Furniture, its correct alignment has always been the final chord in the design of apartments, some of its rooms. Therefore, the approach to this should be appropriate. The result will depend entirely on you, how well you can plan well thought out and arrangement of furniture. But it is good to plan the work, you need some knowledge of the rules of furniture that for every room and style of its interior. Consider the rules of placement of furniture in the sleeping room for different styles.

Zoning sleeping rooms: sleeping area

Before proceeding to the arrangement of furniture in the sleeping room, should decide the main issue for the room where the bed set. This is a very important moment in the bedroom furnishings, as It largely depends on how strong and sweet is your sleep and your health.

The right is the place where:
  • the bed is not hanging lamp or, especially, a large chandelier &# 8212; a direct threat to your healthy sleep

Chandeliers should not be in the bed area

  • optimally convenient location wall lights, sockets, switches, to use in the evening and at night

The convenient location of electrical equipment

  • the bed is not against the doorway

Proper positioning of the bed

  • the head of the bed is against the wall

Harmonious place krovati16

  • Installation in the corner of the bedroom, it is possible, as a perfectly acceptable option

The option to install the bed

  • bed in harmony with the rest of the furniture: bedside tables and all that they are worth, are at arm's length

Harmony bed and bedside furniture

Work zone

Not every apartment has sufficient space to allocate a separate room under the cabinet, bedroom and just relax after a busy day. The owner of this apartment, necessarily, have to find reserves in the area of ​​one of the rooms that will resolve this issue, ie conduct zoning of the room.

The most suitable room for the zoning is the bedroom, of course, has to do sufficient area.

Harmonious and spacious bedroom

The most popular area in the bedroom is the working, or working bedrooms master's study, which is undoubtedly useful for workaholics.

Work cabinet in the bedroom

For lovers sit up late at the computer, or a good book and you can find a place for the computer table, hinged library. It looks quite harmoniously with the rest of the bedroom furniture.

The perfect job in the bedroom

boudoir area

If the bedroom is for women, in this case, can not do without boudoir area. Modern sleeping area is unthinkable without the boudoir. The purpose of this zone - to enable women to brush up after a nap in front of the mirror. Required dressing table with mirror and cosmetics. Often his role chest of drawers, dressing table. Installing it is necessary in a well-lit, both natural and light fixtures of the room.

Boudoir in pal'nite

Children's zone

Also relevant to the bedroom is a children's area. Typically this zone is a cot on wheels, which allows optimal use it depending on the situation, which is very convenient for young families. Also, children's area may be allocated a separate partition.

Universal rules of bedroom furniture, regardless of style interior

Cabinets should not close the window opening, since Room lighting is inadequate.

Cabinets should stand along the wall

A good addition to bedrooms will be wall-mounted TV, which in some cases will help you to deal with insomnia.

TV in the bedroom - a great addition

The color palette of the furniture should be soft, soothing. It should take into account the bedroom light. If the room is poorly lit, use light-colored furniture

Recommended colors bedroom

If enough light in the room, use the darker cold tone, thus reducing the load on your visual apparatus

Beautifully lit bedroom

Bedside tables should not have sharp corners, otherwise, can not be excluded painful shock at the unexpected phone call at night.

Practical bedside furniture

The bed should not be against the window opening, closing it a certain area. In extreme cases, the bed may be in the space between the windows.

Harmonious place bed - Fireplace units gap

And now look at some of the characteristic features of the interior style dormitories.

Bedroom furniture in the style of Feng Shui

The main thing is that the furniture was not cumbersome, not to take life space. In the dormitory bed should not be displayed in the mirror. In the photo, despite all the signs of Feng Shui style, in the bedroom is usually clearly violated.

Violation of Feng Shui style

Positioning bed should be so that it was possible to see a doorway, lying on it, but it should not be in front of the door and in the middle of the bedroom. Berth should be sure to have at least a small clearance between the floor.

Harmonious arrangement of the bed and the door

The furniture should have smooth shapes, sharp angles are not allowed.

Flattening forms of feng shui furniture

Bedroom furniture in the Greek style

For Greek-style upholstered furniture should be massive, wooden dark wood, at least - forged. Cabinets, tables, shelves, chests of drawers should be bright colors, contrasting with the soft furnishings. Carved furniture.

Bedroom furniture in the Greek style

The main bedroom attribute, the bed should be wide enough soft and comfortable, the color of bed textiles should be in harmony with the surrounding space.

The main thing - the bed

As with any other style, the furniture is of wills walls. Cabinets can be both ladders and built. The presence of the chest is not always possible due to the small size of the bedroom.

Side and built-in bedroom furniture

Bedroom furniture in country style

Country style is sometimes referred to as a village. Furniture fully corresponds to this definition. It stands out for its crude and cumbersome. placement rules, as such, does not exist.

Furniture country style

Best for furniture in this style fit large spaces, as bulky furniture.

Bed in country style

Often, the furniture is made by hand, has an original look. upholstery of chairs, armchairs excluded.

Original furniture in country style

Bedroom furniture in classical style

Made from natural, precious wood. Belonging to this style of furniture is guessed by its grandeur, noble soft tones, the strict geometric forms.

Bedroom furniture in classical style

Welcome furniture with carving ornaments, inlaid with precious woods, metals.

Chest of drawers in classic style

Obligatory are low tables (coffee, coffee), upholstered furniture, upholstered in leather

Leather classic style furniture

or embossed tissue (barokan)

Furniture, upholstered with textured fabric

Bedroom furniture in the Scandinavian style

Furnishing bedrooms in a Scandinavian country style similar to the style: the number of furniture is reduced to a minimum, but necessary. In the felt harsh Scandinavian character.

Bedroom in Scandinavian style

The furniture in the bedroom Scandinavian style should at least compensate for the sun's deficit inherent in this part of the world. This is achieved by colors of furniture, which is dominated by bright colors: light brown, light gray, beige.

Bright colors of Scandinavian bedrooms

Beds often have drawers. Tables, sofas also have a collapsible design. Furniture made of light wood (beech, pine, spruce, birch).

Bright colors of Scandinavian furniture

leather, suede, textiles used for furniture upholstering. When this padding may have more vibrant colors: blue, green, orange and red.

The color scheme of the bright Scandinavian bedrooms

Despite the fact that in the bedroom Scandinavian style should be no unnecessary furniture, often in the same room, you can watch a working table with a computer and other office equipment.


Undoubtedly, our information will greatly help build the most intimate place of your apartment, namely the place and a bedroom. Yet, the last word is yours. So we'll have to work hard to the final chord sounded worthy of your labor. Have a nice sleep!