Do you remember the historical novels of Alexandre Dumas, which is often referred to French provinces? Provence - one of them is located in the south of France. Original flavor, always beautiful weather, bright hot sun, an amazing variety of flora, proximity of the sea and vineyards. The heady scent of flowering plants. Hard working day the villagers, after which the house is waiting for the most delicious rustic food and well-deserved rest. And work in the open air so raises appetite!

The name is translated - "province". Applied to the interior style, called "Provence" is one of the areas rustic (country). The unique charm of comfort, style provincial housing south of France.

style Features

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Archaism centuries of established habits and traditions of the ancient way of life, where innovation and spirit of the times come with a noticeable delay. Hence the rural ordinariness, plainness, no frills, natural simplicity, closeness to nature, abundance of flowers and herbals. The colors of nature, highly fade in the sun. And a peculiar charm, even some romance of past centuries. Provencal style illuminated printing time and does not accept any innovations of modern elements.

style decor

Provence style as characteristic of an abundance of accessories. Wrought framing of mirrors and clocks, cornices and candlesticks, various wicker chests, baskets. The abundance of small pillows of the sofa, beds, chairs. Numerous bouquets in combination with ceramic or glass pots, fruit vases, statuettes. Ceramic rooster figurine will always remind homeland Provençal style - France, as a symbol of this country.

Furniture Provence Decorating style of Provence Accessories Provence Decor of Provence

Massive forged or cast fixtures with glass shades harmoniously fit into the interior. Open parts of the walls are decorated with Mediterranean landscapes, still lifes, decorative ceramics with painting.

Fabrics - h / b and linen delicate tones and colors: curtains, floor tracks, tablecloths with easy ornament or traditionally in a colored bar. Textiles should be in the form of hand-made. Mandatory requirement - the rustic innocence - flowers on the windowsill. And hanging bundles of herbs in the kitchen.

The Mediterranean theme in the bathroom is also not out of place in a Provencal style. White and blue colors in the decoration of tiles, bath, curtains and towels. Particular attention will attract seagulls painted on the tile.

style color

room design in the style of Provence Pink color style of Provence White style of Provence Provence style photo

Provence style implies increased attention to the colors - just soothing, cozy, bright colors, no bright colors. That is what he is most different from the usual country style with a predominance of bright colors. Quiet pastel shades, creating the impression of a variety of sun-bleached surfaces. The ceiling and walls are not necessarily white. The proposed range of colors for indoor decoration olive interior is quite diverse: the muffled (burned out), sunflower petals color, aqua, sky blue, lavender, green, lemon, dried clay. Mandatory presence of white, beige, cream, pale orange. And certainly elements of artificial aging.

The same tone used for furniture, painting utensils, and fabrics.

Finishing facilities

The walls and ceiling. No wallpaper. natural materials only. Suitable colored textured plaster for the walls in the style of Provence, and the work performed as if an amateur or a hack - unevenly, with streaks, bald spots, which are sometimes visible through an open masonry walls and ceilings. Available wood trim - facing the board, painted, usually with white paint. Ceiling, usually white, decorated beams contrasting dark colors. If the ceiling is not white, a beam, on the contrary, can be bleached.

room design in the style of Provence

Our compatriots in the decoration of the interior in the style of Provence for painting the board using all the same pastel tones, or leave the trim color and texture of wood.

Doors and windows are traditionally white. Artificially aged white doors can be covered with murals. A large window to the floor (of course, in a city apartment is unreal, but in my house - why not) Sectional separated bindings.

room design in the style of Provence

The curtains may be of beads or light, airy fabric. Zoning olive room partitions or floor material, the role of partitions can play forged grates, wooden racks, decorative vases with live plants.

Floor Finish Provence

Floor room decorated in this style, totally unsuitable flooring, linoleum, laminate, carpet. Usually it is - raw (sometimes painted) board. Kitchen and corridor - untreated wood or tile floor with chamfered corners terracotta shades.

cuisine of Provence

The kitchen is in contrast to the rooms, gets off in another way: the walls are made of natural stone, multicolored mosaic, tiles under brick or brick itself. Collection of rustic dishes and exquisite ceramics painted, embroidered linen napkins will complete the creation of olive interior.

In modern life, not do without appliances. Here it can be built into furniture, hiding behind doors and facades. A barely perceptible effect of soot on the ceiling light will enhance the association with rural life.

Furniture in the style of Provence

Thorough rustic (forged, wooden or wicker) furniture rough Provencal style can not have a glass, nickel-plated or other modern finishes. She looked as if she had served several generations of people. It retains the texture and color of the wood, but can be painted in bright colors. Artificial aging furniture is achieved by small cracks, chips, abrasions.

Chest Provence Table and chairs, Provence Furniture in the style of Provence Construction of the room in the style of Provence

Chests of drawers, chairs with carved legs, cabinets with mezzanines, large spacious bed. light wood used for furniture: oak, walnut, ash, chestnut, cherry. Wrought iron headboard and foot of the bed, legs bent massive circular dining table in the center of the room.

Open cupboards - a kind of zest Provençal style. Placed in their dishes is the additional element of the interior. To the dishes are not gathering dust and does not get dirty, cabinets and sideboards can be done with glass doors.

Upholstery - fabric pale, soothing colors, with a color pattern.

General tips on arrangement

Watches and paintings decorated in a classic French style. Such things attract the visitor's attention and highlight the key points in the right apartment or room. If items are recreated in the style already used in it, the clock (or pictures) will complete the image of the interior.

Watches and paintings of Provence
The correct approach to the design of the bedroom. To make a bedroom in the French style you want to use ready-made parts Provence curtains framed ornament, veil, paintings and decorative pillows.

Bedroom in the style of Provence photos
Decorative patterns instead of wallpaper, houseplants. You can draw on the light walls of drawing their own hands, for example, a tree, butterflies or birds. The lamp in retro style and a pillow placed on the bed perfectly complete the room.

Making walls Provence
Wooden furniture. Use old wooden furniture, such as shabby old chairs that in the interior of Provence is the norm.

Wooden furniture of Provence
Decorative track on the table. It will look great in the dining room or living room, made of beautiful and well-washable fabric.

tablecloth provence
Provence in a country house. The knowledge gained can be used in the country. For example, on a bench painted white paint floral pattern and redecorated her pillows.

Cottage Provence
Curtains, framed by floral designs. This is a very important element of the decor apartment, so you have to choose curtains made of soft suede texture underneath, so they are well wash, nice looking room and protected from light.

room design in the style of Provence
The emphasis on natural pattern and natural colors. The most relevant pastel and natural colors. All decorative elements look great pictures with birds, flowers and butterflies.

room design in the style of Provence

For a modern apartment with its small size when placing Tiel Provence not necessarily use all of these carefully trim elements and decor (and unlikely to succeed), it suffices to take the basic and add cute little things - and all you get.