By the design of the windows, as a rule, homeowners begin by the end of the repair or change of use of decoration window openings to refresh environment. That is why, when choosing the window decoration is necessary to take into account many criteria. First you need to decide - whether your blinds, curtains or tulle to perform a purely decorative function, or will need to be protected from sunlight. You will need to take into account the location of the room in relation to the parts of the world, the level of the ground (first floor of an apartment building more seriously in need of window design, than a country house window, for example) and the purpose of the room, its functionality.

window decoration


Then, you must decide whether you want to window decoration became the center focus of attention of your room or served in the overall color scheme of the interior. Along the way, you can decide on the eaves mounting method. If the repair has finished, or you change the linens in the finished interior, it remains only to choose the color and material of the cornice or string fastening system for curtains and drapes.

window Treatments

Some useful recommendations that may be useful in deciding how to design windows in the rooms with different functionality:

  • if the walls are decorated with wallpaper with a bright and colorful print, it is better to give preference to self-colored drapes and curtains quiet tones;
  • matt wallpaper look better with a silk or synthetic material curtains and vice versa wallpaper embossed, harmonious look with matte fabrics Window Treatments;
  • vertical stripes on the curtains visually increase the height of the room;
  • horizontal stripes as prints curtains or curtains expanding space;
  • cornices, located below the ceiling visually pulls the space in height;
  • curtains with lambrequins better not to use in rooms with low ceilings.

Curtains with a print

Consider specific examples of how to arrange the window openings in modern interiors, which color and texture combinations choose which model to choose curtains.

Curtains labrekenami

Labrecque - is part of the decoration of the window opening, which is in the upper horizontal part of the curtains and hide. Pelmet can be both hard and soft. It can be a strict geometric shape or waves fall gently. Earlier Labrecque in our country used mainly in cases where it was necessary to hide some defects repair, window frame installation, or other defects reconstruction. Currently pelmet increasingly acts solely as a decorative element.

Curtains with lambrequins

Plain fabric curtains with lambrequins figure repeats the colors used in the textile cushions and upholstery that allows us to connect the entire room setting in a balanced harmonious space.

Pelmets in the living room

Original look curtains with lambrequins, decorated with a pattern, lace or embroidery, while the fabric itself remains monophonic. For rooms with high ceilings, such window decorations may be ideal for this.

Pelmets and curtains with a print

Bright picture of curtains with labrekenom will look luxurious on the background of monochromatic light walls, repeating some tone upholstery or carpet.

color pelmet

Pelmet is not always made of the same fabric as the curtains. Originally it looks variant design windows with Printed swags and monochrome light curtains. This option may be suitable as a decoration for the bedroom and for living.

soft pelmet

pelmet only

This embodiment has a soft pelmet with flowing folds which may be formed as a curtain of tissue and differ in color and texture of the textile core. Like decorating the windows will look harmoniously in a classical interior space, perhaps with elements of baroque and rococo.

Roman curtains

This solid rectangular fabric that matches the dimensions of the window opening, which is collected in a horizontal folds using lace or chain. Because of its severity and geometricity, disarming simplicity and functionality, this type of window decorations will look appropriate in almost any interior. Roman shades are a great option draping the windows in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and even in the kitchen space.

Roman curtains

Roman shades can be made of translucent or dense tissue, with or without a pattern. Besides the main function - to protect from the sun, Roman blinds act as a decorative element of the interior, able to create emphasis in space.

White Roman blinds

Roman blinds for the bedroom

Roman blinds in the living room

Roman blinds are often used as a translucent window screens, complete with blackout curtains or curtains. A similar model is used decorating the windows in the rooms where the dense curtains rarely cover the entire window, leaving the opportunity to see the first row of the window decoration.

Roman shades with lambrequins

Here is an example of window decoration with the help of Roman blinds with lambrequins. With such intensive print wallpaper, the curtains had to be brought to a more neutral ornament or no.

bamboo curtains

The name speaks for itself - in the manufacture of curtains used natural raw materials - specially processed bamboo, usually in the form of thin sticks, which are sewn together by hand. It is obvious that such a fabric would be very resistant to the ingress of moisture, sunlight, and other climatic phenomena.

bamboo curtains

Bamboo curtains are used both independently and in combination with other types of windows textile decoration. They are often used for the design of window openings in kitchens and dining rooms, balconies and roof areas, where sunlight is abundant.

pleated curtains

It blinds, which are made of corrugated sheet. The basis of this type of window decorations put blinds structure. Fabric pleated Curtains can have different density, texture, act as a monophonic embodiment, and coated with a pattern. For modern interiors, as a rule, this kind of curtains made of dense or translucent fabric without ornamentation.

pleated curtains

Pleated blinds are very convenient when draping complex window openings, custom designs and forms. It is due to the organic combination of warmth and comfort of tissue products and functionality, practicality blinds, this type of decoration of window openings is very popular for decorating both home and office.

Austrian blinds

The main feature of this type of draping the windows is a rounded shape of the lower edge of the canvas. Sometimes these are called Festoon blinds because of the characteristic assemblies. If the window is not very wide, it will be enough and a pair of festoons for large window openings, for example in the living room or large bedroom, you can use multiple assemblies. Festoons can be decorated with fringe or tassels, but modern interior, striving for minimalism, leaving far behind the decor, preferring options without unnecessary embellishment.Austrian blinds

Austrian blinds will look perfectly in the interiors of the bedrooms or the living room country-style.

