Features of Modern Art Nouveau:

  1. The forms are simple and austere
  2. smooth cover
  3. minimum decor
  4. Rationalism and functionality
  5. natural materials
  6. Sharp lines
  7. Using the latest technology, materials and elements

Modern style modernist encompasses all the best of modern times: comfort, style, comfort and elegance. The apartments are decorated in this style, distinguished by minimalism and refinement. The basic color scheme is expressed in neutral colors with the addition of bright accessories. So the interiors are characterized by clear lines, spaciousness, and the pursuit of sophisticated lighting.


It is very important to have a large amount of natural light, so a large window - on the wall - just in the spirit of contemporary modernism. It also emphasizes the feeling of spaciousness in the room.

The apartment is in a modern style Modern

In order to achieve a feeling of freshness and lightness in the interior of modern Art Nouveau, you can use the white color, and it is pure white crystal, which is its fragility will create an atmosphere of something unreal, allowing to forget about everyday worries and dissolve into the surrounding bliss. Always worth to dilute a few bright interior accessories or decor items to the situation looked more lively and homely.

Fragile white interiors

The apartment is in a modern style Modern

Restraint and brevity felt in the color scheme of any room. It also applies to artificial lighting. Instead, central chandeliers for the bedroom, you can choose several sconces mounted on the headboard. This will impose an imprint of softness and make the atmosphere warmer.

Restraint and conciseness

important to be clear and smooth lines for a modern interior. Basically, you can see bright accents on a neutral base, high ceilings and windows without curtains. And given the desire for open space, the most rational is the combination kitchen and living area.

Rationalism and space &# 8212; We combine the kitchen with living room

Kitchen combined with living room

Minimalist foundations of modern Art Nouveau décor, do not accept the saturation of space, accessories and color variations. The decor should be simple, clear and in small quantities. Colors include only 2-3 colors and several related colors.

Neutral background and bright accessories

From the minimalist style also took compactness and functionality. For example, a TV, a built-in wardrobe.

The functionality of the modern interior

Furniture also should not be much, because the open space is valued. As for fabrics, the advantage is given to the natural - cotton, silk, linen, wool and so on.

The apartment is in a modern style Modern

In the living room sofas occupy the central position, all should have to rest and comfort. Some mobile tables to match the rest of the furniture, faux fireplace and a soft carpet - all perfectly characterizes the modern style.

comfortable living

For modern modernist unacceptable intricate and colorful patterns, it should be simple and monosyllabic. Therefore as materials used stone, metal and glass.

Interior bathroom in modern style modern bath Glass in a modern interior modern materials Natural materials in the bathroom

To fit the floor parquet, laminate.

finishing the floor

Another distinctive feature of this style can be called the use of wood to the maximum: floor, doors, cabinets, tables, shelves and so on.

The tree in the modern interior maximum tree

Also here you can find a very unique decorative elements, such as a map on the wall.

  • A kind of decoration - a highlight of modern Art Nouveau

    Map as decor

  • Contemporary style contemporary decor

    modern decor


Flowers, vases acceptable anywhere, anytime. Is neither a style, where green plants would be inappropriate, the only question in quantity.

Flowers in the modern style Modern modern interiors Vase in the modern interior

decor often serve as a simple geometric figure, this highlights the simplicity of the interior and its brevity.

  • Geometric shapes - the peak of modern decor

    Geometric figures

  • The decor in the form of circles - unusual and stylish ...

    The decor in the form of circles


So, to create a modern Art Nouveau is necessary to consider that the most important not to overload the interior, remember the simple and rigorous forms and lines, as well as soft background colors. A minimum of decoration and maximum comfort. All this will help you create a unique and cozy interior in the apartment.

Green plants in a modern interior Comfort of the modern interior Plants in the interior Bright accents on a neutral background The decor of modern interiors Features of Modern Art Nouveau Modern Style Modern The design of the modern interior The apartment is in a modern style Modern