Ceramic Tile - beautiful and functional material for finishing the bathroom. For premises where there is usually humid and maybe hit the water at the walls, tile is the best choice.
Well-matched tiles for the bathroom, you can make a small room nice and cozy.


For small rooms is better suited lighter shades. But monotonous whole room is not worth doing. Especially since almost all manufacturers produce tiles collections, including tiles for walls and floor and a variety of decorative elements - borders, panels, etc. Tiles of contrasting colors sometimes visually reduces the already small room, especially if it is a small format. Fashion trend - use a mirror tile elements. Mirrors really expand the space, but we must bear in mind that not everyone is pleased to see, for example, washable in the shower, and, moreover, divided into many pieces. More saturated colors make the room more deeply, but only if it is properly illuminated. The bathroom looked pleasant warm tone, but sometimes cold shades add a sense of spaciousness.

  • Mosaic

    The original version of the local decor in the bathroom

    Mosaic in the bathroom

  • light shades

    Perfect solution for small rooms

    Bathroom in bright colors

  • Green color

    Neutralizes the effect of the adjacent colors, as well as helps to dissipate negative emotions.

    The green color in the bathroom

  • mirror tiles

    Fashion trend - the use of mirrored tile elements.

    Mirror tiles in the bathroom

  • cold colors

    Cool colors add a sense of freshness and spaciousness

    Bathroom in cold tones

  • warm colors

    Create a feeling of coziness and comfort

    The yellow color in the bathroom

  • glass tile

    With it you can easily create a stylish and unique interior

    Glass tile in the bathroom

  • Red color

    It gives strength and energizes, use the color red to the extent necessary.

    Red Tile with a pattern in the bathroom


Drawing and relief

Bathroom is typically used glazed tiles. It is a glossy and matt surface. Shiny surface visually enlarge the room, make it brighter or air. But it clearly visible limescale by drying water droplets, so caring for this tile is somewhat more complicated. Ceramic tile is smooth and embossed. When choosing tiles relief should carefully consider whether evenly applied the icing on the decorative elements. For a small space it is important that the relief elements were not too many. It is undesirable to decorate the room of structured tiles. Much more effective elements such as look accents.
In a small room look good drawings the size of a tile. It can be placed on a solid background of a wall a few decorative elements. Large one-piece panel will zoom in to the wall observer in which they are located, this version finishes suitable for long and narrow space, reminiscent of the corridor. But the dim picture assembled from tiles of the same size as the main, to be in a small room by the way. Decorates room vertical stripes more saturated than the primary tone color. A good solution to place bright and colorful vertical stripes, alternating with rows of tiles with patterns.

green bathroom Mosaic in the bathroom Bathroom in a five-storey apartment Design a small bathroom Melenko bathroom photo Melenko bathroom melenko bathroom The pink color in the bathroom Brown tiles in the bathroom Natural stone tile for the bathroom

laying instructions

The most common method of laying tiles - direct (under 90 without offset rows). This method is suitable for all, including small rooms. On the floor, applying styling vrazbezhku (under 90 with offset rows of tiles are usually half) or oblique laying (under 45-60), can be achieved to increase the visual the room, but on the walls sometimes it turns out the opposite effect. Rectangular tile is better positioned vertically, so the ceiling will seem higher.
Before buying it is desirable to go shopping and see the collection of "live". It is also well acquainted with the finished project. You can use special programs to visualize your ideas and see how it will look like one or the other tiles in a particular area.

Methods tiling

The size

For a small space is preferable to choose the tiles average size. Tile small format narrows the space through visual separation wall tile seams. Especially strong this effect when used grouting differing in tone color from the ground. Very large tiles in a small room look bulky. Moreover, its use requires more precise alignment of walls that further space-consuming. Choose a tile size you need so that trimming is minimal.