Ceramic tile is one of the most popular finishing materials. Due to its positive qualities and diversity of species, this material is often used in a variety of construction works. Make the right choice of ceramic tiles is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. First we need to determine the type of ceramic tile. Determined? Okay, go ahead.

How to start a choice of ceramic tile?

  1. Before you go to the store, you need to know exactly how many tiles you will need for the job. To do this, measure the room. Better to take the tile with the stock, as sometimes defective items or you might accidentally drop and break a few shtuk.Stoit perform drawing to see how many tiles you will need. To this end, the floor area should be compared with the size of the tiles. Always make allowances for 10% in size on the tiles and trim your error in the calculations.
  2. Be sure to pay attention to the store on the ceramic marking. A means that the material is resistant to cold; AT &# 8212; suitable for wet areas. The higher the number next to the letter, the worse the quality of the tiles, so A III is suitable only for lining the interior. If suddenly painted shoes, then this resistant tiles, and it is mostly used as a floor.
  3. You should not rely solely on a specific color, you should look also to quality. Tiles can vary in color, as the parties are fired separately. Choose the color of the different boxes if you need the same shade. It so happens that the tiles have visible defects, but the higher the grade, the more of less.
  4. High-quality tiles are always free cuts and holes, matched in color and size, without stains and flies on the glazed surface. The worse the tiles, the more flaws you see in the first place is a different size of tiles, which prevents its quality installation.
  5. Do not skimp on the selection. And if they take the worst sort, only to perform the mosaic elements. There will still need to cut the tiles.
  6. To tile will not crack, choose a surface with a bulge. Tile some varieties are very susceptible to moisture and may swell, so choosing a slightly convex layer, you solve the problem of quality fastening it to the surface.

After laying the tiles should check the quality of tapping. Changing the sound will talk about poor quality work or marriage. Also tiles can swell or even fall off, so be t aware of the adhesive and the trowels solutions that are useful for working with ceramics. Stacking is generally a separate issue. For more details about all the secrets of this procedure here. Now that you know how to choose a ceramic tile.