The main purpose of the staircase in the house - it is a link between its floors. The main factor in the selection of this design should be its safety and reliability. Aesthetic characteristics in this case are of minor significance, but is also important.

Variety of shapes and designs

Each option has its positive features and drawbacks. Steep stairs with a large angle of inclination is useful when the space allotted to it, is limited to a small area. For such wood products necessarily need convenient banister. In this case, they will be not only decorative in nature, but also to ensure safety.

Coiled (spiral) staircase may make the central element of the room. It is possible to produce from wood of any shade. The main thing that this design harmoniously joined in the interior. Dark colors will make the stairs more compact in appearance, that would eliminate the feeling zagromazhdennosti premises.

Wooden spiral staircase Two-tone spiral staircase Steep spiral staircase

If space allows, you can make a ladder with a mild rise, set at a slight angle. This design is more convenient to use and less dangerous in the fall.

A wooden staircase with wrought iron railing

There is this kind of like the curved staircase. Such products often are unique and are used to make the original room.

A narrow wooden staircase

Criteria for selection of wood

It is important to remember that the quality production of stairs can transform a house. Chosen for this wood must be dry thoroughly modern techniques and ready for use. This process is very important because it determines the duration and operating safety of the resulting structure.

A wooden staircase in a stylized house A wooden staircase in the stone wall

The tree can become as a basis for the stairs, and finishing material. You can use the following types of wood:

  • soft;
  • semi-solid;
  • solid.

Wooden stairs to the second floor Elegant wooden staircase railing Staircase with a small degree of inclination

For a spectacular finishing suit:

  • cherry;
  • araucaria;
  • nut;
  • Mogan;
  • teak and others.

Forged handrail wooden staircase Several flights of wooden stairs

It is important to combine the supporting structures of wood, which have different coefficients of expansion of the fiber. This process occurs with increasing humidity and may entail unpleasant change in the structure.

If solid wood for some reason is not available material, it can be replaced with a glued in several layers. The most suitable such material is in the handrail structure, stringers and steps.

Unusual fences made of wood Steps from the large wooden beams

The choice of material is largely dependent on the classification to which the future belongs to the structure. Stairs are divided into:

  • interior;
  • exterior.

According to the method of use, they are divided into:

  • stationary;
  • transformable;
  • portable.

Graceful fence of wooden stairs

Attach the ladder can be on:

  • stringers;
  • bowstring;
  • Bolz.

nuances clearance

Many designers base the development of models of wooden stairs on a combination of wood with other materials. Most often made of other materials carried railing. The most popular are the steel, acrylic and glass varieties of fences. Such a variety of additional textures and shades allow to enter the ladder in any style.

Elegant spiral staircase, dark wood

Particular attention should be paid to materials that will be finished in stages. In addition to decorative effect such coating should give maximum grip shoe soles with step surface.

Coating for wooden steps

The space surrounding the staircase, you can arrange a variety of accessories. This section of the house is easily converted into a small gallery. As you move up the stairs a man can see a lot of family photos or pictures, united by a common theme.

Wooden staircase of the two spans

Use in the design of the design of transparent elements will provide coverage sufficiently. For the safety of this important factor. Durable glass or acrylic is easy to miss the rays in the required amount. Thus such handrails not be broken and will not suffer from an elevated temperature of closely spaced lamps. If necessary, a sufficiently wide staircase you can do without a handrail. But such an elegant option is suitable only for those homes where there are no children or pets. This kind of ladder can be supplemented with a handrail running along the wall.

Wooden stairs without railings Wooden staircase with glass railings Metal railings wooden stairs

A common method of decorating wooden stairs became a carpet nailed to the steps. This textile will not only an ornament, but also will take over the function of sound insulation.

Finishing stairs and steps you can rhyme with the other design elements of the room. This way you can add interior style and harmony.

Original wooden fence stairs

An interesting way to use wooden stairs in the interior is its location along the panoramic windows. During the day this staircase will be adequately lighted. At the same time, by using it, you can admire the view.

A wooden staircase near the panoramic windows Large wooden ladder elements

Wooden stairs can be used in a room, designed in any style. Spectacular looks just such a structure, combined with a parquet floor or in the interior, which is decorated with laminate or natural board. It is difficult to imagine a house in the style of the country without the wooden stairs to the second floor.

Stairs in a rustic style House and staircase in country style The staircase in the living room A log house with wooden stairs Stairs made of wood in the color of the walls

Other variants of interior design will require some refinement of classical wooden staircase with additional materials. In any case, a wooden staircase is able to fit into any room that requires access to the upper floors.