Working with color combinations always presupposes nuances. There is a fine line between harmony and "sloppiness". Therefore, the repair is important at the early stages to consider all the details consistently and thoroughly: the texture and color of the walls will affect the furniture, ceiling and floor. From the furniture will depend on decor and accessories, and floor interior doors. Thus, modeling one piece entails projection of another and so on. For many it is even easier to help build the overall interior design. But now is not about that. Doors and floors create a secondary pattern of the room after the walls and furniture, of course. And the impression from this very second background as important as the first (walls and furniture). Therefore, it is important to build competent combination of interior doors and floor covering.

So, we will focus on a combination of color doors and laminate. Why is laminate? Because it is the most popular variant of decorating the floor. It perfectly imitates wood, while not as capricious in care. Also laminate features easy installation, high wear resistance, durability and affordable prices.

If we talk about the quality of flooring, is one of those is a laminate


Although experts do not recommend the use of the coating, where the most intense motion. The fact that the laminate is composed of the board and top a decorative film, which is not so stable. But it was she who dictates the whole look of the floor and its compatibility. And there are several variants on the decorative pattern of the laminate film.

  1. Imitation wood. This is the most common option due to its neutrality. Wood or simulate it suitable for almost any decor and design. Thus, the coating of the laminate can be represented as a tree after toning, staining, and any other treatments. By the way, do not forget that the life quality of the laminate is about 15 years, it is said that the color in the room will have one of the basic values.
  2. Imitation stone. In addition to the texture of wood laminate can have a drawing under wild stone, granite, marble, basalt and so on. However, such an option is chosen less frequently due to the fact that it is not always easy to combine it with the situation.

So, based on from the fact what you choose laminate (drawing, color, texture) and the door will be selected. Generally, all interior doors must have a common color scheme and texture (doors hallway, toilet and bathroom are the exception). So, laminate color can be radically different from the color of the door or be a tone lighter, or it will be full of color matching.

The crucial difference from the color of the laminate doors Laminate on the lighter shade Match the color of the doors and laminate

But how to choose the right version of a color combination? And which room is appropriate and that a union? Professionals have a few tips.

Full color matching doors and laminate flooring is appropriate for:

  1. food
  2. hall
  3. small room
  4. little lighted room. Here is more suitable light golden color and laminate, and the door to visually enlarge the space.

The combination of the floor and the door Golden color for a small room

If you buy an expensive good quality laminate flooring that will last for many years, it is best if the color will be versatile. This will avoid problems if you want to change the design, and the laminate is still in good condition.

Universal Colors:

  1. acacia;
  2. Honey birch;
  3. light oak;
  4. Light alder;
  5. ash.

These colors will be easy to pick up the color of the walls, furniture, and, respectively, doors.

Universal floor

The color of the laminate and doors, as has been said above, creates a second pattern, which has important influence on the atmosphere of the room, so:

Laminate with a matte finish having a distinct structure and create a warm and cozy atmosphere;

Matte surface laminate

Varnish laminate give room elegance, but it deprives comfort;

The glossy surface of the laminate

Laminate reddish hue looks boring. For this purpose, the interior add a few bright spots;

Laminate reddish tint

For dark or pure black laminate doors are suitable mainly either the same color or light (white).

Dark and white laminate doors

When choosing the color of the baseboard, also need to know a few subtleties.

  1. Dark laminate plus light give us light door moldings (the combination to the door).
  2. Bright and dark laminate door presupposes both options skirting both light and dark.

color combination of the principles of the doors and laminate


This combination of radically different colors: light and dark laminate door and vice versa. To this union looked beautifully and effectively, you need to choose the overall temperature accessory colors and laminate flooring and doors. That is, either they both belong to the cool tones, or to warm. On this occasion, you can consult with specialists.

The combination of laminate and doors on the principle of contrast The principle of contrast


This option, when the laminate is lighter than the doors on one tone. It is interesting to overcame, when part of the picture and doors, and the floor has a single color. There should also be a common color temperature. Even if you accept not strong coincidence in the shade, the combination of warm and cold colors, and vice versa will look sloppy.

The floor and the door on the basis of a combination of principle of combining


There should be the best match in color and, preferably, the texture and the floor and doors. To this end, the choice of laminate is available from the retailer or the guide surface which mimics the wood laminate, and pick up the door of the same breed or its imitation. Optionally, to achieve a full match, and enough to gamma, hue and wood pattern was the same.

Laminate flooring and a door on the principle of coincidence The combination of colors and laminate doors

So, we have decided that from laminate colors will depend on the doors color. And each color has its own characteristics. Consider the options of color combinations, the proposed designers.

The combination of laminate and doors in color

Light beige

It is a neutral color that is not very picky about the selection of colors door. That is, for this laminate fit almost any door light shade - acacia, light oak, honey birch, ash, and so on. But here are not suitable reddish tone.

Light beige laminate


This allowed the shades of gray from milk to smoky. To laminate the same color must be chosen color of the door as close in tone. Despite the fact that the gray is a universal color (as it is a mixture of white and black), and goes well with any shade of cold, his presence in the interior in several different ways makes it impossible to easily introduce other colors. To make it more clear, more than three shades of gray should not be in the interior. It is therefore better if the door color is completely different from the laminate.

gray laminate


Such a laminate despite its brightness creates a feeling of warmth and coziness. But not so easy to pick up for him the doors color. It goes well with laminate doors in warm colors: terracotta, green, orange and so on. Not excluded contrast option, for example, red-brown shades of the door.

Tan laminate


For white laminate door fits too white. But it must be a match on the temperature pattern. It is known that white can be expressed in the cold and warm shades, and so, if the laminate is made in cold tones of white color, and the door shall be in the same cold tones, and vice versa. Another caveat: if the windows here are not presented in the white version, you can use a combination of doors with light golden beige and milky-gray hue. But if the windows are white, no options other than white is not suitable.

dark colors

For dark laminate nothing more suitable, as the same dark door. It is desirable to match the structure and pattern.

dark laminate

The combined laminate

This type of flooring is a combination of several colors and patterns. To this laminate can pick up the door, whose color will be combined with at least one of the laminate colors. For better balance, you can choose the color of the door moldings.

The combined laminate

Tips, opinions and judgments on the compatibility of colors and the use of many of these combinations. But much still depends on the vision of the owners themselves, if you do not like something, but that something is trendy, you should not run after fashion, surround yourself only in that pleasure you. Each given their own lives and their attitude towards it.