Typically, shades of purple are associated with a certain mystery, evoke a romantic mood, and just such an atmosphere many dream to create in its own bedroom. Our article reveals all the secrets veiled purple decor.

purple accent

Purple touches in the design of bedrooms Purple in contrast Purple palette bedroom Purple touches in the design of bedrooms gentle palette gentle palette

The main emphasis on the walls: a rich palette of shades

Choosing the wallpaper or paint for the walls, avoid rich, dark colors. Not limited to one in purple and bright or dark tones, boldly combine purple with other interesting shades of lilac, purple, scarlet, amethyst color. It is also unacceptable in the design of the bedroom to use the sharp contrasts, especially for bright palettes. Colors must complement each other or to flow smoothly from one color to another.

Variety of colors Variety of colors Variety of colors

Dark purple and other bright accents appropriate when the primary colors in a bedroom filled with neutral pastel colors. In this case, the bright decorative pillows, picture interspersed with purple, cute night light beside the bed or dark purple bed mats will be very helpful. Alternatively, an elegant addition to a neutral light tones will become a graceful vase saturated lavender or decorative wall clocks in the same color scheme.

purple accent bright bar Purple decor elements

Another possible solution to the decor, when the dark purple walls in perfect harmony with pastel textiles milky beige shades.

Pastel linens and purple walls

perfect contrast

Purple goes well with other colors of the opposite  &# 8212; yellow, golden, gray, various shades of green. But such a contrast requires a truly professional approach. Most often, this kind of palette chosen by people creative, ambitious, tending to experiments.

perfect contrast The combination of gold with purple perfect contrast The combination of gold with purple perfect contrast

Purple range for a sleeping couch

Wanting to add to the decor of the bedroom mysterious purple notes, the focus can be made on the design of a large luxurious bed. Noble purple textiles in conjunction with finishing diamond pattern slightly pinkish color contrast favorably emphasize the impeccable taste and style of the owners, and the trendy chair in the same color palette will piquant complement modern interior.

Purple textiles for bed

No less impressive look lilacky quieter tone as the striped version, and in a graceful figural decoration on pillows and bedspread.

Luxury bedHere is another version of a perfect combination of gray and violet in decorated spacious bed. Themed painting in interior decor perfectly complements the creative abstraction on the wall and gray curtains.

shades of purple