.Flower beds on the terrace Vases with flowers at the entrance to the house

ampelnye Petunia

Unlike cascading petunias hang-downing Petunia produces descending branch, which is ideal for the decoration of pots with flower garlands. However, such a plant can be planted on a bed, but it is worth considering that the hang-downing Petunia will travel along the ground. In this group, known among gardeners enough Petunia "Surfiniya", which has a very rich range of colors. Moreover, this variety blooms early enough, is growing rapidly and requires no special care. Speaking about ampelnye Petunia can not mention such varieties as "Purple Waves", "Wave" and "Pearl surf."Ampelnye petunia in a bucket Polychrome gamma flower beds


All plants of this group have a lot of large flowers that are resistant to bad weather. The most spectacular variety of this group - terry petunias, which are ideal for filling large areas of soil. One of the best flower in this group is considered Petunia Orchid Sonia, vibrant flowers which are decorated with numerous contrasting veins. In a series of the variety petunias with a white star in the center part of the eleven colors ranging from purple-pink to blue and purple. Another common among gardeners view of this group - petunia "Celebrity." In addition to a large selection of colors, this series is also very easy to tolerate the heat and rain.

Flower beds by the pool Making multi-level beds kurgloy Petunia bushes in the area

Design Ideas beds

We can not say that the carpet planting flowers are gone, but increasingly Bedded use a variety of containers, and for this design is the perfect petunia plant. Just imagine how it will look original bed, ustelennaya green grass, where there are huge vases with flower bouquets and beautiful garlands, hanging straight down to the ground. Incidentally, these pots can be placed on the tiled courtyard, making the composition more expressive on the general background. The flowerpot can be used as any unnecessary buckets, pots, or other containers, previously having painted them outside. Klumba using containers will look remarkably like a polychrome and monochrome scale.

A number of bushes in petunia dvare Making unusual flower garden Goggles with petunias along the fence Multi-level landscaping

Such flower easily placed under the window, securing the container on a wall or ebb. In this case, the form is simply gorgeous as the premises and outside. For registration of such a composition can be used as bush petunia, and hang-downing.

Ampelnye petunia under the window Original window decoration flower garden Hanging flower pot

Another fairly popular alternative design flower beds in hanging pots. This ornament will look orginialny under a canopy or on the balcony of your house. Just imagine flower fragrant clouds, flying under the roof. With this design, any gazebo or terrace transformed beyond recognition, and certainly will please its kind hosts and guests at home.Red petunia with white starFlower clouds under the roof

Petunia flower is so amazing, that to create a beautiful landscape design with the use of this plant does not need much suck excel and to invent complex compositions. This plant will look just fine, even if it ryadochkom planted along paths and fences or paved beds.

A large flower garden with petunias Flower garden along the walkway to the house Flower beds at home Multi-level flower bed in the yard Flower bed along the fence from petunia

Summarizing the above, we can say that this is the perfect petunia plants to create both simple, harmonious and fascinating design infield for which does not need complex combinations. The only thing to remember - these are features of each type of plant and its ability to grow.Flower bed along the fence from petunia