The Baroque

Austrian curtains of thick taffeta noble shades can become an ornament for a truly royal interior bedroom or living room. If the head of the bed is in an alcove, decorated with similar design of window openings, the interior can be safely described as luxurious, delicious, royal.

Bedroom in rococo

Curtains on the grommet

Eyelets are one of the most practical and reliable method of fixing the curtains to the baguette - a steel or plastic rings that are integrated into the top of the curtains, through which passes a ledge. A similar decoration for windows can be made from almost any kind of tissue, with or without coloring.

Curtains on the grommet

Due to the eyelets, blinds or curtains can freely move horizontally and at the same time not lose its shape. Eyelets allow you to create the ideal vertical folds, which visually increase the height of your room.


The most simple, practical, common and universal way of window decorations, which is suitable for any room of whatever style - sliding curtains. Two strips of cloth suspended from the eaves on clothespins, rings or grommets can be used to decorate windows, both independently and complete with curtains. Made of any tissue in the embodiment, a monophonic or patterned. May be collected by means of clamps or interceptions, adorned fringe brushes.


Bright print on the curtains

Colorful, bright drawing curtains is able to radically change the look of a room. If your room is decorated in light, neutral colors with plain wallpaper or unobtrusive figure, the bright Printed curtains can become a focus of attention and focus center.

Bright print curtains

A large floral pattern on the curtains was the decoration of living-room. Coloring window decoration resonates with textile cushions and decorative elements, as gloss steel eaves repeats table lamp base material, forming a harmonious interior.

Bright floral pattern

If not bright pattern on the curtains, the interior of the cabinet with a small home library would be very modest in color manifestation.

Flowers for eclectic living room

For an eclectic living room with white walls, bright print curtains looks accent, gives the room a feeling of spring freshness and fullness of flavor.

bright tulle

Bright picture can be applied not only to the curtains, but also to the translucent curtains. Bedroom in Scandinavian style with a restrained interior needed element of surprise and brightness.

Sliding curtains open eaves

Often, cornices, curtains in addition to its main support functions. Perform also decorative purpose, speaking accent, communication or original element of the interior.

Sliding curtains open eaves

dark cornices

Curtains and blinds

horizontal stripes

The band on the curtains

combined tissue

Blinds with horizontal stripes not only bring variety to the color palette of the room, act as an accent or as a link between the contrasting color spots of the situation, but also visually expand the space when the window is shuttered.

Perekin through the cornice

Light mint color

Original way of attaching curtains to the eaves is throwing out the tissue through a tube device, in this case, you do not need a ring or clothespins. To remove the curtains for washing is enough to disconnect knobs cornice and pull the fabric. The whole composition looks original and fresh.

Living in a modern style

Open dark cornice

Hide cornices

Cornice or strings, which are attached to the ceiling or in a niche between the layers of drywall you can create mount blinds in which the room will seem higher.

In shades of gray Curtains in the bay
Canteen Bedroom
study Master bedroom with fireplace
The gray and white In shades of beige
spacious living room Living room with large windows

Clips, hooks, and not only

In some interiors curtains hook with the help of special tools exclusively for decorative purposes, while others - pursuing functional decor loading windows. But the important thing is that in those and other cases, the window looks well designed, attractive.

jacquard curtains

Jacquard curtains always look luxurious, expensive and presentable. Jacquard is a high-tech material, which is used in the manufacture of detailed study of the ornament. The result is an imitation of embroidery, applique. The fabric density depends on the method of manufacture, the pattern may also be varied. Classic curtains, Baroque or Empire is perfectly suited for the manufacture of this type of tissue. If you want to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in the room, the elegance and gentility jacquard curtains can help you with this.

Clips for curtains

Interceptions for thin curtains


Curtains with interceptions

Transparent tulle to decorate windows

Often in modern design projects you can find the room with windows decorated only translucent tulle. Most often these facilities are the bedrooms, for adults or children.

Tulle in the attic

In this children's bedroom is not just a window, but also part of the walls, sloping ceiling attic room decorated with translucent white tulle.

The loft

For style loft, in principle, it is not characteristic of decorating the windows, but there are exceptions. For large windows, which previously have been in industrial areas, to mitigate the brutality of the industrial finishing and bedroom environment, you can safely use pure white tulle with a plurality of vertical folds.

The snow-white tulle

Combinations of different models of curtains in one room

Often there are rooms in which there are multiple windows of different sizes and configurations, especially in the corners of rooms. In these spaces, it is logical to allow the use of different types of design of window openings. Typically, different types of blinds are made of the same fabric to preserve the harmony of the interior decoration and in general.

Warm colors

Roman and Tautliner

Combination types of curtains

The combination of Roman blinds for narrow windows and sliding for window openings large is the most popular and frequently used in modern interiors bedrooms and living rooms.

Pelmet and not only

Another embodiment of a combination of sliding curtains on the one hand and pelmet with ruffles on the other. In this case, we see use of combinatorics, not only in models of curtains, but the tissues from which they are made. In combination with the upholstery all the space in a country style dining room looks harmonious and attractive.

Creative approach to design

In this splendid dining room windows are decorated, it seems, by all possible means - pelmets, pleated curtains, French pleats, fringe. And at the same time. windows and doors do not look loaded, thanks to the ease of cloth and a neutral color palette.