At one time, the climatic conditions and especially the mentality, imposed certain imprints on the Scandinavian style in the interior. Residents of the Scandinavian countries have always sought to create in their homes a warm and cozy atmosphere, with the obligatory use of natural materials, not only as a sign of respect for nature, but also from a practical point of view. Bright rooms with full set of furniture and appliances, simple and light shapes and lines, natural colors and natural materials - all this Scandinavian style.

The modern Scandinavian style of different from the traditional to the basic choice of decor. Original but practical furniture, design elements of the saturated colors decor designed not only to diversify the palette of the room, but also give it personality.

Floor plan

We offer you a short tour of the modern apartment, decorated in a Scandinavian style. Given that this style of simple and logical, easy-to-use practical concerns mass production of furniture and decor is unpretentious in design, you can easily be inspired by these sweet and fresh design project, devoid of frills and excesses. When making your house or apartment, you can easily use the basic principles of the Scandinavian style, adding decorations on your own - traditional or avant-garde.


We begin our tour with one of the key, in terms of traffic, apartment buildings - the hall. Space in the form of a hexagon gives a more rounded shape central body - a large soft seat in the form of a circle with a base. From this unusual shape of the room can be reached in a few rooms of the apartment. Light beige finishing palette (as in many smokers Scandinavian style) creates a pleasant, warm atmosphere. Given the high traffic flow in the room, contrasting bright tiles for cladding flooring was chosen not by chance.

wooden chandelier

Indispensable the use of wood (or imitation) in the interior of the Scandinavian stylistic trends, reflected in the design of large central chandelier.


From the hall you can freely get in the open plan kitchen with dining area. An example of this extremely functional space can be seen as a Scandinavian style tends towards practicality, appreciates how the basic functions of objects and entire segments of the housing space. Bright finish kitchen facilities in this case meets with the same range of kitchen units and a dining group. Only works of art on the walls is diluted palette and introduce an element of surprise - not every kitchen can see the pictures.

Wall lights

But can not do without a Scandinavian style and interesting design decisions, unusual details. Instead, the now traditional lighting embedded lamps to illuminate work surfaces kitchen mounted wall lights of the original design.

Dinner Zone

The dining area has a sofa neutral colors. Particular attention is paid to the Scandinavian style textiles - cotton and linen fabrics are leading the list of preferred fabrics. Naturalness is welcome in everything from the design of window openings, and finishing with covers for cushions. It has access to the spacious balcony of the room the kitchen-dining room.

Samovar as an object of decoration

Original piece dining group (in addition to various models of the original design of chairs) was the samovar, probably as a symbol of warmth and comfort to a difficult northern climate. Such functional décor is quite understandable to Russian landlord. From the kitchen-dining room visible contrasting living room, which can be accessed from both the main hall and of the kitchen facilities.

Living room

Against the background of a bright palette of the room look particularly contrasting dark stars accent wall. Brown tones for harmony used for leather sofa and some pieces of furniture and equipment.

Accent wall in the stars

The original decor

Contrast and dynamics prevail in this room. The use of different models of furniture in one room introduces not only the originality of the interior, but also makes it more interesting, more elegant. Such dissimilar items are in perfect harmony thanks to sophisticated combinatorics and neutrality finishing all surfaces, which provides the possibility of striking elements come to the fore.

unusual furniture


It is obvious that the owners love the apartment not only enjoy the fine arts, but also to respect the music. In the living room there was a place for the installation of the piano, which is quite organically fit into an interesting, but not pretentious interior space.

Wrought chair

Despite the fact that the room is a lot of furniture and decoration objects, living room does not look cluttered. Air, space and freshness are present in every square meter, leaving the freedom not only for transportation, but also self-awareness in the room for the whole family.


Further there are private rooms and the first one - bedroom home owners. Again, simplicity and functionality of Scandinavian interior takes precedence over superfluous embellishment and decoration, leaving only the practicality and convenience. Only luxury chandelier with glass elements on the background of dark accent wall reminds us of luxury.

Bathroom parents

you can get a fairly spacious bathroom with shower from the bedroom space. Light wall decoration using a "metro" glossy tiles contrasts with a checkerboard patterned floor covering in the blue and white colors. No wonder that in such practical areas like bathroom, special attention is given to the functional space for water and sanitation procedures.

Bathroom for children

Near the bathroom for parents, there is one more room for water treatment - for children. It is logical that in the bathroom there is a shower, but a bathtub. To furnish the room used the same glossy ceramic tile, only in the "chess" on the floor tiles were replaced by blue ocher hue.

children's room

And the last room in our tour of the apartment in the Scandinavian style - children. Against the background of a bright decoration and furniture looks particularly bright decorations and paintings on the walls. Colorful Roman blinds bring a variety of colors in the room children's room. Bunk bed with storage systems Compact occupies one of the walls of the room, leaving a significant portion of the space for play and creativity.