First of all, I want to note that the oak is the best material for flooring, as well as for the laminate. Among its main advantages such as durability, strength and hardness. In addition, the oak is very beautiful aging. However, with respect to the laminate, in this case, its strength is not so important, rather than design features. Natural oak, for flooring, and for the laminate has a light golden color with high contrast fibers, i.e. for example, light and dark areas can be observed on the same board at the same time. There are several natural oak undertone: golden, green and even red shades.

Laminate oakLaminate with imitation plank floorLaminate with a tinge of gray oakOak laminate in a beautiful classic interior

Application laminate oak

Laminate oak quite actively used in many interior styles, not only in classical and ancient, but modern, for example, so popular now style eco-minimalism, as well as in the rest of ecological styles. After all, the color of oak gives the interior a natural and environmental, as well as it is combined with other materials and shades, which undoubtedly is a big plus. Laminate flooring that simulates an oak board, is today one of the most popular flooring that is not surprising. After oak flooring is classics, being noble material. The range is extremely high, because manufacturers produced not only an imitation of oak, but the processing is performed in different ways: heat treatment, Brushed or bleached. That is why oak laminate flooring for a long time continues to be at the height of fashion, thanks to its good quality and staid appearance.

Very effectively looks at the aged oak laminate, which is ideal for such styles as country, rustic and vintage. Among other things, this type of laminate is very practical in view of the fact that it is not so much over time, will appear the joints due to its textured.

Laminate under aged oak in a classic interior

Varieties laminate drawings under the oak

Conventionally decors with oak pattern can be divided into three groups:

  • one-sheeted - quite popular at the moment, may be chamfered, recommended for spacious rooms have a wide range, however, there is one drawback - sometimes give the impression of a village house, which is not always desirable for a city apartment;
  • double cavity - have a pattern imitating short floorboard, i.e. classic wooden floor, ideal for large areas and are widespread today;
  • trilocular - represent an imitation parquet, composed of small plates, this species is most recommended for small spaces

Laminate flooring that simulates the wooden floorLaminate with imitation plank floorOak laminate with imitation rustic plank floor

The most popular today has got long and wide laminate board (and parquet too), which has a very solid and beautiful. Sex acquires uniformity despite contrast oak pattern.

Homogeneous floor dark laminateUniform dark laminate flooring in the bedroomUniformity of laminate floor oakBeautiful wide laminate of long boardsThe laminate of the broad long boards in the interior bedrooms

Also, the laminate can have a deck pattern that visually as it breaks up the floor at the same time creating a play of light and shadow.

Effective laminate with deck patternLaminate flooring with deck pattern

Generally, depending on the pattern and color of the laminate can be quite varied. The most common, perhaps, natural oak laminate, as well as gray and cognac oak. However, there are other types, for example, bleached and dark oak.

How to choose the right shade of oak laminate

Oak laminate is classified into several groups corresponding to different interior styles:

  • imitation oak boards (or natural) - optimal for the classic interior, has a greenish, golden or reddish shades, blends in with any furniture and light brown shades just versatile as for the classics, and of modernity;
  • honey shades - very attractive appearance of the laminate, is able to elevate interior may have golden-brown shades to chocolate, it is considered universal and refined appearance;
  • bleached oak - a spectacular and very stylish look laminate having a plurality of colors, starting from almost white to light beige tone, now these floors are very fashionable, especially for a minimalist style, however, require the presence in the interior is very simple furniture, and white walls incidentally, the coating at light shades much less noticeable dirt and dust, in addition, this type of laminate is able to expand the space, and visually make the room more comfortable and light;
  • weathered oak (or fumed) - ideal for styles such as antique, Baroque, or Rococo and has a luxurious shades aged under oak, is particularly noticeable texture, is able to create an atmosphere in the interior surprising, because now stained oak - wood is the most rare in the world

Using as laminate flooring oak, can be easily obtained Sci its interior due to the presence of a large number of various designs.