From an early age, kids need their own corner, which must match their hobbies and interests, as well as to reflect their inner world. If a teenage boy interior design of her room taking into their own hands, the little preschooler in such a matter requires the help of adults to a greater extent. After all, every child's age imposes certain features in the interior design. Room for a little boy is a whole world, which for him will be a place to put their children's incredible boyhood fantasies.

Interer room for the boy, made in the sports categoryroom design for a boy using a combination tsevtovThe use of neutral tones in the interior of the room for a boyRoom boy decorated in blue colorsThe original interior room for a boy with a sports biasBright room for a little boy with colorful accessoriesroom design for a boy with functional furniture

Main criteria for the construction of the interior of a little boy

As the little boy usually every means, not excluding even the mouth, trying to understand the world, the interior of his room, above all, needs security. Especially because most of the boys are different from girls to their increased mobility, activity, and sometimes ingenuity. Of course, over time, the interests of the child will grow and change as the interior of his room, as he will himself in the future will suggest the direction in which it will need to change it. Those. nursery will grow with your boy. And while early age stage it should be remembered that in the nursery should be a minimum number of different bags. Even better, they never will. Particularly it concerns a floor covering - porous surfaces must be avoided. Cleaning of the room should be frequent and convenient: easy to clean floors, and curtains, bedcovers, quilts, etc. easily removed and washed in time..

Laminate - comfortable flooring for the boy's roomLaminate floor in the room for a wonderfully clean mlchika
A very important point - the choice of furniture. For young children, it also has its own characteristics. It should not be acute angles, and it is desirable that less was drawers that are dangerous for babies handles.

The choice of colors of the interior

It is known that color affects mood, and children are exposed to it even more. In this connection, it is recommended not to overdo with black and white - the colors cause lethargy and depression, in other words, the emotional starvation. It is believed that the interior shades inherent in boys is usually blue, light blue, green, beige. However, this does not limit your choice.

Blue and white interior of the room for a little boy Light beige intereer children The combination of light blue and white in the interior of the room for a boy White interior room for a boy, dilute colored accessories Original bright decoration wall for a boy Light beige interior room for a boy, decorated with lots of accessories Interior room for the little boy in blue Green color in the interior of the room for a boy

The main criteria are determined by the color preferences of the child, as well as thematic direction in which the interior is executed. A good option is to combine the two colors on the walls, for example, light cyan, and light yellow. Generally, allegedly designers need to combine or dim similar in tone color, or use a harmonious combination of contrasting colors. With regard to the second option - there should be very carefully and come to the matter, because you need to choose a combination of colors that will not be subsequently bore psyche boy with prolonged exposure. For example, never use a combination of red and green, which is an irritant carrying concerns. With the combination of contrasting colors, it is necessary to comply with the main rule - one of the colors should be dominant and occupy a large area, thus, it should be quite muted, while the second color may be brighter, but it will be less than in the interior. In other words, a more vivid color should always occupy smaller space. Usually saturated colors are used for the decoration of the playing area.

Ideas that can be developed in the interior of the little boy's room

Interior kid's room is usually built on the development of the main idea or theme that you tell the child himself, based on their preferences and hobbies. One of the most common and popular themes for boys is the interior in maritime style. It can include anything: ships, pirates, submarines, ships - all that reminds of sea adventures. And as a finishing apply all the shades of the sea and the natural wood, imitating the walls of the ship and the deck. Accessory in this case suitable for things such as old maps, ropes, compasses, anchors and pirate flagi.Takim way, your young sailor cabin will be equipped well.

The beautiful design of the room for a boy in a marine styleMosrkaya theme in the interior of the room for a boy more gentle nature
Furthermore favorite marine theme, it is very often used sports themes. This idea is relevant, if the house has an athlete growing up. In this case, the interior of the room surrounded by its respective sports attributes according to the preferred sport: skates, hockey stick, basketball ring, barbells, footballs, etc. As accessories, in this case a wonderfully suited posters favorite athletes, boxing pears, as well as their own achievements - awards and honors. The color scheme of the interior sports usually includes red and white shades.

Colorful and cheerful interiors of the future football player roomThe interior of the young basketball fans roomSpacious and bright room design fan of hockey
It should also be noted that the extraordinary enthusiasm for the boy will get room, decorated for the music studio type, especially if your child - a young guitarist or drummer. Under this option, the space is filled with musical instruments and all the necessary attributes studio.

Design young guitarist studio roomRoom studio younger drummer
Another of the most popular themes for a boy is a technique. There may be machines, and trains and planes and spaceships - all that is listed by the interests and preferences of your child. Original look bed in the form of a car or locomotive. Accessories can be a collection of machines, ships, airplanes, and all sorts of colorful posters and racing flags. Homemade bright models also perfectly suited for interior decoration, like big toys.

room design for a boy, fascinated by planesInterior room for the boy who is attracted to marine species technology
The theme of nature is also often present in the interior of the room for the boy. In principle, such a topic is suitable for girls. Therefore, it is often chosen for the interior design for two children of different sexes, to any whose interests are not undermined. activity field is quite wide - from the jungle to the usual image of the forest with the compositions of the leaves and buds. It is possible that fish aquarium would be a wonderful accessory. You can also add an interior photographs or paintings with an appropriate theme. And large domestic houseplants perfectly fit into the natural decor.

Nature theme in the interior of the room for a boyThe original interior room for a boy with the theme of nature in black and white

Furniture in the interior of a child's room for a boy

The main rule that should be followed in this matter - do not clutter the space a lot of furniture. The room for a boy to be present only everything you need, besides the furniture should be functional. Those. the choice is mainly to be built on the maximum compactness in favor of space of freedom.

From furniture to be only the most necessaryA minimum of furniture in the interior of the room for a boy

Do not forget about the sports complex according to the age of the child, because sports area the younger man simply necessary. Of course, in addition to the furniture in the interior of the little boy can not do without modern electronic or mechanical toys, all kinds of radio controlled model boats, cars, planes, etc. -. But where do without them, after all, boys!