Conceiving repair the house, you should be very careful and thoughtful approach to the design project looking at the issue is not only aesthetic, but also from the practical side. Should take into account virtually all aspects: first of all, the floor area, the height, furnishing as it lights and all sorts of different things. If properly and correctly choose finishing materials, comfort and convenience in the room will be guaranteed.

36 sq.m.
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The most important factors that you should pay attention to

Creating a design project absolutely any room, first of all need to focus on the window. If they are on the north side, it is not recommended to use when decorating the walls of dark shades. The same can be said about the rest of the pieces of furniture - furniture in the north room should be extremely light colors. By heavy curtains, especially with drapery is also desirable to give up, because they do not transmit light. But light airy tulle or translucent curtains are perfect in this case, of course, do not want to turn the room into the dark cellar.

It is impossible not to pay attention to the actual state of the windows. If the sills and frames are not subject to restoration, it is better to discard them and replace with new ones, because their reconstruction will soon become simply inevitable, and this would be quite difficult without damaging a recent renovation. And the extra cost to us to anything.

Interesting design ideas 

Unusual vases in the interior windowsill vacation Bookshelves interior walls Decoupage Kitchen The bedroom in the open air Hammock in the house Option for decorating the balcony An unusual variant of arrangement balcony cane-chair

Appearance doors also plays an important role. Choices of interior doors on the market today are many and great for everyone. All kinds of material: wood, plastic, MDF and particleboard.

When choosing wallpaper is necessary to take into account the height of the room. If the ceilings are low, ideal wallpaper with vertical stripes that visually make higher ceilings, or with a small figure.

With regard to gender - it all depends directly from the purpose of the premises:

  • If this is the kitchen, the ideal option would be a tight linoleum or tile, as coverage data are resistant to moisture, it is primarily important for kitchens;
  • If it is living, it is appropriate to use the parquet, carpet, or a laminate;
  • If this is a bedroom - ideal carpet with high pile.

As usual apartment modern apartment sanitary buildings devoted just a few meters. In this regard, rational solution is to use overhead plumbing, so popular nowadays. Saving space in the bathroom, most prefer to install corner showers instead of baths cumbersome. Besides, in this case wonderful cut out space for the washing machine.

Accessories in the interior


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As a rule, none of the interior is complete without accessories and other different things that serve excellent and necessary complement. For accessories include things such as paintings, posters, photographs, as well as various souvenirs and figurines brought from far away, and of course, flowers. However, they should not be set randomly. If these gizmos, gadgets a lot, it is advisable to buy a glass display case, or rather, a pencil case with shelves, if desired, with backlight.

But those who are not collecting trinkets, well opt for photographs as blank walls, even if they are having beautiful wallpaper, looks quite bored, and better than they would "revive", put your favorite picture, decorated in a baguette or simply prisoners in frames for photos matching color to cover the walls.

If the room is small

There are a number of rules designed small premises with a view to their visual expansion. They are inextricably linked from:

  • What flooring you choose?

    As usual in small rooms used beige or light blue tones, complemented by spot on the wall or photo wallpapers

    The curtains in the bedroom

  • Colors

    It could not be better suited for small spaces monochrome scheme, where the background is the same, the tone will be somewhat different. For example, light shades visually increase the room at the time, as the dark will create the opposite effect, however, can provide a variety, if you apply a color scheme, and then create a mix of cold and warm tones;

    bright bedroom

  • What is best for the ceiling?

    Also excluded dark shades, preference should be given light or glossy, creating the effect of "floating". For visual pulling the ceiling, you can use the mirror or reflective surfaces

    original bedroom

  • Choosing curtains

    It is better to use light and transparent products that create a sense of three-dimensionality, especially if the windows with wood trim, and a glass table will serve as a perfect complement

    How to visually enlarge the space

  • Lighting

    Properly placed lights also contribute to the expansion of the boundaries of a small room. In this case, perfect solution - a perimeter vertical lamps or sconces. Large chandeliers excluded

    The green bedroom


A few words

Cluttered room furniture solid matte looks quite dark. In this regard, better to give preference elegant furniture, lacquered with a lustrous, mirror, or glass surface. And of course, the less it is in a dark room, the better.