Laminate flooring is often used in the repair of apartments and offices, but not everyone knows that guide his choice must not only external beauty, but also the durability of matter.

If the laminate selection occurred spontaneously, do not be surprised, then what you have to change it quickly. For an apartment is better to choose laminate same color, but different strengths. So for the hallway and the living room will need stronger laminate than the bedroom. On the packaging is usually applied labeling that specifies the class of the product strength. For the bedroom, you can choose with the numbers 21 and hallway is better to choose the number 23.

What is better to choose laminate repair

  1. marked with number 21-23 for apartments;
  2. number 31 is perfect for offices;
  3. No. 32 looks good in a cafe, a small shop;
  4. marking 33 is used in a movie theater, schools and supermarketahzh
  5. laminate with marks 34 is most commonly used in commercial premises with intensive load.

The cheapest laminate used for apartments, and the warranty is 6-8 years on him, but if you take for the hall number 32, there is a guarantee of the eternal.

laminate quality as the most important factor

To clarify the quality of the laminate are usually professionals use special test, which indicates how strongly its outer covering. The surface of the laminate is tested for the strength of the grinding wheel. The most persistent of these laminate the dough with a digital code 11 000. Most material is considered to be the best in Sweden. It causes difficulty selection laminate in the kitchen, because there it is not recommended to put in general. If you do decide to make such a risky move, it is necessary to buy water-resistant variant. However, as practice shows, for bathroom and toilet kitchen there is nothing durable, and convenient tile.

Also, the choice is difficult, and the color of the product. Someone wants to light laminate, and someone finds the best dark. But if you do not want to see every speck of dust under your feet, feel free to take a bright picture, because the dark color of the laminate seen everything. When you are buying you can ask the question: "What is better to choose laminate: a locking connection or put him on glue? It all depends on whether you relocate and whether you want to pick up a laminate. When the tool joint of the laminate you can quickly disassemble the flooring. With adhesive laminate this will not happen. If you want to replace the spoiled one part to another, you also have to change all the coverage. For more details about the kinds of laminate here.

laminate quality also in its ecological purity, so if you the importance of this indicator, choose products with designation of E1. On the other floor coverings you can read here.